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Experience New Zealand’s rugged and beautiful landscape on the world-renowned Tongariro and Whanganui National Parks. Be guided by the best with Adrift Guided Outdoor Adventures. Take in some of the most spectacular scenery available throughout the country; learn the stories, the history and the legends of the land from within the tracks of the Tongariro Crossing, within the dual World Heritage-listed site. The three active andesitic volcanoes, Mt Tongariro (1967m), Mt Ngauruhoe (2291m) and Mt Ruapehu (2797m) sit majestically, dominating the landscape of the National Park. The Tongariro area has grown and changed over the past 300,000 years through many different eruptions, each changing the landscape significantly. Intense volcanic activity, violent eruptions and retreating glaciers from the ice age have all left amazing textures, colour palettes and landscapes to illustrate some of the many stories of Maori mythology and history to be told by Adrift’s experienced guides.

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