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Akureyri: 3-Hour Classic Whale Watching Tour

1. Akureyri: 3-Hour Classic Whale Watching Tour

Experience the majestic beauty of the Eyjafjord's humpback whales and other marine life in their natural habitat on a cruise trip from Akureyri. Listen to your guide's commentary and discover how the warmth of the summer sun brings vibrant life and plenty of food for the larger-than-life mammals.  Benefit from the services of specially-trained whale watching guides who are experts at spotting the animals. Listen as they tell you about the behavior of the whales and answer any questions you may have. Journey aboard the only specially-modified, high-speed whale watching ship in Iceland. Capable of carrying 200 people, it provides spectacular views from its cinema-style viewing platforms. Relax aboard the boat and enjoy the ample indoor and outdoor seating. Purchase drinks and snacks along the way from the onboard bar and cafeteria. Experience a pleasant and comfortable ride, even at speed, and share your adventure live on social media with free Wi-Fi.

From Akureyri: Myvatn Lake, Craters, & Waterfall Tour

2. From Akureyri: Myvatn Lake, Craters, & Waterfall Tour

On our Myvatn Lake, Craters & Waterfall Tour from Akureyri we will explore the highlights of this magical region and its and unique landscape. This region has experience intense volcanic activity over the millennia and this has shaped and influenced the landscape in fascinating ways. We enjoy a stop at Góðafoss water, where the water falls in a 30m wide semi circle. The contrast between the foaming angry falls and the black volcanic rock is really striking to behold. Góðafoss, or waterfalls of the gods, symbolises the switch from worshiping the pagan gods and following Christianity. We explore the remarkable pseudo craters that border lake Mývatn. These numerous grassy knolls are not as they may appear volcanic craters. No lava spewed or flowed for them. Rather they were formed when lava flowed into the wetlands bordering the of the lake. The meeting of boiling magma and the waters of the lake resulted in steam explosion in the ground here, giving them their crater shape. We enjoy a walk through Dimmuborgir lava fields and admire the distinct and strange formations of lava rock. It is common in Iceland for children to see troll-like shapes in lava rock. Námaskarð is a barren landscape scarred by boiling geothermal water with mud pools. Experience the strong smell of sulfur which hangs in the air here but be sure to stick to the marked walking paths. After this wonderful day exploring Mývatn, we return to Akureyri and drop you to the same place you started the tour in the morning. We are confident that you will have loved your day with us and will take great memories of Iceland onward with you.

Árskógssandur: Whale-Watching Boat Trip

3. Árskógssandur: Whale-Watching Boat Trip

The picturesque village of Árskógssandur is located on the western shore of Eyjafjörður, Iceland, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the tranquil waters of the fjord. Eyjafjörður is a favorable habitat for marine life, so favorable in fact that whales were spotted on all of these tours in 2016. On this whale-watching tour, you'll graciously glide through the calm seas of Eyjafjörður under the guidance and expertise of a qualified crew. This tour is approximately two-and-a-half hours long. This tour gives you the unique and exceptional opportunity to get in touch with the magnificent wildlife found in the north of Iceland, most notably the majestic whales and seabirds. The check in point is located in the reception of Hotel Kaldi.

Iceland: Complete Self-Guided Audio Guide of the Island

4. Iceland: Complete Self-Guided Audio Guide of the Island

After booking you receive a separate Email from us with the instructions on how to install the app and the guide! You can ignore the "Ticket" Email from Get Your Guide. Please also check your spam-folder for our Email and please get in touch with us if something does not work! With the Iceland complete audio guide, you get all the information that a tour guide would otherwise give you. Using GPS, the app recognizes where you are on your round trip and provides you with exciting information in the right places. So nothing stands in the way of your individual rental car tour. Your digital Iceland travel guide for the whole island of fire and ice! This audio guide offers more than 340 stations (7.5 hours of playing time) with information about the country, people, and sights in all parts of the country. It includes not only the Ring Road and the Golden Circle but also the Reykjanes and Snaefellsnes Peninsulas, the Westman Islands, the East and West Fjords, and the wild Icelandic Highlands.

Akureyri: 2–Hour Whale Watching Express by RIB Speedboat

5. Akureyri: 2–Hour Whale Watching Express by RIB Speedboat

Enjoy a 2-hour whale and bird watching tour starting from the floating pier in Akureyri. Experience and get close to the incredible humpback whales of the Eyjafjord, starting from the capital of North Iceland, Akureyri. With only 12 passengers on each boat, take part in an adventure of a lifetime on an intimate whale watching tour.   The specially made RIB boats allow you to get closer to the whales and wildlife than any other boat can offer. The RIBs are fast and small boats that will also get you quicker to the whales and cover a bigger area as you search for the wild life. This means a bigger chance of spotting whales, dolphins and bird life with out disturbing them in their natural habitat. If you have a passion for nature and love for adventure, this is the tour for you.

From Akureyri: Diamond Circle Guided Day Trip with Lunch

6. From Akureyri: Diamond Circle Guided Day Trip with Lunch

Explore the top natural attractions along Iceland's Diamond Circle Route on a guided day trip from Akureyri. See the waterfalls at Dettifoss, visit the charming seaside village of Húsavík, and much more. Board a comfortable, air-conditioned bus at the cruise ship terminal in Akureyri and get ready for your full day of sightseeing. Your first stop, Goðafoss waterfall. Marvel at the powerful falls and watch as the water cascades down from a height of 12 meters. Make the most of the walking trails here, taking in a view of the falls from several different vantage points. Next, make your way to Ásbyrgi Canyon, a horse-shoe-shaped valley surrounded by vertical cliffs, before heading to Dettifoss waterfall, the second-largest waterfall in Iceland by volume. Take a break from Iceland's dramatic landscapes with a visit to the idyllic village of Húsavík and see the town church. Located in the heart of the village, this small wooden church is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. Hop back aboard your bus and head to the Tjörnes cliff viewpoint just north of Húsavík to take in fantastic panoramic views of the sea and Öxarfjörður fjord. From here, make your way to the Námaskarð hot-spring area to learn about the country's ancient volcanic eruptions and see the impact of ongoing geothermal activity firsthand. End your tour on a high note as you pass the iconic Lake Mývatn, famed for its beauty and strange surrounding landscape on your way back to the cruise ship terminal, where your Icelandic adventure comes to an end.

Akureyri: Mývatn Nature Baths and Goðafoss Waterfall Tour

7. Akureyri: Mývatn Nature Baths and Goðafoss Waterfall Tour

On this wonderful 6 hour tour from Akureyri, visit some of the highlight of North Iceland and enjoy the quintessential Icelandic experience, soaking outdoors in the natural heated waters of a geothermal hot-springs. Your tour begins at Akureyri´s cruise ship terminal. Our tour schedule is tailored to fit your docking times so you needn´t worry about being back late to the docks. We also provide packed lunches so that we can devote more time to sightseeing. You can choose between a chicken or vegan packed lunch. Just tell your guide at the start of the tour. The first stop of the day is to the picturesque surrounding of Góðdafoss waterfall. The waterfall is winder than it is high and curves in a crescent shape. Góðafoss is noteworthy for a symbolic role in Icelandic history, when a local chieftain threw his pagan statues into the falls, representing the moment Icelanders adopted christianity. We continue onto Lake Mývatn and view this unique landscape from a special viewing point. The Mývatn area and its strange landscape was heavily affected by volcanic forces, with ancient eruptions resulting in the pseudo craters that dot the lake and surrounding areas. The highlight of the day is arguably our visit to Mývatn Nature Baths, the blue lagoon of the north. The water here is naturally heated by geothermal forces below the surface and is said to have healing properties. Lounge and relax in the various pool areas and enjoy spectacular views of Mývatn. Our last stop of the day is at Námaskarð geothermal area. Here mud-pools and hot-pools dot the area. Steam and the smell of sulphur lingers in the area. This barren landscape seems a world away from the green craters on Lake Mývatn. We return to Akureyri and our tour ends at your cruise ship.

Akureyri: Zipline Tour

8. Akureyri: Zipline Tour

Glerárgil (Glass River Canyon) runs straight through Akureyri, effectively cutting the town in half. You can cross the river via bridge or Zipline. We prefer Zipline! Our adventure trail via five Ziplines and light hiking takes you through an otherwise unaccessible area of the canyon. All our ziplines take you over the river but vary in length, speed and location. The tour is suitable for the whole family, a group of friends, couples and solo travellers. Anyone who seeks to experience a sense of freedome and excitement. We meet at our base location in the town of Akureyri, easily accessible by foot or vehicle. Our guides help you put on the safety gear and brief you about the tour and safety issues. From base we hike 2-3 min. to the first Zipline. One guide zips over the river first and gets ready to greet you on the landing platform. The second guide secures you on the Zipline. On the other side we hike 2 min. to the next Zipline and so on for 5 Ziplines. At the end of the 5th and last Zipline the hike back to base is ca. 10 minutes. The total tour takes from 1-2 hours depending on group size and level. When we get back to base our guides help you out of the safety gear again.

Akureyri: Goðafoss, Laufas & The Christmas House Tour

9. Akureyri: Goðafoss, Laufas & The Christmas House Tour

Embark on an enchanting journey through the mesmerizing landscapes and rich history of Iceland. Throughout the tour, knowledgeable guides will regale you with stories of Icelanders, their heritage, humor, and local traditions, making it an ideal adventure for families and anyone seeking a memorable exploration of Iceland's hidden gems. Commence your journey with a visit to the picturesque Goðafoss waterfall, where your knowledgeable guide will provide insights into Icelanders, their heritage, humor, and the local area, addressing any queries you may have. After exploring the waterfall, we head to the historic Old Turf house Laufas and then proceed to the Magical House of Christmas, making it a great tour for families. Goðafoss, located in the glacial river Skjálfandafljót, holds great significance in Icelandic history. Legend has it that a local chieftain named Þorgeir threw statues of pagan gods into the waterfall after the nation adopted Christianity. Hence, the name Goðafoss means "waterfall of the gods." Nestled by the estuary of the river Fnjóská in Eyjafjörður, Laufás exemplifies a wealthy vicarage from earlier times. The old turf-clad timber building dates back to the Middle Ages, while the current structure was erected between 1860 and 1877. As you explore the various rooms and passages, you'll find artifacts from the Laufás house and neighboring farms, offering insights into how Icelanders lived until the early 20th century. The church at Laufás features a pulpit from 1698 and is a humble yet beautiful representation of traditional Icelandic churches. The Christmas House, a year-round attraction, resembles a scene from a fairy tale book, enchanting visitors with its magical garden. Inside, you'll be welcomed by a log fire and the festive songs and scents, even during the summer months. Be sure to seek out the hidden Icelandic Yule lad's troll mother (Gryla) in her cave. The Christmas House and its shop brim with holiday magic, creating a delightful experience for all visitors. Upon returning to town, a short sightseeing tour of Akureyri awaits, completing this captivating excursion.

Goðafoss Waterfall Tour from Akureyri Port

10. Goðafoss Waterfall Tour from Akureyri Port

Embark on an awe-inspiring Coach Tour from Akureyri Port to the majestic Goðafoss Waterfall, tailor-made for cruise ship passengers seeking a 2-hour and 30-minute adventure through Iceland's northern wonders. This unguided excursion allows you to explore at your own pace while enjoying informative reading and audio materials available in English, German, French, and Spanish. Your journey commences as you disembark your cruise ship and board a spacious and comfortable coach ready to transport you on an unforgettable experience. Departing from Akureyri Port, you'll have access to informative reading materials in multiple languages, enhancing your understanding of the destinations you'll encounter. The tour's highlight is the breathtaking Goðafoss Waterfall, often referred to as the "Waterfall of the Gods." Admire the powerful cascade and the lush green surroundings, all while learning about the Viking-era legends that infuse this site with cultural significance. As your Coach Tour wraps up, we'll ensure you're safely returned to Akureyri Cruise Ship Port, allowing you ample time to rejoin your cruise ship for departure. We also offer drop off at the Forest Lagoon, Akureyri Botanical Gardens and Akureyri City Center, in case you want to enjoy free time before the ship's departure. All these are within walking distance from the Cruiseship Port. Forest Lagoon offers free transport back to Akureyri Port.

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Let me start by saying we didn’t see a whale BUT we loved our guide (mac) and captain and they did everything they could to find the whale. We set out in the morning after grabbing tickets from the booking office. We was greeted by mac and set off. You are shown an incredible waterfall and given some interesting facts. Mac was so friendly and funny. We set out to see and saw some harbour somethings (mini dolphins i forget the name) and then some guests on the top dev saw the back of the whale. We turned the boat to wait for the whale to come up again but alas it swam away. The staff did everything they could to find it. Inside the boat has seating areas and they provide hot choccie (i think or coffee) and extra suits to put over your clothes. I would recommend two socks and gloves and face covering and when u think i have enough wear another layer as it was chilly!!!! Had a great time though and got vouchers lasting 2 years to come back x

Wonderful experience. Due to change in weather our tour was cancelled on two days but the customer service was excellent and we made it onto the tour before we left. We had numerous encounters of a humpback whale and followed it along its journey on the fjord which felt very special. Our guide was great and always letting us know where the whale was and what to look out for. Fantastic experience. I usually suffer with sea sickness but even though it was windy and strong waves at times I was ok. Would highly recommend it!

Although we didn’t get to see any whales on our tour, our guide, Mac, kept us entertained and had a great knowledge of the surrounding environment. We received a voucher to go on the tour again with the option of seeing the whales in Akureyri or in Reykjavik.

Great experience. Our guide Jong was driwing to find a clear sky full of stars, he explained us everything about the lights and he was helping us with the pictures. Thanks a lot Jong it was a perfect night.

Wonderful and amazing trip. Our guide Ingi gave us the opportunity to see and feel the beauty of Iceland. Really recommended.