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Rome: Domus Aurea Guided Group Tour

1. Rome: Domus Aurea Guided Group Tour

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to explore one of the most exclusive ancient sites in Rome throughout a special guided visit to the opulent Golden House of Nero. Experience the magnificent architecture of the notorious emperor’s vast palace, which was a vivid symbol of his immense ego. After a fire devastated the capital of the Roman Empire in 64 A.D., the emperor had his architects fashion an immense dwelling over the smoldering remains of the devastated city. What they came up with was awe-inspiring, with scarcely believable highlights including a rotating dining room open to the starry night sky and a massive artificial lake. In 68 A.D., the emperor’s wicked ways caught up with him and he was forced to commit suicide. Nero’s immense party pad was bulldozed by his successors in an attempt to erase the memory of the despised despot almost before the paint had even dried. His artificial lake was also filled in, in its place the Flavian Amphitheatre was erected only a few years later. The fabulous Domus Aurea, with its wonderful succession of spacious rooms and soaring vaults decorated with stunning frescoes, lay buried and forgotten for centuries beneath the earth. After a long and meticulous restoration, the surviving rooms of Nero’s Golden House are once again open to visitors. As you make your exciting descent into the eerie excavated remains of Nero’s Golden House today, you’ll be journeying back in time to the extravagant heyday of the Roman empire. Learn all about the fascinating life and times of Nero in the company of a guide.

Rome: Castel Sant'Angelo Tour with Fast-Track Access

2. Rome: Castel Sant'Angelo Tour with Fast-Track Access

Skip the lines at the Castel Sant'Angelo to set off on a guided tour. Enter the castle with skip-the-line access and learn about its history from your guide. Explore the famous castle that was erected by Emperor Hadrian to be his tomb. See how the building was also used by popes as their private residence, as the state treasury, as a prison, and as a location for public executions throughout its history. Have the chance to discover the rich history of the castle and its magnificent architecture and paintings. Be introduced to the emperor's burial place, the papal apartment, and treasury room. Admire the beautiful angel sculptures along the Ponte Sant'Angelo bridge, also known as the Bridge of Angels. Finish off the incredible experience with a panoramic view from the castle's terrace and take stunning photos of the city.

Rome: Secrets Beneath Castel Sant'Angelo Guided Tour

3. Rome: Secrets Beneath Castel Sant'Angelo Guided Tour

Take part in a small group tour led by a professional guide to admire some areas of the Castel Sant'Angelo that aren’t normally available, such as the Olearie, the historical prisons, and the theater of Clemente VII. Use your skip-the-line entry ticket to save time and begin your 2-hour guided tour of the famous castle erected by the Roman emperor Hadrian as his tomb. Uncover how the building has served as a private residence to popes, a treasury of the state, a prison, and a public execution site. Discover the rich history behind the castle and marvel at its magnificent sculptures and paintings. See the burial place of the late emperor, the pope’s apartment, and the treasury room. End your incredible experience with a panoramic views over the city from the castle's terrace.

Full-Day Ninfa Garden & Sermoneta Tour

4. Full-Day Ninfa Garden & Sermoneta Tour

Start your journey south to Riviera d'Ulisse from Rome. Relax in the comfortable train as you travel along the scenic Agro Pontino countryside. As you reach Ninfa, experience a gorgeous visit of the "Ninfa Garden," where many writers, including Virginia Woolf, found inspiration for their creations. Walking along one of the most beautiful and romantic gardens in the world, admire its 1,300 plant species in the medieval village where it lies. The wonderful and glittering waterfalls, the huge gunnere, the big spot of bamboo, the flowering cherry trees, the soft colored irises and the California poppies all give the feeling of jumping back in time. Afterwards, enjoy a special lunch in a typical local restaurant. Further ahead, following a short scenic car ride, you will reach Sermoneta, one of the best preserved medieval towns in Italy. Here, you will learn more about its great history, art and culture. Get into direct contact with a unique fairytale recognized by the European Union as a jewel of Italy.

Haunted Rome Walking Tour

5. Haunted Rome Walking Tour

Take a walk on the creepy side with this fascinating tour of Rome’s spookiest places. Together with an experienced guide, you’ll unearth some of the Eternal City’s darkest secrets, discover the ghost stories of landmarks such as the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and Castel Sant’Angelo, and come face to face with the skeletal remains of some of Rome’s previous residents at the Capuchin Crypt. This walking tour is an intriguing dive into Rome’s long and twisted history. Visit the Capuchin Crypt and descend deep underground to see a side of Rome that you’ve never seen before. The tour continues above ground with a walk through Rome’s cobbled streets to reach the Pantheon where demons were said to roam free, looking for innocent souls to tempt. See the Piazza Navona a beautiful Baroque square known for its stunning architecture and dazzling fountains, as well as the ghosts that haunt the palaces facing the square.

Rome: Small Group Guided Tour of Castel Sant'Angelo

6. Rome: Small Group Guided Tour of Castel Sant'Angelo

Skip the line and enter Emperor Hadrian's Tomb. Walk through its fortified corridors and learn the mysterious and multi-faceted history. Explore the five floors of the castle and learn of those who were once incarcerated there. Take memorable photos of the city once you reach the terrace. Meet your guide in front of the entrance and enter the castle. Prepare to hear the troubled and one of a kind history and learn why it is considered a monument, museum, and archaeological site all at once. Walk the spiral ramp to reach each of the five floors and discover the fortified corridor, Passetto di Borgo, built to connect to the Vatican City so the Pope could escape should he be in danger. Find the chamber of ashes and the cells which imprisoned many historical figures. Make your way to the upper parts of the castle and find different rooms that served as a Papal residence. Observe the perfectly preserved frescoes from the Reneaissance period, and the extensive collection of weaponry. View the city from the top terrace and take beautiful photos of the skyline.

Rome: Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill Guided Tour

7. Rome: Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill Guided Tour

Explore the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill on a guided tour. Enter the Colosseum, admire the vast building from every angle, notice where the building has crumbled from past earthquakes, and tread in the footsteps of ancient Romans. Walk up to Palatine Hill and take in breathtaking views of the ruins from the top. Upon entering Palatine Hill, you'll see the House of Augustus and witness a vast collection of frescoes that would give you a deeper insight into Ancient Rome and its rulers. Visit the Roman Forum, a place that used to be the site of triumphal processions and elections and the venue for public speeches in ancient Rome. See the Temple of Romulus, an architectural wonder located within the Roman Forum. Hear fascinating stories about these sites from your tour guide.

Rome: Villa Farnesina Renaissance Tour

8. Rome: Villa Farnesina Renaissance Tour

Enter a world of Renaissance luxury on a private Villa Farnesina tour. You'll discover spectacular frescoes whilst learning all about the life and work of Raphael and his contemporaries. This grand early-16th-century villa in Trastevere was once the private home of the banker Agostino Chigi, one of the wealthiest men in Europe at the time. Chigi hired some of the greatest painters of the age, including Raphael and Baldassare Peruzzi, to decorate the rooms of the villa. Throughout your visit to Villa Farnesina you’ll see masterpieces such as Raphael’s Galatea and Cupid, as well as the spectacular Hall of Perspective, accompanied by an expert guide who will you show the secrets of the villa as they guide you through the various gardens and sumptuously decorated rooms. During your visit to one of the most beautiful establishments in Rome, you’ll also gain a unique insight into the Renaissance high society.

Rome: Castel Sant'Angelo Skip the Line Small Group Tour

9. Rome: Castel Sant'Angelo Skip the Line Small Group Tour

The Castel Sant'Angelo was erected by Emperor Hadrian to be his tomb and many of his successors are buried there. The castle was also used by popes as their private residence, the state treasury, a prison and as a location for public executions throughout its history. On your tour, you will be able to explore the rich history of the castle. See samples of magnificent art either in architecture or paintings. Enter the emperor’s burial place, the papal apartments, the treasury room, and much more. You will also enjoy one of the best breathtaking views of Rome. Take fantastic panoramic photos of the castle and of the city from the terrace. You will be part of a small group (not exceeding 10 people), led by a professional, experienced, local guide who speaks fluent English.

Rome: Castel Sant'Angelo Tour With Skip-the-line Access

10. Rome: Castel Sant'Angelo Tour With Skip-the-line Access

Explore one of the eternal city's most emblematic attractions. Leave your guidebook at home and step into the history of the Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as Castel Sant'Angelo. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Tomb of the Roman emperor Hadrian (also known as Hadrian's Mole). You'll learn about the ancient legend of Archangel Michael appearing atop the mausoleum, sheathing his sword and signalling the end of the plague of 590, thus lending the castle its present name. Feast your eyes on the magnificent frescoes, Papal apartments, and corridors of the castle. You'll also be able to admire beautiful sculptures of angels by Bernini, Raggi and Morelli.

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Without a tour guide, we would’ve been in an out within 20 minutes. However, the tour guide explained the significance and historical importance of this site. She was informative, insightful and made the learning of history fun. A definite five star recommendation.

It was absolutely excellent! Alec was funny and very knowledgeable, his sense of humour does take some getting used though. The site was superb and I couldn't recommend this tour enough to all visitors to Rome.

Our guide, Serena I believe was wonderful. Knowledgeable, organized and responsive. After many trips to Rome it was neat to learn the history of the Castello Sant’Angelo.

Juan was very knowledgeable and personable! He made you feel like he was sharing with great friends!

The guide was excellent and explained in detail. A wonderful experience