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From Nairobi: Private Nairobi National Park Tour

1. From Nairobi: Private Nairobi National Park Tour

Just a few kilometers from Nairobi's bustling city center, you get to Nairobi National Park and Animal Ophanage where over 50 species of mammals can be found, including four of the "Big Five". The park is one of Kenya's most successful rhino sanctuaries and sightings of Black Rhino are almost guaranteed. Nairobi National park has a rich and diverse range of birdlife with 400 species recorded, however all species are not always present and some are seasonal. This tour will also include a visit to the animal orphanage. Located inside the National Park, the orphanage is home to wounded or orphaned animals which are nurtured back to health. Expected to be seen are lions, leopards, cheetahs, warthogs, cranes, antelopes, baboons and more.

Nairobi: Elephants, Giraffes, & Beads Factory Half-Day Trip

2. Nairobi: Elephants, Giraffes, & Beads Factory Half-Day Trip

Without having to leave Nairobi city, embark on this guaranteed daily departure, Close encounter with animals in a friendly habitat, first you Spend some time with giraffes at Giraffe center Professional and live Tour Guide who will take you through as he assist you to feed and kiss the giraffe. Later on, visit Elephants at David Sheldrick Elephants live in herds, which are highly organized social groups of 6-20 elephants led and guided by an older female leader, called a matriarch. As the leader of the herd, a matriarch will make all the decisions for the herd - including what to eat, where to sleep and where to go. Female elephants stay with the herd for their entire lives meaning a matriarch acts as a grandmother and/or mother to most of the herd members that include several generations of female relatives (aunts, sisters and cousins). Males (called bull elephants) will only stay with their family until adolescence (around 14 years old) when they venture out on their own and spend most of their lives alone or with other bulls. As well as being the largest land mammal, elephants have the longest gestation period of all animals at 22 months. After the birth, a calf will stay very close to its mother for the first few years, who will nurse her calf for around 4 years. During this time, infant elephants are milk dependent and cannot live more than a few weeks without milk, although they do start to eat vegetation at just a few months of age. The progression of elephants’ mirrors the development of humans and as elephants are extremely tactile, calves need to be touched every few seconds for reassurance, and often suck on their trunks for comfort, just like babies suck their thumbs. Next point will be visiting a beads and leather factory where a group of women empowerment program as they make jewery from start to the end. you will enjoy a nice song by these women.

Visit to David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

3. Visit to David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

Daphne David Sheldrick elephant orphanage is a world-class conservation figure and the premier authority on the successful raising of milk-dependent infant elephant and rhino orphans. Daphne Sheldrick's Animal Orphanage can only be visited for an hour every day between 11 am and noon. During this hour the baby elephants are brought out to play and to feed, and visitors can watch them from behind a rope. Wardens are on hand to explain the work of the orphanage and to answer any questions. The Private visit allows you to touch and feed the baby Elephants with formulated milk. we will pick you up from your hotel between 9.30 am and 10 am. You will be driven to the elephant trust where we will make payments for you and you will enter. At the end of the activity we are happy to drive you back to the hotel; we dont mind to stop you somewhere you get lunch before dropping you at the Hotel

Nairobi: Coffee Factory and Farm Tour with Transfer

4. Nairobi: Coffee Factory and Farm Tour with Transfer

The Fairview coffee estate is home to the world’s finest coffee. Located in Limuru Kiambu county, this beautiful farm with nearly 100 acres under coffee is irrigated by the Riara River fed by streams from the Kenyan highlands. Since it was started in the 1900s, the Fairview farm has produced high-quality coffee due to its rich fertile soils. The coffee estate offers daily tours encouraging domestic consumption of coffee and educating people on the coffee production process. Fairview offers two daily tours at ten in the morning and two in the afternoon, where guests get to enjoy the fresh air as you stroll around the coffee farm.

From Nairobi: Masai Tribe Village Visit

5. From Nairobi: Masai Tribe Village Visit

Being a lifetime experience, you will have a chance to interact with the Maasai tribe at their local homes and get detailed stories about the culture which they have preserved for decades. On this trip, you will learn how local women prepare food & cook, weave Necklaces & Wrist bands, learn how to milk goats, and many other lessons from the community and their culture which they have preserved The Maasai may have been expert pastoralists but they were also famed and feared as warriors, in earlier days warfare was often necessary because the Maasai required large swathes of territory for their animals to graze, a fact which often brought them into conflict with neighboring peoples. Between 1500 and 1800 CE, societies in East Africa were still very much taking shape with a very large number of quite separate communities. The Maasai (or Masai) people are an East African tribe who today principally occupy the territory of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, and who speak the language of the same name. The Nilo-Saharan Maasai migrated southwards to that region in the 16/17th centuries CE, and they thrived thanks to their skills in animal husbandry, especially the herding of cattle. Maasai warriors are particularly famous for their height, stamina, and striking red hair and their success in warfare brought them domination of the Rift Valley grasslands. The Maasai Mara game reserve in southern Kenya is named in honor of the tribe which still lives there.

From Nairobi: Day Trip to Amboseli National Park

6. From Nairobi: Day Trip to Amboseli National Park

You will be picked up from your Nairobi Hotel early in the morning before departing for the Amboseli National Park via the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway. Take the chance to enjoy the African sunrise as you head toward Amboseli. The morning drive is via African savanna country, which is dotted with local homesteads and colorful Masai herdsmen grazing their cattle. There will be a brief breakfast stop on the way. On arrival at the Amboseli, proceed for a game-viewing drive in search of Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, Lions, Cheetahs, Warthogs, Ostriches and more. Mount Kilimanjaro dominates the skyline and surrounding country. Take in spectacular views of the mountain and make sure that you get some great photographs. It's the tallest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. While Mount Kilimanjaro remains in the background, marvel at the wildlife and scenery that can be found in the park. Enjoy a buffet lunch at Oltukai Lodge. Enjoy a short early afternoon game viewing as you exit the park. Depart for Nairobi, where you will arrive in the early evening and get dropped off at your Nairobi hotel, Nairobi Airport, or residence.

Nairobi National Park: Game Drive Tour with Pickup

7. Nairobi National Park: Game Drive Tour with Pickup

After Early morning Hotel pick up You drive to Nairobi National Park will be in an open-roofed van, allowing you the best opportunity to see the spectacular views of the wilderness on the way there. Nairobi National Game Park is a unique ecosystem by being the only protected area in the world close to a capital city. Located just 7kms from Nairobi’s city centre, Nairobi National Park is the perfect place for a half-day or full day excursion or Tour from the Kenyan capital. One of the only places on earth where you can be on safari with skyscrapers as part of your backdrop, it’s an ideal layover escape or add-on to your existing safari. Nairobi National Park Kenya’s first ever National park is a unique and unspoilt wildlife haven within sight of the city’s skyline. Rhino, buffalo, cheetah, zebra, giraffe, lion and plenty of antelopes and gazelles can be seen roaming in this open plains country with a section of highland forest as well as stretches of broken bush country, deep, rocky valleys and gorges with scrub and long grass. Ornithologists catch with over 300 bird species including the Secretary bird, crowned cranes, vultures, peckers and many more. Nairobi National Park is the oldest of all Kenya’s national parks. It is known for its Black Rhino Sanctuary and, despite bordering the city, it is home to lions, leopards and hyenas as well as many other Kenyan animals. Its closeness to Nairobi also means it is very accessible to Kenyans and tourists alike who want to experience a safari without having to travel and stay overnight elsewhere. Situated around the Embakasi River, Nairobi National Park has herds of buffalo and a concentrated population of ostriches. It is also a good place to experience the wildebeest migration in the summer months and to see four of the “Big Five” African animals.

Nairobi = David sheldrick, Giraffe Center & Kobe Beads Tour

8. Nairobi = David sheldrick, Giraffe Center & Kobe Beads Tour

Visit the most attractions in a very short period, after pick up first we will visit the giraffe center to avoid the crowd , Second, you will visit the famous david sheldrick wildlife trust. The non-profit Giraffe Centre provides a platform for the linkage between the conservation of the Rothschild’s giraffe and tourism. The Centre creates awareness amongst tourists on the fragility and inter-dependence of ecosystems and wildlife habitats by providing a safe environment to interact with and feed giraffes. Elephants are endangered and face an existential threat from habitat loss and poaching. Only 450,000 animals remain across Africa and these animals are under pressure from agricultural development, roads and railways. The result? Elephants are under threat like never before. We have worked in the field in Kenya for over 40 years to save iconic species like elephants and rhinos. Today we fund veterinary treatments to save injured elephants, protect critical habitats and patrol to stop poachers. We also educate communities about the importance of wildlife and we rescue orphaned calves that would not survive without their mothers or herds. By adopting an orphan elephant, you’ll help us save endangered elephants and secure their habitats for the future. Then later will visit kombe beads factory where you will see women and men making them from start to end as they sing local music for you. then we have time for lunch at a local restaurant before dropping off.

Lake Nakuru national park day trip from Nairobi

9. Lake Nakuru national park day trip from Nairobi

Descend into the Great Rift Valley on a full-day trip from Nairobi to Lake Nakuru National Park, where you'll take a game drive to explore spectacular landscapes and wildlife. See the millions of flamingos that color Lake Nakuru a brilliant pink, watching for some of the 450 species of birds that have been spotted in the national park. The park's residents also include big cats, rhino, buffalo, and even the rare black-maned lion, with varied ecosystems that support wonderfully diverse wildlife.Lake Nakuru National Park is located in the Rift Valley,1750 meters above sea level. Lake Nakuru is known as an ornithological paradise by birdwatchers because the lake is world famous as the location of the greatest bird-spectacle on earth, which boasts anywhere between one and two million lesser and greater pink flamingos that feed on the abundant algae thriving in the lake's warm waters. It is one of the few parks that has been specifically established for the protection of birds, specifically flamingos. More than 450 species of birds have been recorded here. You will drive through the floor of the Great Rift Valley from Nairobi, while stopping on the way for curios and to admire and marvel at the breathtaking views of the escarpment along the way. Arrive at Lake Nakuru National Park in time for a mid-morning game drive. Have picnic lunch at leisure. As you find your way out of the park, have another game drive and embark on your way to Nairobi.

Nairobi: Elephant Orphanage Trust and Giraffe Center Tour

10. Nairobi: Elephant Orphanage Trust and Giraffe Center Tour

Mingle with baby elephants and observe rare species of giraffes in this fun and exciting animal tour to The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Giraffe Center. Start your tour with pickup from your accommodation in Nairobi and head to the The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which is only open from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Meet baby and teenage elephants and hear the moving stories of how they arrived at the trust.  Next, you will be driven to the Giraffe Center where you will learn more about the conservation efforts to protect endangered species like the Rothschild’s giraffe. Feed and take pictures with the giraffes. Discover the beautiful artwork at the Kazuri Beads factory. See how the pottery company makes these beads and hear about the mother’s that work there.

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Ben Rich is a very good guide. Open, interested and talkative. The excursion was very informative and entertaining. The museum visits (Nairobi National Museum and Railway Museum) are OK, but the explanations are very detailed. Visiting the market requires a lot of stamina, because everyone wants to sell something (“only look, give two minutes for my shop”). A highlight was the viewing platform on the old congress building. The trip was well worth it!

Ben and his driver, Eric, went out of their way to show us the highlights of Nairobi. The museum and snake park were very interesting. Our guide in the snake park provided a "hands on" experience. The view from the roof of the conference center was great. We did the tour on a Sunday afternoon, so most of the market stalls were closed.

An incredible private tour on our first day of our trip to Kenya. We had a private tour with Isaac who went out of his way to consistently ensure we saw as many animals as possible, with the best views - even getting us within 10 metres of a male lion, with no other cars around. Cannot recommend enough!

It was a really good experience. The guide was kind and professional. We learned a lot things about Nairobi as we walked around with him. He also helped us buy souvenirs when we were at the city market.

The city tour was very interesting and the guide, Ben, really nice!