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Cagliari: Underground Cagliari Walking Tour

1. Cagliari: Underground Cagliari Walking Tour

Discover the secrets that lie beneath the sunny streets of Cagliari on a guided tour of the city’s underground. Enhance your experience with an optional walk through the Old Town, and choose from private and shared group options. Meet your guide to begin your tour of the caves, crypts, and tunnels under the city. Wander between the districts of Stampace and Marina and visit a private tunnel shelter beneath a school that was used as a bomb shelter during World War II. Then, explore the magnificent and rich history of the crypt of Saint Restituta. See the frescos that still stand, and hear the damp dripping of water as you study the place of pagan worship during the 5th century. Finally, if you’ve selected the option including a guided walking tour of the Old Town, your experience continues. Stroll through the city’s streets and admire the highlights of the historic center with your guide before concluding your tour.

Cagliari: Boat Tour with 4 Swim Stops, Snorkel, and Prosecco

2. Cagliari: Boat Tour with 4 Swim Stops, Snorkel, and Prosecco

Reach us in just 5 minutes by walk from city center and get ready to visit the spectacular bays of the Devil's Saddle, guided by a professional Skipper. You will discover enchanting places where you can relax on board, socialize with other people, listen the Cagliari's histories, swim and snorkel with the equipment provided by us, enjoy a glass of Prosecco. You will visit hidden corners of the coast that can only be reached by inflatable boat and if we are lucky we will meet dolphins inside the port! Book now to have one of the best experiences of your life because we care for you the most. Shared tour with maximum 11 people on board.

Cagliari: Sella del Diavolo Boat Tour with Aperitif & Snacks

3. Cagliari: Sella del Diavolo Boat Tour with Aperitif & Snacks

This tour includes a trip of 2 hours of the Sella del Diavolo coast, with visit at five different caves and stops at the main calas: Piscina della Sella, Grotta dei Colombi, Cala Fighera, Cala Mosca, Scoglio di Sant'Elia, Cala Bernat and Torre del Prezzemolo, with a view of old town Cagliari from the sea. In each stop there will be a chance to swim and feed the fish, also enjoy an aperitif and a traditional Sardinian snacks included in the tour. Our experience guides will talk about history and facts of these sites. Our Captain Valter will treat you to a very enjoyable trip, offering you a guided tour that talks about the history and other fascinating facts of the Sella del Diavolo coast very likely to see dolphins jumping

Cagliari: Boat Tour with 4 Stops, Snorkeling, and Spritz

4. Cagliari: Boat Tour with 4 Stops, Snorkeling, and Spritz

Reach us our boats are just 5 minute’s away from the town center. Take a speedboat rib-craft tour to “La Sella del Diavolo” — the Devil’s Saddle — from Cagliari, and enjoy more time exploring beaches and coves than you would on a sailboat. Swim in crystal-clear waters, and learn about the coastline and Cagliari history from your skipper while you’re enjoining a complimentary Aperol Spritz and some Sardinian delicatessen as sausages, cheeses and traditional bread. Head to the meeting point to board the 8-meter rigid rib-craft and meet your skipper. Then, take a seat in one of the relaxing corners of the boat and set off fast along the coast. Stop to swim at Cala Bernat, then visit Cala Mosca Beach. Discover Cala Fighera, admire the Gasole Pools under the Devil’s Saddle, and then relax in front of Poetto Beach. During the tour, get in and out of the water easily and safely thanks to a telescopic ladder and two large rear platforms on the boat. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling stops when the skipper says it’s safe, and wash the salt off after in the shower. Connect to the onboard speakers via Bluetooth to listen to your music, and hear stories and legends — and maybe even a song or two — from your skipper. Keep an eye out for dolphins, which are sometimes spotted during the tour, too. Food and drinks are available to buy on board, and there is a large boat awning that can be opened in the event of rain or too much sun. At the end of the tour, you’ll be dropped off at the original starting point.

Cagliari: 3-Hour Boat Tour of the Gulf of Cagliari

5. Cagliari: 3-Hour Boat Tour of the Gulf of Cagliari

Discover the Gulf of Cagliari on a boat tour in the morning or in the afternoon. Combine relaxation with fun and admire the famous Sella del Diavolo, Cala Fighera, and Cala Mosca, plus several other stops to snorkel and swim in the refreshing waters. Love your time at sea. Climb aboard your dinghy and set sail along the coast of the Gulf of Cagliari. Relax in comfort, with ample space onboard, and space to look out over the bow or the stern. Take in the breathtaking views, and catch sight of Le Piscine, Cala Fighera, Calamosca, and Sant'Elia. Make 3 stops along the way to grab some snorkeling equipment and dive into the crystal waters. Explore the underwater world and refresh yourself with a swim in front of the beach of Poetto. Find the perfect mix of fun and relaxation.

Cagliari: Walking Tour of the Old City

6. Cagliari: Walking Tour of the Old City

Discover the beautiful Cagliari on an unforgettable walking tour of the Old City. Cagliari is an ancient city with a long history. Its origins date back to the Phoenician Karalis, developed on a settlement traced back to the third millennium B.C. Meet your guide and walk through the narrow streets of the old district of Castello to discover the beauties of the city. As you pass medieval towers, bastions, the royal palace, and the cathedral, discover the history of this amazing fortress facing the sea. During Roman times, the city became the capital of the island, and in the Middle Ages, it was the seat of different foreign dominations, evidence of which is still visible today. Panoramic points of the Castello will offer unforgettable views of the city and of the sea, Molentargius’ Park, and the Devil’s Saddle.

Cagliari: Gulf of Angels Half-Day Boat Excursion

7. Cagliari: Gulf of Angels Half-Day Boat Excursion

Departing directly from the port of Cagliari just a 5-minute walk from the lively city centre, you can embark and start enjoying your boat tour. Wonder, amazement, enchantment are the states of mind that you will experience while discovering the Gulf of Angels and of the whole coast, full of uncontaminated inlets and coves; you can spend a beautiful half day on a dinghy with our skipper, an expert and competent guide who will show you all the hidden coves and caves that you could never see on your own. Our excursions are all Inclusive with skipper, fuel, soft drinks, snorkeling equipment, underwater camera.

Cagliari Devil's Saddle Snorkel Adventure in TurquoiseWater

8. Cagliari Devil's Saddle Snorkel Adventure in TurquoiseWater

"Get ready for an unforgettable journey as we set sail from Cagliari at 10:00. Our three-hour adventure will immerse you in the beauty of the southern coast of Sardinia, offering a unique perspective on its turquoise waters and hidden treasures. Sailing along the coast, our first stop will be Calamosca, a small sheltered beach beloved by locals. We then head to Cala Fighera, a hidden beach surrounded by towering limestone cliffs, favored by nudists. Continuing our tour, we encounter the legendary Devil's Cave, a natural wonder steeped in myth and mystery. Marvel at the imposing rock formations guarding the entrance to this enigmatic cave as we approach. Next, we'll continue our journey to the stunning Cala Paradiso, considered the most beautiful spot in Cagliari. Admire the crystal-clear waters and the rocks sculpted by time as we approach this paradisiacal oasis. Throughout the journey, our expert guide will share insights into the rich history of the Gulf of Angels, marine biodiversity, and conservation efforts. As the clock approaches 13:00, we'll reluctantly bid farewell to the turquoise waters of Cagliari, but the memories of this extraordinary adventure will stay with you long after you've returned to shore. Join us for a journey of discovery, adventure, and natural beauty along the breathtaking Devil's Saddle."

Cagliari: Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Tour & Snorkeling

9. Cagliari: Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Tour & Snorkeling

You will experience the sensation of total freedom that only the S.U.P. can give ... in a magical place like the Sella del Diavolo .. one of the icons of the city of Cagliari! Before leaving for the tour, we will teach you the basic notions and technique so you will discover how simple and fun is to slide on the water paddling on the S.U.P. You will slowly slide on the crystalline emerald green waters, among the stacks close to the limestone cliff, immersed in the scents of the sea and the Mediterranean scrub, accompanied by the singing of the seagulls that populate this magical place. Accompanied by our instructors, you will discover places inaccessible from the ground, secret beaches, caves, natural pools where is possible to dive and snorkel, or simply relax to enjoy the natural spectacle surrounding us! As we set up the equipment before you arrival at the meeting point, all you have to do is follow the instructions and enjoy the experience! The experience is available at the following times: - from 5 April to 31 May and from 15 September to 22 November at 09:00 - from 1 June to 14 September at 08:30

Cagliari: Gulf of Cagliari Boat Tour with an Aperitif

10. Cagliari: Gulf of Cagliari Boat Tour with an Aperitif

On board our boat you can enjoy a unique experience that will allow you to discover Cagliari from a different perspective. You will visit the crystal clear waters of the coasts of the Gulf of Cagliari aboard an iconic boat equipped with a tendal and cushions. You will have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable half day between the beaches of Cagliari, visiting the fascinating Caletta of Cala Bernat, the Sella del Diavolo, the Cala Fighera beach and the Calamosca beach. During the tour you will also have a SUP to make your bathrooms more pleasant and you can savor a cutting board of cured meats and typical Sardinian cheeses accompanied by a fresh glass of wine. You will also have a snorming kit.

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Frequently asked questions about Cagliari

What are the best day trips and excursions from Cagliari?

The best day trips and excursions from Cagliari are:


What are the most popular museums and exhibitions in Cagliari?

Insider Tips: Planning a trip to Cagliari

Claudia Tavani is the mastermind behind Strictly Sardinia, a Sardinia focused blog where she shares all her knowledge about her beloved island.

What should I do on my first trip to Cagliari?

If it is your first time in Cagliari, you definitely need to explore the beautiful historic center. Start exploring from the area of Castello. This is one of the four historic districts of Cagliari and where many attractions - including the Cathedral and the Museum of Archeology - are located. From Castello you can make your way down the hill to visit the lovely Stampace district, where you can see the Santa Restituta Crypt and the Botanical Gardens, and then to La Marina, home of several nice churches and the interesting S. Eulalia Museum. It's a short walk from there to Villanova, the quaintest of the historic districts.

What are some hidden gems to see in Cagliari?

Cagliari is beautifully located on the hills but overlooks the sea, so you can find a number of easy hiking trails that offer unique views. Hike to the Sella del Diavolo promontory (it can be accessed from Calamosca Beach) for views over Poetto Beach and Molentargius Nature Reserve (a nesting spot for pink flamingoes). Calamosca is also the starting point of a walk to the S. Ignazio Fort, a favorite sunset spot for locals.

How much time should I spend in Cagliari?

You need a minimum of 3 days to appreciate everything that Cagliari has to offer, and more if you intend to do some day trips to the coast or to the nearby archeological sites or wineries. Cagliari proves to be an excellent base to explore southern Sardinia.

What food is Cagliari known for?

There are all sorts of local specialties. You will definitely enjoy a bowl of fregola con le arselle (fregola with clams): the texture of the pasta is similar to cous-cous, and if made right it is heavenly. The best place to have it is Bistrot 100. If you are looking for a quick snack, grab a pizzetta sfoglia. It's not even remotely similar to pizza as it is made with phyllo pastry, and it's only a Cagliari thing!

What is the best way to get around Cagliari?

If you are staying in the city center, you can easily explore Cagliari on foot and use the good public bus system to go to the local beaches. The city center is easy to reach by train from Cagliari Airport. However, if you are planning to do some day trips it's better to have a car.

What are the best months to visit Cagliari?

Any time is a good time to visit Cagliari. The spring is particularly beautiful as days are longer and you can enjoy a nice walk at the beach or in Molentargius Nature Park. If you visit in the summer, you can mingle with the locals as they sunbathe in Poetto Beach but will have to bear with the sometimes impossible heat,

What are the best neighborhoods to visit in Cagliari?

If you visit only one of the historic neighborhoods of Cagliari, it has to be Castello. Once the heart of the political and economic elite of the city, the fortified Castello is home of two protective towers and of the beautiful Cathedral, and several museums and art galleries. The Santa Croce Bastion is the best sunset spot in town. Sit down for a delicious cocktail at Libarium Nostrum café overlooking Stampace district below and admire the sun as it goes down and the changing colors.

What are the best neighborhoods for food?

Locals head to Stampace for some of the best restaurants in the area, but if you want to see produce you should actually plan to visit San Benedetto Market, in the heart of San Benedetto district. It's a feast for the senses!

What are the best neighborhoods for shopping?

Via Manno and Via Sulis, in the Marina district, and Via Garibaldi in the neighboring Villanova district are locals' favorite shopping streets, but you will find nice shops and boutiques in many other areas in Cagliari.

What neighborhood should I stay in when I visit Cagliari?

Stampace is probably where to stay in Cagliari if you don't plan to rent a car. There are no actual hotels but lots of guest houses and you will have walking access to all the main attractions, restaurants and the main transportation hubs in the city.

What are 4 best tips for a person traveling to Cagliari?

Give yourself enough time in Cagliari: the capital of Sardinia may be lesser known compared to other cities in mainland Italy but it's packed with things to do.

Bring your hiking boots and swimsuit: There are trails near the beach in the city, and you will want to swim if you visit in the summer months.

Get a car if you plan on getting out of town and avoid the frustration of dealing with (slow) regional buses. Book your restaurant in advance for dinner: locals love eating out and the best restaurants get booked up during the weekend.

What should people avoid doing in Cagliari?

Do not expect everyone to speak English. Things have greatly improved over the last decades and anyone in the tourism industry speaks a good level of English, but not everyone you'll meet in the street will be able to fluently speak English to point you in the right direction if you are lost. Be patient though: locals are very kind and will be glad to help you.

What are your top 5 favourite GetYourGuide experiences in Cagliari?

Cagliari: walking tour through the alleys of Castello

Cagliari: Underground Cagliari Walking Tour

Cagliari: Boat Tour with 4 Swim Stops at Devil's Saddle

Cagliari: Guided Kayak Excursion in the Gulf of Cagliari

Cagliari: Bike Tour in the Flamingo Oasis

What is one thing that surprised you about Cagliari?

I often say Cagliari is like a small version of Cape Town. It's incredibly colorful, surrounded by pristine nature and unique wildlife, and there are gorgeous views throughout

What is the best family-friendly thing to do in Cagliari?

A boat tour around the Devil's Saddle! If your kids enjoy swimming, they will love the chance of jumping on and off the boat.

What is the best thing to do in Cagliari for solo travelers?

Cagliari is a very safe place to visit for solo travelers. Enjoy a guided tour of the historic center and book yourself a sunbed at one of the local lidos for a relaxing day at the beach.

What is the best thing to do in Cagliari for couples?

Go to La Paillote for a romantic dinner overlooking the Bay of Cagliari.

What are the best annual events in Cagliari?

Sant'Efisio Festival is celebrated every year on May 1. It's a massive parade where people from various villages in Sardinia parade in traditional costumes to celebrate the saint that liberated Sardinia from the plague in the 17th century.

What are the best things to do around Cagliari?

You actually don't need to leave Cagliari to get outdoors! Go for a walk at the massive Molentargius Nature Park to admire bird life; spend a day at Poetto or Calamosca beach; hike to the Devil's Saddle.

What are the best beaches around Cagliari?

Cagliari's favorite beach is Poetto. It's a very long stretch of sand with clear waters. A word of warning though: the quality of the water can vary a lot from year to year and even from day to day based on the wind. Another popular beach is the smaller and more sheltered Calamosca. Both are easy to reach by bus from the center of Cagliari

What's a local recommendation for Villanova?

Go for a walk in Villanova at night and you'll see a significantly more local side of Cagliari. Sit at Florio for a drink and mingle with the locals.

What are the best food/drink spots in neighborhood Cagliari?

In the center of La Maddalena, Puffer Fish is an easygoing fish and seafood restaurant with quick service and locally caught fish. In front of it, you will find L'Alternativa, a great steakhouse perfect for meat lovers. The best cocktails are at the Punta Tegge kiosk. Grab a pillow and sit on the rocks as you enjoy a wonderful sunset.

Which neighborhood has the best nightlife?

Stampace and La Marina are definitely the best neighborhoods for nightlife in Cagliari. It's where you'll find the highest concentrations of bars and pubs.

Which neighborhoods are best for families?

Stay in Villanova to get more of a local feel. It's the kind of place where children can be still seen playing outside, so your kids can make local friends! Otherwise, Poetto is perfect in the summer as they can run and bike and enjoy the beach too.

Which neighborhoods are the most budget-friendly?

Generally speaking, Cagliari is quite budget friendly. You will have more luck finding cheaper accommodation outside of the historic center. I recommend San Benedetto, which is very central too.

Which neighborhoods should you visit if you'd like to splurge?

Via Sulis in Villanova is home to luxury shops and various fine dining restaurants.

Which neighborhood should couples add to their list?

Castello is probably the most romantic neighborhood as it offers a lot of gorgeous views over the city.

What are some fun facts/history behind neighborhood Cagliari?

Stampace was named after the saying "stai in pace" (go in peace) with which people would be sent on their way outside of the walls of Castello (where the elite would stay) every night during the Middle Ages.

How easy is it to travel between the different neighborhoods?

Cagliari is very walkable if you stick to the historic center of town and all historic neighborhood are connected one to the other. You will need to get the bus or drive if you want to go to the beach.

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Paulo is intelligent and tells a wonderful history lesson while sailing. It was a perfect day and he made us feel even better as our journey progressed. He gave details about the landscape and managed every person’s needs on the boat. Highly recommended! Bravo!

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Valentina was a great tour guide, very knowledgeable and great at making sure everyone was comfortable. The bikes were easy to use and we were able to cycle up the hills with barely any effort

An incredible experience in the turquoise waters of Sardinia! Good music, a caring guide... I recommend 100%

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