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Our most recommended Rome Food & gourmet tours

Rome: Guided Food Tour in Trastavere

1. Rome: Guided Food Tour in Trastavere

Italy has some of the best food in the world. And with this tour guide, you have the chance to eat and explore like a local. This eatery of an experience takes place in the beautiful suburb of Trastevere, a must-see on every visit to Rome. Known locally as a gastronomic hotpot from street food to great wines, Trastevere has a lot to offer. Indulge in the Roman experience and sink into a myriad of Italian dishes, from expertly cured meats and aged cheeses to the best carbonara in town. Of course, no food tour is without a good drink and you will also taste some exquisite wines from the Lazio region. At the end of this tour, feel the buzz of Roman life in a picturesque setting and truly understand why Italian cuisine is considered one of the best on the planet. Unfortunately the restaurants we visit currently can’t accommodate any severe food allergies, gluten intolerance or a vegan diet. We are working hard to create a more inclusive route as soon as possible. *If you want a gluten free tour please book this experience privately and we can create an alternative route*

From Rome: Tuscany Guided Day Trip with Lunch & Wine Tasting

2. From Rome: Tuscany Guided Day Trip with Lunch & Wine Tasting

Leave Rome's hustle and bustle behind and head to Tuscany for the day.Enjoy a guided town of Montepulciano and eat a delicious 3-course lunch with an Italian wine-tasting experience you won't forget. A comfortable, air-conditioned coach will pick you up in Rome. As you drive towards rolling hills, your expert tour guide will explain Tuscany’s rich culture and answer any questions you might have about the day ahead.  First, enjoy a walking tour of the hill town of Montepulciano. Take in an ancient but still-functioning wine cellar and ruins that pre-date Rome. Next, visit San Biagio, a 16th-century Renaissance church with a travertine facade welcoming in the sunlight and exquisite decorations inside. Just a short drive away awaits a delicious Tuscan lunch. Enjoy a 3-course meal with wine pairings in the wine cellar of an authentic vineyard farmhouse, including the famous Brunello di Montalcino and varieties from the vineyard itself.  Buy your souvenir Tuscan wine here, or wait for the final stop: Pienza. Your tour leader will offer insights, but your time is yours: shopping for pecorino cheese, balsamic vinegar, wines, and other local specialties, finding the right photo opportunity, or simply wandering the streets like a local. Next, return to Rome in air-conditioned comfort — fulfilled, relaxed, and ready for the next day.

Rome: Street Food Tour with Local Guide

3. Rome: Street Food Tour with Local Guide

Tuck into Rome's iconic street food on a guided walking tour of the Jewish Quarter or Trastevere. Learn about local food with five tastings and try delicacies, such as pizza, supplì, and seasonal dishes. Choose between a tour of Trastevere or a tour of the Jewish Quarter, two of Rome's most picturesque districts with group and private tour options available. With your guide, learn about Rome’s history through its most beloved street food. If you've chosen the Trastevere tour, meet your guide on Tiber Island and soak up its unique atmosphere before entering Trastevere. Step into vibrant squares, such as Piazza Santa Maria, and indulge in popular street food, from cheesy supplì to deliciously sweet Sicilian cannoli. If you've chosen the tour of the Jewish Quarter, head to the lively Campo De' Fiori square where one of the oldest open-air markets takes place every morning. Then, follow your guide to Rome's Jewish Quarter and see highlights, including the Portico of Octavia and the Turtle Fountain. Throughout both tours, enjoy five tastings with a sample of wine and beer. Both tours finish on a sweet note with the perfect Italian gelato.

Rome: Highlights Vespa Sidecar Tour with Coffee and Gelato

4. Rome: Highlights Vespa Sidecar Tour with Coffee and Gelato

Explore Rome like a local on this guided Vespa sidecar tour. Uncover the enchanting history and vibrant atmosphere of Rome in a truly unique way – aboard a classic Vespa. Enjoy an exhilarating journey through the heart of the Eternal City, taking you past iconic landmarks, through charming neighborhoods, and up scenic hills. Begin at the central Piazza di San Marco, next to Piazza Venezia. From here, ride to iconic sites like the majestic Colosseum, historic Roman Baths, and the intriguing Pyramid of Cestius. Ascend Aventine Hill to unwind at the serene Orange Tree Garden and whizz past Circus Maximus en route to the lively Trastevere neighborhood. Here, pause for a well-deserved gelato or coffee break, and end with a ride up to Janiculum Hill, offering breathtaking panoramic views of Rome from the splendid Fontanone. Conclude at the same central location where the tour started, Piazza di San Marco and be conveniently situated to continue exploring Rome's myriad attractions on your own.

Rome: 4-Hour Food Tour by Night

5. Rome: 4-Hour Food Tour by Night

Take a guided evening walk through Rome´s foodie neighborhoods and try some of the best food, wine, and local products the city has to offer. Enjoy 20 different delicious food tastings. Start your tour with an aperitivo at La Nicchia Cafè, a water buffalo specialty shop. Taste a variety of the finest Italian cheese and cured meats. Sample fresh mozzarella di bufala, truffle cheese, DOP pesto, tomatoes, and artichokes, accompanied by a glass of white wine. After your aperitivo you’ll head to Pizzarium, Rome’s number 1 pizzeria. Taste a selection of the most creative and delicious pizzas by Gabriele Bonci. sample outstanding Italian cheeses, prosciuttos, and salamis, accompanied by fine wine. Find rare truffles, 25-year-aged balsamic vinegar, and other treats. Savor handmade Roman pasta, accompanied by wine, at the locally loved restaurant il segreto. Finish off your tasting tour with artisanal gelato. Enjoy unlimited food and wine.

Rome: Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Wine Tasting

6. Rome: Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Wine Tasting

Join this award-winning foodie experience, the most loved and reviewed food tour in the Eternal City. Explore the photogenic neighborhood of Trastevere by night on a guided walking tour, stopping to taste 13 local delicacies along the way. Get a feel for Rome’s vibrant nightlife by walking through the streets of Trastevere with a local. As you go, sample a sumptuous blend of Italian classics like pizza and pasta, real Roman street food, lesser-known meats and cheeses, gelato, cookies, and amazing wine in a secret cellar whose history will blow you away. Enjoy skip-the-line access to the famed Da Enzo al 29 trattoria, and get exclusive access to the Spirito di Vino wine cellar, which predates the Colosseum by 150 years. End the tour with your taste buds fully satisfied after an evening of local food tasting.

Alfredo alla Scrofa Restaurant in Rome: Eat Like a Star

7. Alfredo alla Scrofa Restaurant in Rome: Eat Like a Star

Join one of the ultimate Culinary Alfredo Experiences in Rome. Visit one of Rome's most traditional and authentic restaurants, and enjoy a plate of world-famous Fettuccine Alfredo in the restaurant where it was first created. Be part of history, while dining at Alfredo alla Scrofa (open since 1914), a long-time favorite destination for residents, artists, writers, singers, and actors from around the world. Eat at the tables where Greta Garbo, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Andrea Bocelli, and Jimi Hendrix once sat. The Alfredo Alla Scrofa Restaurant cuisine is traditional but with modern inspiration and seasonal ingredients. Flagship of the Restaurant Alfredo alla Scrofa is the new show kitchen. Choose between 4 exclusive offers: a delicious lunch or dinner including dessert and drinks or discover the secret of the famous Fettuccine Alfredo in a cooking class before enjoying the restaurant's excellent specialties. Lunch at Alfredo alla Scrofa at 12:30 PM or 2:00 PM • “Caprese” salad with fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, baked tomato slices, and basil • The Original Fettuccine Alfredo •Dessert at your choice à la carte • ½ l Wine or 1 Beer or 1 Soft Drink, Mineral water, 1 Espresso coffee Dinner Tasting Menu “ROMA” & Wine pairing at 7:30 PM or 9:30 PM •Deep fried minced beef meatballs with orange potato and pickles •The Original Fettuccine Alfredo •Mezzemaniche pasta “Amatriciana” with bacon and tomato sauce •Pork ribs with myrtle and apple bottom with baked potatoes •Dessert at your choice à la carte •Wine pairing including 4 glasses of great Italian wines •Mineral water, 1 Espresso coffee Pasta Alfredo Cooking Class and Lunch at Alfredo at 11:30 AM • 1-hour pasta cooking course from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (learn how to prepare self-made noodles and Fettuccine Alfredo) • Lunch from 12:30 PM, including “Caprese” salad with fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, baked tomato slices and basil • The Original Fettuccine Alfredo • Dessert at your choice à la carte • ½ l Wine or 1 Beer or 1 Soft Drink, Mineral water, 1 Espresso coffee • 1 package of Fettuccine Pasta Alfredo to take away • Certificate of participation and recipes to take home with you Pasta Cooking Class and Dinner Tasting Menu “ROMA” & Wine pairing at 6:30 PM •1-hour pasta cooking course from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM (learn how to prepare self-made noodles and Fettuccine Alfredo) •Dinner from 7:30 PM, including Welcome Drink with a flûte of Prosecco •Deep fried minced beef meatballs with orange potato and pickles •The Original Fettuccine Alfredo •Mezzemaniche pasta “Amatriciana” with bacon and tomato sauce •Pork ribs with myrtle and apple bottom with baked potatoes •Dessert at your choice à la carte •Wine pairing including 4 glasses of great Italian wines •Mineral water, 1 Espresso coffee •1 package Fettuccine Alfredo to take away •Certificate of participation, work kit, recipes to do at home

Rome: Trastevere Food & Wine Tour at Sunset

8. Rome: Trastevere Food & Wine Tour at Sunset

Home to countless bars and restaurants, the picturesque neighborhood of Trastevere is the perfect spot for a fun night out in Rome. But it’s understandable to be a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of restaurants and bars here! On this tour you’ll step into the spots locals love best, tasting your fill of authentic food and drink along the way. Begin your evening with a glass of prosecco in hand at a relaxed neighborhood shop. Enjoy it with some delicious prosciutto and cheese for the perfect primer of what’s to come. Heading back out into Trastevere, you'll try a classic Roman street food at a local restaurant that's been doing it best since 1979. Your next stop is all about Italian drinks (which, of course, extend beyond just wine!). Step inside one of Trastevere’s most beloved bars—considered a treasure among generations of locals—and sip on a classic spritz as you hear more about Italian drinking culture. It’s time to discover the enchanting side streets of the neighborhood. Here lies a charming enoteca where the owner has curated everything with attention and care. Sample distinct wines from two unique Italian regions. Pair these with three varieties of bruschetta and hear more about why wine pairings are so important to truly enjoy your meal. Trastevere is the perfect place to sample authentic Roman pasta, which you’ll enjoy at the neighborhood’s most iconic family-run restaurant. And to really check off all the classics, you’ll try two types of rich Italian wines to go alongside your meal. Before saying goodbye, you'll make one final stop for a cup or cone of gelato at a local shop. The perfect way to wrap up an evening in charming Trastevere.

From Rome: Frascati Half-Day Trip by Train & Wine Tasting

9. From Rome: Frascati Half-Day Trip by Train & Wine Tasting

Welcome in Frascati! You will start your half day trip by discovering the charming town of Frascati, known to be "the City of the Roman Golden Wine" and last but not least the City of the prestigious Renaissance Villas of the noble roman families. You will be recommended to reach Frascati via a short train ride from Roma termini station that leaves at 9:49am (9:54am on Sundays) directed to FRASCATI station, and you will meet your host right outside the entrance of Frascati station behind the yellow taxi stand! You will tour the town first, to discover why Frascati had a key role in the history and in the wine tradition of the Eternal City. You will enjoy the different areas of the historic center, and you will taste artisanal jug wine in a traditional Wine Tavern, a place attended by the local farmers to enjoy their free time with friends and colleagues. The wine will be matched with a local tasty flat bread! You will then be transferred to a family's ancient Wine Farmhouse, only a few minutes distant from the town. You will enjoy a family run ancient Wine Farmhouse, located in the valleys of the Frascati Wine, only 7 minutes distant from the town of Frascati. Here the family has cultivated vineyards and olive trees for nine generations, and produced jug wine directly in the old cellar. The farmhouse is now a sort of "Frascati Wine Museum" surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, where the family spread the culture of local good wines and good food. You will have a guided visit and tasting of 3 Boutique Wines and EVO Oil, along with a traditional LUNCH at the farmhouse and a musical surprise! Sometimes you have lunch at the traditional Tavern in Frascati! At the end of the experience, you will be transferred back in town where you will take the return train from the city center to Rome!

Rome: Amalfi Coast Tour With Limoncello Tasting & Cruise

10. Rome: Amalfi Coast Tour With Limoncello Tasting & Cruise

Discover the wonders of the Amalfi Coast on this guided trip from Rome. Ride a train to Salerno and take in the passing sights on a ferry ride along the coast. Stop in Amalfi and visit a lemon orchard for a limoncello tasting. The day starts in Rome where you’ll catch a high-speed train to Salerno with your group of travelers and a tour leader. From there, hop on a ferry ride that takes you along the stunning Amalfi Coast. The first stop is Amalfi, where you’ll head up to a lovely lemon orchard and enjoy a tasting of one of the region’s most beloved products: the sweet, tangy liqueur called limoncello. The farm is perched above the town and offers stunning views out to sea. After the tasting, take advantage of free time to explore the town and, if you enjoyed your tasting, buy some limoncello.  Embark on another ferry ride along the epic coastline to your next stop, the neighboring town of Positano, a small fishing town that has long been the holiday destination of choice for VIPs, from the Romantic poets of the 19th century to today’s Hollywood stars. After an orientation walk with your guide, you’ll have two hours of free time. Browse the boutiques filled with world-famous beachwear, have leather sandals made to fit your feet, or enjoy a lunch of local delicacies at a seaside cafe (costs not included).  Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, as there’s nothing nicer on a summer’s day than a dip in the sea. After you've gotten to know Positano, head back on the boat for a return cruise to Salerno where you’ll catch the train back to Rome.

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FANTASTIC!! Must do on your first night in Rome. Our guide Stephany was terrific and she even shared a list of places to eat with the group! I used a recommendation the next day for lunch and had the yummiest carbonara. Grazie! ✨

This was one of the best things we did in Rome! I highly recommend this tour. Everyone was super nice, the food good and the experience was priceless!

Our guide was amazing and get us thoroughly entertained throughout the 4 hours. We learned so much about Italian food, wine, history and culture

You learn how to find good food in Rome and the guide Monique was really good. Also we had a small group which was really nice.

Alice, our guide, was fabulous, and the company of the other guests a delight