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Our most recommended Stavanger Hiking

Stavanger: Scenic Fjord Cruise to Lysefjord and Preikestolen

1. Stavanger: Scenic Fjord Cruise to Lysefjord and Preikestolen

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Norwegian fjord landscape aboard a silent and electric boat. Sail from downtown Stavanger along the Lysefjord to Preikestolen, the so-called Pulpit Rock. See where the “vagrants” hid from the sheriff in the old days as the boat stops by Fantahålå (Vagabond’s Cave). Then gaze up at the famous and majestic rock formation Preikestolen, towering 604 meters above sea level. Next stop is the Hengjanefossen waterfall, where the crew brings the bow so close to the falls that you can feel its refreshing spray! Grab a snack from the onboard kiosk and relax on one of the sun decks or inside the spacious and comfortable cabin. Keep an eye out for the occasional seal sunbathing on a rock. Take in the idyllic scenery before returning to the port in Stavanger.

From Stavanger: RIB Tour to Lysefjord

2. From Stavanger: RIB Tour to Lysefjord

Accelerate to speeds of up to 35 knots on this guided RIB speedboat tour to Lysefjord. Stay safe along the way with the provided lifejackets, floating suits, and goggles. Pass by islands, waterfalls, caves, and stunning rock formations as you glide over the water.  Meet your skipper at the pier in the harbor at the heart of Stavanger. Gear up with your well-maintained equipment and embark on your RIB adventure. Head out of the city harbor slowly to admire view of Stavanger from the water.  Cruise under the city bridge and go full throttle on your way towards the fjords. Enjoy the wind in your hair while the boat flies on the water. Catch glimpses of city islands, fish farms, and cozy, traditional cabins that hug the waterside.  Keep your eyes peeled for seals and porpoises from below and fierce eagles from above. Once you arrive in Lysefjord make several stops to capture pictures at sights like the Vagabond Cave, Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), and some waterfalls. Relax on the trip back to Stavanger and disembark at the pier where you began your trip. 

From Stavanger: Lysefjord Sightseeing RIB Boat Tour

3. From Stavanger: Lysefjord Sightseeing RIB Boat Tour

Our Lysefjord RIB-Safari will grant you a front-row seat to some of the most stunning scenery in all of Norway. You’ll experience the heart of the fjord from the most awe-inspiring perspective possible as you glide across its pristine waters, edging thrillingly close to its towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and flourishing fauna. Our sea-savvy captains will take you right up close to some of the most famous sights the Fjord has to offer, sharing stories and tales along the way. You’ll get to see the renowned Pulpit Rock: a 600m high plateau jutting straight out from the surrounding mountainside, Vagabond Cave: an old hideout for tax evaders, Whisky Falls: a 75m tall waterfall right below an old moonshine distillery, and so much more. We’ll take you on a deep dive into the fascinating history of the fjord, explaining how the last ice age shaped its breathtaking cliffs and deep waters, and recount some of the colorful characters who have frolicked within its bounds. Throughout the voyage, you’ll also be on the lookout for the bustling wildlife that inhabits the region. On a good day it will be possible to spot seals, porpoises, sea eagles, and more. The tour starts and ends in the heart of Stavanger City, onboarding takes about 15 minutes and the tour itself lasts 1 hour 45 minutes. All necessary equipment is provided by us, the only thing you absolutely need to bring along is a camera. The boat will make stops for plenty of great photo opportunities throughout your journey. Our fleet solely consists of brand-new top-of-the-line RIB Boats, ensuring you a ride that offers the highest degree of comfort, safety, and fun. Our experience is tailored to passengers ages six and up. Skimming the waters on a RIB is exhilarating, but not extreme in any sense. The oldest guests we’ve had along have been well past their 90th birthday. We maintain constant oversight and always make sure everyone onboard is having a good time throughout. From towering cliffs and cascading waterfalls to hidden caves and secluded beaches, there's no better way to experience the dramatic beauty of the Lysefjord than from a seat in our boats. So book your adventure today and let us give you something to reply when your friends and family ask if you did anything fun in Norway.

Stavanger: 24-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Pass

4. Stavanger: 24-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Pass

Visit the iconic landmarks of Stavanger with a hop-on hop-off bus tour at your own pace. Hop on, sit back and enjoy as you pass through iconic places like Stavanger Cathedral, Petroleum Museum, Museum of Archaeology, and more. Learn about the exciting history of the city with our entertaining audio guide available in 7 different languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Norwegian). You can get off at any of the stops along the route as many times you want in 24 hours and explore famous attractions such as the Victoria hotel, Ledaal, Strandkaien Cruise Terminal, Gamle Stavanger, and many more. Ask our staff about all the discounts and benefits you will get in the Museums and different attractions showing your 24-hours-hop-on-ticket. An easy and enjoyable way to explore the marvelous Stavanger. Welcome on board and have fun!

Stavanger: Guided Kayaking in Lysefjord

5. Stavanger: Guided Kayaking in Lysefjord

Meet your guide and experience kayaking in Norway. Learn the basics of paddling and explore the Fjord. See seals up close and personal, and marvel at the peaceful water. Paddle along the steep mountains, and into Vagabonds Cave. Pass Refsa dock and witness a lovely waterfall before turning back.

Stavanger: Preikestolen Classic Hike and Side Trail

6. Stavanger: Preikestolen Classic Hike and Side Trail

Embrace nature with a guided hike up to Preikestolen: one of Norway's most iconic hikes. Follow your guide on the path less hiked, so you can make the most of nature away from the crowds. Sart with a pick up from one of several designated locations in Stavanger. After a relaxing 40-minute drive, arrive at the trailhead. Here, learn about the trail, expected conditions, and useful tips for a fun day of hiking. When everyone is ready, begin your hike. If conditions allow it, follow your guide on a side-trail along the way. The pace allows for time to adjust clothing and equipment, time to rest and enjoy snacks, and for taking pictures along the way. After approximately 2.5 hours of hiking, arrive at the majestic Preikestolen – 604 meters above the legendary Lysefjorden. The sheer cliff face overlooks the fjord, and the panoramic view before your makes for a fantastic reward after all your hard physical work. After soaking in the scenery and relaxing your legs, head back down the mountain. Exhausted but satisfied, get back in the car and get driven back to Stavanger as you process your experience of a day well spent.

Stavanger: City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

7. Stavanger: City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Visit Stavanger and be stunned by the beautiful landscapes including fjords, mountains and white beaches. The city also has an extensive historical background which is portrayed through the city's large number of museums. Stavanger is also Europe's oil and energy capital. Begin your tour at the first stop, the Strandkaien Cruise Terminal, for the full experience. The tour will continue to the Tourist Information Station, where passengers can hop-off and take a short walk over to Stavanger’s Cathedral. The cathedral is one of the most stunning works of architecture in the city and its interior is equally as beautiful. One of the tours most notable spots is the Petroleum Museum which has become one of the coasts most memorable landmarks. Located on the Port of Stavanger, its unique architecture makes it stand out from the crowd and its history inside is just as intriguing.  If you prefer a museum more focused on natural and cultural history, than hop-off at the 9th stop and visit the Stavanger Museum. There’s also a museum for art-lovers at stop 10. The museum boasts an extraordinary number of artwork, now totaling over 2,600. Another recommended stop to hop-off at is stop 11 – the Ledaal Royal Residence. This wonderful building is the official residence to the King of Norway. From the top-deck of the tour buses, you will be able to get brilliant photos of this famous building.  As the tour takes you to these iconic locations, you can also enjoy an informative on-board commentary that is available in 8 different languages. You can also enjoy free WiFi on-board. Tour Stops: 1) Stavanger Concert Hall (Temporary Stop) 2) Breiavannet / Stavanger Cathedral 3) Stavanger Cathedral 4) Petroleum Museum 5) Skansekaien 6) Petroleum Museum 7) St. Petri Church 8) Museum of Archaeology 9) Stavanger Museum 10) Mosvatnet Park 10) Museum of Art 11) Ledaal Royal Residence

From Stavanger: Pulpit Rock Guided Hike with Pickup

8. From Stavanger: Pulpit Rock Guided Hike with Pickup

Embark on a journey into nature with a guided hike to the Pulpit Rock, one of Norway's most captivating hikes. Start your adventure with a pickup at your accommodation in Stavanger. After a 40-minute drive through the worlds longest and deepest underwater tunnel and scenic views of Jørpeland, arrive at the basecamp. Here, listen to your local guide share insights about the trail, expected conditions, and tips for a great day of exploration. The relaxed hiking pace ensures plenty of time to adjust your gear, take leisurely breaks, savor snacks, and capture stunning photos along the way. After approximately 2.5-hours of hiking, reach the majestic Pulpit Rock cliff, standing 604-meters (1,982 feet) above the sea. Here, breath in the majestic view of Lysefjorden far below you. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and recharge your senses. If conditions allows it, hike a hidden trail on the way back to the car, making sure you get an even more unique experience. As you settle back into the car for the return to Stavanger, relax until you are dropped back off at your accommodation.

Stavanger: Customized Private Tour with a Local

9. Stavanger: Customized Private Tour with a Local

In this customized trip, skip the mundane historical tours and discover the city through a local's eyes. Experience a tour that will transform the way you travel to make it as much about the people you meet, as it is the places you see. The local guides are passionate about their city and eager to share their knowledge and perspective. Since they are not professional guides and tour occasionally, they provide an experience that’s authentic and personal, like a friend showing you around their city. Meet at your accommodation to get familiar with the neighborhood, find out about the best places to eat, the easiest ways to get around, and the hidden gems you might have missed. By the end of the tour, feel comfortable navigating the city and confident that you have all the information you need to make the most of your stay. Through conversations with your guide, learn about cultural differences, local events, and what it’s like to be a true local. The more notice, the better, as these tours are organized on demand and are completely personalized. With this experience, you won’t be just passing through the city, you’ll be part of it.

Stavanger: Preikestolen Sunrise Hike with Breakfast Buffet

10. Stavanger: Preikestolen Sunrise Hike with Breakfast Buffet

Join a guided sunrise hike to Preikestolen, beat the crowds, and experience the sunrise over the Lysefjorden. Enjoy convenient roundtrip transportation from Stavanger. Avoid the thousands of people that will be on the trail during the high season, and hike in the peace and quiet of dawn instead. Start the adventure early in the morning after being picked up from one of several designated locations in Stavanger. After a 40-minute drive, arrive at the start of the trail. Receive a briefing from your guide including information about the trail, expected conditions, and useful tips for good hiking. When everyone is ready, switch your headlamps on, and begin the hike while it’s till dark and quiet. Let the moonlight and towering trees make your imagination run wild. Along the way, listen to all sorts of spooky folklore from your guide, and stop for snacks or to adjust clothes and equipment. After approximately 2.5 hours of hiking, reach Preikestolen, 604 meters right above the legendary Lysefjorden. Be rewarded with panoramic views of the fjord. If you are lucky, the sun will show itself as it climbs over the mountain ridges, so you can bathe in its warmth. After feasting your eyes on the scenery and relaxing for a while, head back down to Basecamp. In the comfort of the mountain lodge, recharge your batteries with a simple, but fresh and tasty breakfast. Then, get back in the car for a drive back to Stavanger.



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Loved our guide Peter, he was very nice. The hike is most definetely easier than I expected it to be. The whole trail was full of snow (20th November) which made a lovely view and we were given crampons for our shoes (which are included in the price of the tour) that made the whole thing muuuuch easier. Plus, we made a lot of little stops so we never really got tired at any point. And of course, the view was amazing specially this time of year with the snowy peaks and nonody else around apart from us :) we couldn’t take the side trail because of the weather and had to go through the main one, but that wasnt a problem at all for us. Hiiiighly recommend!

Our guide was very knowledgeable and professional. His Border Collie came along and was such a great addition to the team. The hike started early which meant we got to the rock with no other tourists around. He took ‘the postcard picture’ for each of us, which was beautiful! I would recommend this tour. You can do it on your own, but having an experienced guide was worth it. Lysefjord is breathtaking. Tusind Takk!

We had a good time with our guide Alan. Alan is very attentive and experienced. He shared with us his knowledge about Preikestolen and helped us take the amazing postcard photo when there are no other ppl on the platform. His border collie Baba is also very mild and good at taking photo :)

Good hike, guide was good. Guide took good photos with your phone. Amazing views. Brought his well-trained border collie too, which was fun (you have the option when filling out a form to say you dont want a dog on the hike, but people liked having Baba there)

It was the trip to remember! Our guide Erlend (and his lovely dog Balder) is the best ever! Thank you so much for this perfect day!