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Surfing Lesson with Sea Wolf

2. Surfing Lesson with Sea Wolf

Unleash Your Inner Surfer at Sea Wolf Surf Hostel! Have you ever dreamt of conquering the majestic ocean waves? At Sea Wolf Surf Hostel, we turn those dreams into reality with our unforgettable surf lessons. Why Opt for Our Surf Lessons? Expert Instructors: Our dedicated instructors are not just passionate surfers; they're seasoned pros. They'll ensure you learn the ropes swiftly and safely. Top-Notch Gear: We provide cutting-edge surfboards and premium-quality wetsuits, guaranteeing you the best equipment for an exceptional experience. Paradise on Earth: Nestled in a coastal haven at Rua Amaro Coelho 47, Barra da Lagoa, Florianópolis, our location boasts breathtaking beaches and waves that are tailor-made for surf enthusiasts. Tailored Experience: Whether you're a novice looking to catch your first wave or a seasoned pro seeking to refine your skills, our lessons are personalized to your skill level. A Surfing Family: At Sea Wolf Surf Hostel, you won't just ride waves; you'll become part of a close-knit surfing community. Forge new friendships and share the stoke with like-minded surfers. Safety First: Your safety is paramount to us. Our instructors are well-versed in aquatic first aid, and we take every precaution to ensure your surf adventure is both secure and exhilarating. Flexible Packages: We offer a range of lesson packages to cater to your needs and budget, whether you're traveling solo or with a group of friends. What's Included: Surfboard Wetsuit What to Bring: Sunscreen Embark on a Life-Changing Adventure! Our surf lessons at Sea Wolf Surf Hostel aren't just about having fun; they're about creating unforgettable memories. Imagine yourself catching that perfect wave in a laid-back, friendly environment. Join us at Sea Wolf Surf Hostel and kickstart your surfing journey today! Reserve your surf lessons now and prepare to ride the waves like never before. The ocean is calling, and we're here to make your surf dreams come true! Get in touch with us today for more information and bookings. Come surf with us at Sea Wolf Surf Hostel and discover the joy of surfing in the most epic way possible!

eSIM Brazil :Internet Data Plan high-speed 4G/5G

3. eSIM Brazil :Internet Data Plan high-speed 4G/5G

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4. Brazil e-SIM

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City Tour Florianópolis

5. City Tour Florianópolis

Explore Florianópolis, famously known as Floripa, on a comprehensive tour from its northern to southern ends, uncovering a myriad of tourist attractions. Our journey commences at the heart of the city. Delve into the stunning vistas from the viewpoint of the Hercilio Luz Bridge, one of the world's largest suspension bridges, a marvel that connected the city to the State of Santa Catarina in 1926. Admire the beautifully restored Largo da Alfândega, now a city landmark, and explore the Metropolitan Cathedral, a repository of sacred art including renowned works by Demetz Groeden, notably the exquisite sculpture "Escape to Egypt". Proceed to Praça 15 de Novembro, housing historic monuments like the tribute to heroes fallen in the Paraguayan War and iconic trees such as the Centennial Fig Tree. Our journey culminates at the Palácio Cruz e Sousa, presently the Historical Museum of Santa Catarina, which once served as the State Government Palace, hosting visits from emperors Dom Pedro I and Dom Pedro II. Moving eastward, we'll arrive at the captivating Lagoa da Conceição, a prime tourist attraction boasting the largest lagoon in Floripa, surrounded by mountains, dunes, and beaches. Explore the world-renowned Joaquina Beach, frequented by avid surfers for its formidable waves, and Praia Mole, renowned for its emerald waters and pristine cleanliness. Savor lunch at Barra da Lagoa, a bustling hub of fishermen and a bastion of rich local culture. Afterward, we venture to the Projeto Tamar. Here, embark on a guided tour to encounter myriad species of sea turtles, offering opportunities to feed them and witness their graceful return to the sea. With interactive spaces for children, it's an ideal family excursion (Please note, the Tamar Project ticket is not included). Our journey culminates in the northern realms of Florianópolis. We'll explore Praia dos Ingleses, known for its superb infrastructure, making it an ideal destination for tourists. Cool off in the tranquil waters of the Balneário de Jurerê, perfect for a refreshing dip. Next, we'll visit the fort of São José da Ponta Grossa, constructed in 1740 and listed as a National Historical and Artistic Heritage site. Immerse yourself in photographic exhibitions, historic edifices, archaeological excavations, a quaint chapel, and the local water source. Finally, we'll conclude our journey at Canasvieiras, a beloved beach famed for its calm waters, attracting a multitude of visitors.

Bike Tour in Florianopolis - Sunset, Photography and Snacks

6. Bike Tour in Florianopolis - Sunset, Photography and Snacks

This is an opportunity not just to see the Island of Santa Catarina but to feel it and taste it! We will meet at Bike To Go, a Bike rental shop. I will help you set up your bike and give you general instructions. Once on our bikes, we will get to know the geography and history of the central region of Florianópolis. The 22 kilometers of the route are almost entirely on cycle routes and it is quite flat, with a total elevation of only 137 meters. The path is easy and safe, even more so when traveled in a group and guided by a professional. You can also chose an electrix bike for an extra price. We will make 6 stops along the way for geographic and historical contextualization and to take photos which I will send you by the end of the tour. At any time participants can interact with me and ask questions. At the end of the tour, in Bar do Ori, we can have a beer and try the city's best meatball sandwiches. There I am available to recommend the best bars, cafes, restaurants, beaches, trails, museums and the many attractions of Florianopolis.

Florianopolis: Walking Tour with Local Bar Hop

7. Florianopolis: Walking Tour with Local Bar Hop

I will guide you around the city interpreting its history and monuments. We will have a short break at the Public Market so you can try Brazilian snacks such as pastel, coxinha and sugar cane juice. In the end, I will take you to small vintage bars so you can experience the Brazilian 'happiest hour' with the locals! Walking Tour - The narrative starts with the first human settlers to inhabit the Island and travels through the XVII century with the arrival of the first Portuguese permanent settlers, followed by the Afro-Brazilian History and reaches up to 2023, when people from all over the world are welcomed by the Brazilian warm hearts and souls in their houses, streets and bars. Our walk normally lasts for around 2 hours. Snacks* - The Public Market** has the best and most traditional Brazilian snacks and drinks such as pastel, coxinha and sugar cane juice. It is also the perfect spot to buy souvenirs. * Snacks and drinks are not included. **At night some shops may be closed. Local Bar Hop - The secret Floripa night life is all about small vintage bars with all kinds of music and local beers and it takes up the narrow streets of the city center. Doubts? Write me!

Florianópolis: Tropical Island Panoramic Tour

8. Florianópolis: Tropical Island Panoramic Tour

This city tour takes you to the south of Santa Catarina Island, which is part of Florianópolis city, visiting the top 5 must-see views. Starting at your hotel, you will visit the following locations: 1. Parque Natural Municipal do Morro da Cruz: this park is a natural reserve where you'll experience walking througout a small sample of a rain forest, with a surprising view at the end of the small track which is 140m long. 2. Mirante do Morro da Lagoa da Conceição: you will be amazed by the view from this belvedere. 3. Mirante do Morro das Pedras: facing the Atlantic Ocean, this is a whale watching point (whale season is from July to November). 4. Lagoa do Peri: a lagoon with sweet and warm water, surrounded by rich vegetation where birds and other animals can be observed. 5. Ponta das Campanhas: it is a natural belvedere between the beaches of Armação and Matadeiro. The rocks form natural swimming pools where you can enjoy yourself, specially with children.

Florianópolis: Guarda do Embau Day Trip with Pickup

9. Florianópolis: Guarda do Embau Day Trip with Pickup

Explore a hidden paradise within Florianópolis - Guarda do Embaú. Nestled within the Serra do Tabuleiro State Park in Santa Catarina, this gem offers a haven for relaxation and immersion in nature. Discover awe-inspiring beaches set amidst the native Atlantic Forest. Recognized as Brazil's inaugural World Surfing Reserve, Guarda do Embaú boasts a quaint fishing community and the meandering Rio Madre, which intersects the beach. This river crossing to reach the sandy shores unveils a breathtaking convergence of river and sea. For those seeking a maritime adventure, boat rentals are available to explore the waters of one of Brazil's ten most beautiful beaches. If hiking is more your style, embark on a 30-minute ascent into the park leading to Pedra do Urubu, offering panoramic vistas of Enseada da Pinheira and Garopaba, neighboring beaches that add to Guarda do Embaú's captivating charm.

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Mr.Isaac was warm and friendly. He plans the entire tour to the dot. He is a passionate biker and takes time to guide us through the process. The route selected for the bike tour is both historic and beautiful. Never felt like biking so many kilometers beacuse of the frequent stops explaining the importance of the place. The banana toffies he offers are not to be missed. Timing if the biking tour us also ideal for the ride. All in all a good experience to have while in floripa.

It’s very clear Isaac is a professional when it comes to becoming a tour guide as the route of the trip was perfect, the pace was perfect for all fitness levels and he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the history of Floripa.

Hello, the island is very beautiful, the panoramas, but the guide went around a lot, he also spoke everything in Portuguese, zero Spanish, so we understood little, we had to ask other tourists to please tell us what he spoke.

Good coverage, never faced a problem. Easy to install with the good QR code. Really convenient for a tourist for Google maps or applications. Because there is plenty of data.