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Dinajpur Day Tour with Kantajew Temple

1. Dinajpur Day Tour with Kantajew Temple

Take a private full-day tour of Dinajpur to get to know the city’s incredible history in more intimate detail. The popular 10-hour tour includes all transportation, a personal driver and an English speaking guide throughout the day. Following a hotel pick-up at 8 am, your first stop will be Tajhat Palace. Explore this Majestic Architectural Masterpiece. The front of this impressive edifice is about 76 meters long and two stories high. A ribbed conical dome supported by a tall octagonal neck is located in the center of the roof and crowns the palace. These are just some of the extraordinary features that continue to attract visitors from around the world to this small corner of the globe. The incredible architectural skill that went into the building and design of this 100-year-old palace is truly something special and visitors often find themselves stunned by the craftsmanship that is found in this amazing structure. It is hard to believe that all this, and the surrounding city, all started as a simple bit of trade involving hats. Next, head to the Kantajew Temple, also known as Kantaji Temple an 18th century brick temple of Hindus, situated in the village of Kantanagar.  It is a unique example of the temple architecture of terra cotta (terracotta) art in the subcontinent. This temple is also known as Nava­Ratna temple because there was crowned with nine ornamental spires or ratnas or sikhara. The roof of the ground floor and first floor each contains four spires at their corners while the roof of the second floor, in its middle contains the central spires. But by the destructive earthquake of 1897, the original nine spires on the top destroyed. In the early 20th century Maharaja Girijanath Bahadur restored it, excluding the missing nine spires. After lunch you visit Nayabad Mosque, which was constructed at 1793 AD in the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II. During that period, Raja Baidyanath, the last of the Dinajpur Royal family, was the Zaminder (feudal land owner). At present there are about 104 terracotta plaques rectangular in shape, used in the surface decoration of the mosque walls. The platform of the mosque is enclosed by a low brick wall with only one access from the east. On either side of the mosque are to be seen a number of tombs each of found fixed over the central doorway of the mosque. Continue to Ramsagar National Park and Ramsagar Lake. The Ramsagar National Park spreads out over an area of about sixty square kilometers, with a vast man-made water reservoir as its focal point. The area around the Ramsagar Lake is a popular picnic spot for both locals and tourists, and the abundant flora and fauna in the area enhances the peaceful sensation of being close to nature. The water reservoir was built between 1750 and 1755 to provide local inhabitants with safe drinking water. Its construction was initiated by Raja Ram Nath and some 1.5 million laborers worked on the project. The reservoir was named in his honor. Popular activities in the area include fishing, boating and hiking. There is not much in the line of indigenous forest in the Ramsagar National Park, but the Forest Department of Bangladesh have planted a variety of ornamental and fruit trees that have flourished and become lush forested areas. The lake is populated by a variety of fish, as well as fresh water crocodiles, while animals that visitors are likely to see on land include Sambar Deer, Chital Deer, Wild Boar, Blue Bull, Sloth Bear and Hyena. Birding enthusiasts can look out for resident White-Breasted Water Hen, Jacanas, Moorhen, River Tern, Sand Piper, Ringed Plover and Grey and Purple Herons. Moreover, the lake is a stop-over for innumerable migratory water-fowl, making for a spectacular sight during migration season. At approximately 6:00 pm, you'll arrive back at your hotel in Dinajpur where the tour will end.

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