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ABOUT US Haku Tours has the best variety of short day tours in and around Lima, designed especially for people on a tight time schedule, or those who want to experience ¨The Real Peru¨ with the locals. Our main purpose is to create unique, local and affordable tours to benefit the communities, children and families with less resources of Lima city. Why we created Haku Tours. Haku Tours started because we felt there was a need for more variety in short day tours within Lima city. We also realised alot of people were in Lima for a short period before their fly home Haku Tours is also about helping communities and the environment at the same time. All our tours support local transport, give jobs to families in need, and organise volunteer projects and donations to help communities. Follow us on Facebook and see Haku in action. We keep our groups to a maximum of 7 people and in very special ocassion there will be 10, but NEVER more than 10, this is in order to help you feel more involved and get a more personal experience. You will not be just another name or number, We do only customized tours. The word HAKU comes from the Inka language, and means - lets go!. So what are you waiting for? Vamos, Gehen wir, Lets go, HAKU!

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