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Erfurt: Old Town Guided Walking Tour

1. Erfurt: Old Town Guided Walking Tour

Step into the past on this guided walking tour of the 1,270-year-old city of Erfurt's Old Town. Pass through the old quarter and pass by the Merchants’ Bridge, the 19th-century Town Hall, the University District, and townhouses that are steeped in tradition.  Meet your guide at the Denkmal Eulenspiegel sculpture and begin your walking tour. Admire the outside of the Cathedral of St. Mary with its 500-year-old "Gloriosa" bell, which is famous throughout the world for the beauty of its tone. Follow your guide down streets lined with wealthy patrician townhouses, half-timbered buildings, and a great many churches, which together make it a veritable picture-book of German history. End your guided walk with a deeper appreciation for the town, its architecture, and its history. 

Night Watchman Tour through Quedlinburg

2. Night Watchman Tour through Quedlinburg

Experience Quedlinburg's rich history up close and immerse yourself in the medieval half-timbered streets with one of our traditionally dressed city guides. Be fascinated by the stories and personalities of bygone times and enjoy the mystical atmosphere in the winding half-timbered streets. As you stroll through the city's charming, illuminated streets, you'll hear stories and anecdotes from times gone by. Your city guide will report up close about medieval life, the conflicts and challenges of this time. At the end of this tour, you will better understand Quedlinburg's rich history and culture and retain one of Germany's oldest cities with captivating impressions and memories.

Quedlinburg: Guided City Walk - Highlights tour

3. Quedlinburg: Guided City Walk - Highlights tour

Explore the unique world heritage in Quedlinburg. Our guide shows the most beautiful places in our historic old town and around castle hill. You'll experience and learn about 1.100 years of history. This two hour tour gives an perfect insight in Quedlinburgs rich history, our most famous buildings including town hall, churches and an selection of more than 2.000 timber framed houses. You'll start with our guide right in front of the tourist information centre on market square. Castle hill right next to our collegiate church is the end of the tour and you have the opportunity to visit our most famous sight.

Quedlinburg UNESCO World Heritage (the old town tour)

4. Quedlinburg UNESCO World Heritage (the old town tour)

Immerse yourself in the unique World Heritage Site in Quedlinburg. Our expert guide leads you through the picturesque historic old town and the surrounding area of the majestic Schlossberg. During the tour you dive up close in over 1,100 years of history. This fascinating excursion offers you a comprehensive insight into the impressive history of Quedlinburg. We visit the striking landmarks such as the imposing town hall, the historical churches, the picturesque medieval alleys, the impressive half -timbered houses and much more. The tour begins right in front of the friendly city information at the picturesque market square. The highlight of the trip is the Schlossberg on which our imposing collegiate church is located.

Evening Walking Tour wtih the nights watchmen and many more

5. Evening Walking Tour wtih the nights watchmen and many more

Embark on an evening journey into medieval times on a walking tour of Quedlinburg's Old Town. Hear stories about the nights watchmen's safety rounds and the Stiftshauptmann's tough job defending the ladies convenant on castle hill, among other famous local stories. Walk along Quedlinburg's historical streets and watch as the town lights come to life. Listen to your guide, dressed up as a historical figure, recount tales about the important role nights watchmen played defending the town's inhabitants from fire and general safety. Continue your Old Town journey listening to the story of the town's famous midwife, Mutter Griebsch, as you pass by medieval houses. Olden times weren't always peaceful, as your guide recounts tales of conflict between the town's past inhabitants. Leave your tour full of rich, cultural stories of one of Germany's oldest towns.

Erfurt: Old Town Highlights Self-guided Walk

6. Erfurt: Old Town Highlights Self-guided Walk

Let the capital of Thuringia invite you for a walk in its picturesque old town. Visit the impressive Gothic cathedral of St. Mary, also known as Erfurt Cathedral, the unique Krämerbrücke, a medieval bridge lined with numerous shops and cafés and a landmark of the city, and many other iconic building on this old town walk. But it's also the many little details along the way that make Erfurt so exciting: The Sandman and Käptn Blaubär, the house of the wild man, the Mikwe, the Hosenkraatsch, the Kraultier, the "boozing boys" and much more. You will get background infos, surprising and exciting facts, solve entertaining quiz questions on current and historical events, while strolling through the small alleys. The tour starts at the main station and takes you on a 3.5 km route through the city. The tour is a great way to get outside and discover new things with family, friends or on your own. It's like being shown Erfurt by a good friend. Many anecdotes will enrich your walk through the city. You can start the tour at any time and as often as you like in the browser of a smartphone. On site or even from the comfort of your sofa. Enjoy your time in Erfurt! *** Good to know *** You will receive the link to start the tour in an email directly after booking.

Magdeburg: Escape Tour - Self-Guided Citygame

7. Magdeburg: Escape Tour - Self-Guided Citygame

King Otto I of Magdeburg hears that his brother Henry plans to attack him. Hendrik is on his way to the city with hundreds of rebels and Otto gathers his army to defend the city. Meanwhile, Otto wants to flee the city with his beloved. Will you help Otto finding the secret exit of Magdeburg? Choose your starting time with your teammates, beginning at anytime day or night. Make your way across the city, checking off tasks to find all the clues you need to reach the secret passage. As you search for clues, marvel at the beautiful sights of the town. Walk past the Magdeburg Cathedral, wander through the lovely streets and keep an eye out for the many historic buildings in the city center. Work quickly, and you and your team could set the record for the fastest tour. Good luck!

Eisenach: Self-guided Old Town Walk without Night watchman

8. Eisenach: Self-guided Old Town Walk without Night watchman

This tour is only available in German. The special magic of Lutherstadt Eisenach is often overlooked during the day. This tour therefore takes you on a walk that is best done in the evening to discover the world of lights and shadows in Eisenach. Just like with a night watchman, only without. The city's alleys around the old market square also hold many secrets that are waiting to be discovered. The tour lets you experience Eisenach and all its exciting stories up close. At the tour stops, there are entertaining tasks to solve and exciting questions to answer. Who knows, for example, what Luther's famous apple tree is really all about? Find out today! The tour is a great way to get outside and discover new things with family, friends or on your own. It's like being shown Eisenach by a good friend. The tour can be started anytime and over and over again, on site or from home, in the browser of a smartphone. Have fun in Eisenach! *** Good to know *** You will receive the link to start the tour in an email directly after booking.

Magdeburg: Murder Crime Game Self-Guided Interactive Tour

9. Magdeburg: Murder Crime Game Self-Guided Interactive Tour

Solve a murder and at the same time see all the highlights of the city center of Magdeburg. Play this unique game with a group of friends or your family. You will receive instructions, a photo frame and an answer form in advance via email. You'll also receive a map of the city where the murder took place. The center is divided into sections where you have to look for a location where you can take a group selfie. Once you've located the spot, send a selfie via WhatsApp to your game instructor. If the location's correct, they'll send you the next clue about the murder. As you walk along the nicest places in the centre of the city, you will collect more and more clues about the murder. These clues will then need to be combined to find out... ... who was the murderer? ... who was the victim? ... where did the crime take place? ... when did it happen? ... what was the murder weapon? During the game you will have enough time to enter a cafe or shop that you pass and to admire some of the highlights of Magdeburg.

Schkeuditz: 4-Hour Vintage East German Trabant Rental

10. Schkeuditz: 4-Hour Vintage East German Trabant Rental

Rent a Trabant in Schkeuditz and enjoy a different kind of driving experience as you explore Leipzig and the surrounding area. Discover the city at your own pace, visiting the sights and nearby towns of your choosing with 4 hours to explore. The Trabant was the most popular vehicle in East Germany and was to the East what the VW Beetle was to the West. Today, it has become one of the most recognizable symbols of the former GDR. Start with a brief introduction to this vintage vehicle and learn about its features before setting out to explore. Head to Leipzig to visit one of the city's many museums or the Leipzig Zoo, or drive to nearby towns like Halle, Merseburg, or Machern. And if you're in the mood for something different, head south of the city and spend some time at one of the nearby lakes. You're free to drive wherever your vintage Trabant will take you and different drivers can take the wheel throughout the tour as well. At the end of your Trabi rental period, return your vehicle back to Schkeuditz.



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I just did this tour about a week ago in January 2024 and although Wittenberg is a little out of the way from the normal tourist spots in Germany it is very well worth the trek. My tour guide took me on a two-hour walking tour of Luther's Wittenberg home, a brand new Luther museum featuring a UNESCO-protected undelivered letter written by Luther to Charles V and Luther's actual pulpit, and of course All Saints' Church. The tour is capped off by seeing the Ninety-Five Theses on the famous doors of All Saints' Church and Luther's burial spot inside the church. This is a must-do trip for lovers of history!

One of the best city tours I've done. An enthusiastic woman from Quedlinburg took us on a tour of the old town, got us carried away and answered questions before we could ask them. Through Ms. H.'s tour, I saw the city again with completely different eyes. Really amazing!

Unfortunately it rained and was very cold. But the city guide told everything in an interesting way without overwhelming us with data. 😀

Very good 😀. Informative with tips on what you can also see more intensively after the city tour.

It was a very interesting tour. The city guide imparted knowledge in a sometimes funny way.