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Tokyo: Tsukiji Outer Market Food and Drink Walking Tour

1. Tokyo: Tsukiji Outer Market Food and Drink Walking Tour

Explore the famous outer area of the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo on a guided tour. Learn about the culinary culture of Tokyo and what the top chefs do on their daily visits to the market. Enjoy a variety of traditional Japanese foods as you explore the market. After meeting your guide, begin your day eating and shopping like a local outside Tokyo's famous Tsukiji Market. Discover why so many of Japan's top chefs visit here daily to pick up the freshest ingredients. Navigate your way through the maze of seafood and learn from your guide about the market's history. Stroll past the many stalls and discover local Japanese foods. Watch as vendors carve massive bluefin tuna. Head to the vibrant stores selling the best quality foods at the outer market. Eat a variety of local foods, ranging from finger foods to delicacies. Learn from your knowledgeable guide the tips about local culinary culture. End the tour at an authentic sushi restaurant with a serving of fresh sushi before heading back to Tsukiji Station.

Tokyo: Japanese Car Culture Daikoku Car Meet

2. Tokyo: Japanese Car Culture Daikoku Car Meet

We offer immersive experiences that take you beyond conventional tourism. From exploring numerous car meeting points to stepping foot in Japan's largest automotive shop and interacting with seasoned Japanese drivers, we provide the unique thrill of sitting in your dream car. Our tours are designed to give you an authentic taste of Japan's captivating car culture. Our Tours Not just for car enthusiasts, our tours combine car culture exploration with sightseeing of Tokyo's iconic landmarks - Tokyo Tower, Skytree, Rainbow Bridge, Shinjuku and Shibuya. We believe in diverse experiences, hence our tours make for a memorable trip even for those who are just starting to explore car culture. Plus, we offer convenient drop-off services from and to your hotel.

Tokyo: Sumo Tour with Premium Sumo Tournament Ticket

3. Tokyo: Sumo Tour with Premium Sumo Tournament Ticket

Welcome to the sacred place of Sumo, Ryogoku. Sumo match has been held in Ryogoku since early Edo period, which is about 400 years ago. Therefore, a city of Ryogoku has strong historical connection with Sumo, and most importantly, there is Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo hall where the grand sumo tournament is held 3 times a year. In this tour, a local guide will take you some historical places of Sumo and share the basic knowledge and fun facts of Sumo to enjoy the Sumo tournament fully. Sumo has a long history and is mentioned in ancient myths featuring Japanese gods. From there, it developed into a Shinto ritual for the nobility and was favored by samurai as a form of training. In the Edo period (1603-1867), sumo became a big entertainment loved by the common people. However, sumo has a long history and because of its strong traditions and customs, there are many rules and cultures that are difficult to enjoy if you don't know them. In this tour, you will visit the Ryogoku Kokugikan directly after the tour, so before going, our guide will explain the history of sumo while walking through the streets of Ryogoku, tipping you to enjoy watching sumo more. First of all, this tour is for people who would like to enjoy Sumo tournament fully and includes S-ranked 2nd-floor Sumo ticket, offering an exceptionally exclusive experience, typically reserved only for citizens of Japan. Through this tour, we walk around a city of Ryogoku, a sacred place for sumo, and will take you to several places where our guide give you cultural and historical tips to enjoy the Sumo tournament at last. We will start explaining with the basic rules of sumo and the relationship between Ryogoku and sumo. Afterwards, we will share more and more by walking through the town. After walking around Ryogoku city, we will take you to a restaurant where you can eat chanko-nabe, the traditional meal eaten by sumo wrestlers to build their huge and strong bodies. The restaurant is also decorated with equipment worn by sumo wrestlers, and by eating the same lunch as the wrestlers, you will understand the secret of their strength. During lunch, our guide will give you some quizes about what you should know in order to enjoy the Sumo match more deeply. After enjoying chanko-nabe hotpot, we will walk around Ryogoku a little more. We will stop at a sumo souvenir store and a Japanese sweets store, both of which are only available here, and then head to the Ryogoku Kokugikan. This is the time when the higher-ranked rikishi enter the Ryogoku Kokugikan, so if you are lucky, you may be able to see them up close. We have prepared premium tickets for you in the S seats on the second floor, which is located at the first three rows from the front. Once you are here, all you have to do is to enjoy the sumo match as much as you want based on the knowledge you have gained from the tour!

Tokyo: Sumo Morning Practice Tour at Sumida City

4. Tokyo: Sumo Morning Practice Tour at Sumida City

Experience the incredible dedication of Japan's talented sumo wrestlers as they undergo rigorous training within close proximity to you, providing an unrivaled opportunity to witness this ancient sport. After the morning practice concludes, there is even a possibility to capture a memorable photograph alongside the sumo wrestlers. Ensure you don't let this distinctive occasion slip by, as it allows you to fully engage yourself in the mesmerizing realm of sumo.

Tokyo: Tsukiji Fish Market Seafood and Sightseeing Tour

5. Tokyo: Tsukiji Fish Market Seafood and Sightseeing Tour

Learn more about Japanese views on religion on this tour, as well as getting a thorough introduction to the country's best seafood dishes at Tsukiji Market. After meeting your guide, head to a 300-year-old Buddhist temple and learn more about Japanese worship traditions.  Next, head to Tsukiji Market, the cradle of seafood in Tokyo, and the place where famous sushi chefs buy their seafood every morning. Soak up the lively atmosphere of this revered location as you wander around the various stalls. Feel free to sample some dishes from street food vendors and ask your guide for recommendations. Before lunch, pay a visit to the market's observatory and witness all the hustle and bustle from above. Finish your tour with a delicious seafood lunch. Sit down to a yummy donburi bowl at a seafood restaurant. Vegetarian options are available as well. Sip on a glass of Japanese beer or sake with your finger food or seafood bowl. This is one of the Japanese' favorite ways to enjoy Tsukiji—a cold beer with excellent seafood.

Tokyo Bar-Hopping Tour

6. Tokyo Bar-Hopping Tour

Start your 3-hour bar-hopping tour in Shinjuku’s Yakitori Alley, one of Tokyo's biggest nightlife districts. See tiny izakaya bars and food stalls offering grilled chicken, seafood and vegetables. During the tour, you'll be bar hopping throughout the city. Experience the backstreets of Tokyo and enjoy authentic street food like yakitori (chicken skewers), motsuni (Japanese stew) and grilled vegetables, along with local beer and Japanese sake. Head to the Kabukicho area and stop at 2 more bars. Visit the bright and lively food alleys in Shinjuku. Unknown to most visitors, this area is popular with local office workers, drinking in tiny bars with their colleagues after work.

From Tokyo: Kamakura and Enoshima 1-Day Bus Tour

7. From Tokyo: Kamakura and Enoshima 1-Day Bus Tour

Get on the bus from one of the several departure locations in central Tokyo (shuttle bus service) and head towards Japan’s former capital city between the 12th and 14th-century: Kamakura. Start the tour of this coastal town by walking along the famous Wakamiya street towards Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine, Kamakura's most important Shinto shrine. If you still have some time after the visit, have a look around the nearby Komachi Street, a popular shopping street where you can enjoy local seafood, snacks and souvenirs. Next up is a visit of Hase-dera (Hase temple), home to the famous eleven-headed statue of Kannon the Goddess of Mercy, which is considered one of the biggest wooden statues in Japan. The scenic view from the observation platform on the upper ground is recognized as one of the most picturesque spots in Kamakura. Moving on from Hase Temple, walk to one of the most iconic places in Kamakura, the Kotoku Temple with its huge bronze statue of Buddha, designated a National Treasure by the Japanese government. The statue is 11.3-meters tall and weighs around 121 tons. The last stop of the tour is Enoshima, a small island located west of Kamakura. Many Shrine buildings can be found around the island and are dedicated to Benten, a popular goddess of good fortune, wealth, music and knowledge. On clear days you can also enjoy stunning views of Mt. Fuji from the island!

Tokyo: Private Personalized Local Food Tour

8. Tokyo: Private Personalized Local Food Tour

Uncover Tokyo's best-kept culinary secrets with our tailored 3-hour food tour! While most tours trap you in tourist-filled eateries, we immerse you in authentic local spots where Tokyoites relish their meals. Experience Asakusa, a blend of tradition and modernity. Navigate the neighborhood's inviting alleyways brimming with locally-loved izakaya. Relish in the nostalgic atmosphere while savoring dishes like “monjayaki”, a runny pancake beloved by locals, and a refreshing hoppy. Or venture to Nakano. Famed for its otaku culture, it's also a culinary hotspot, home to diverse izakayas serving various dishes. Savor mouth-watering “tsukune” (chicken meatballs), delicate tofu with bonito flakes, and much more. If you're craving a truly off-the-beaten-path experience, Kichijoji awaits. A favorite among Tokyoites for its relaxed vibe, you'll find a range of inviting izakaya offering local specialties like yakitori and seasonal dishes. On this culinary journey, you'll taste 8-10 unique foods and drinks at 2-3 handpicked izakaya. But remember, this isn't a one-size-fits-all tour. This is your gastronomic adventure, customized to satiate your taste buds. You won't find cookie-cutter tourist traps here; we're all about genuine flavors and local haunts. Are you ready to eat and drink like a local in Tokyo?

Tokyo: Night Foodie Tour in Shinjuku

9. Tokyo: Night Foodie Tour in Shinjuku

⚫︎Try the classic Japanese food, Omakase Sushi at the hidden Sushi restaurant in Shinjuku! Once you meet your guide, our culinary journey begins at an authentic sushi haven. Here, you can opt for the Omakase style(the chef's choices), entrusting the seasoned sushi chef to serve you the season's finest creations. Navigating Shinjuku's bustling streets, filled with people, restaurants, accommodations, and attractions, finding an authentic Japanese eatery can be a challenge, even for locals. That's where our expert local guide steps in, making it effortless for you to savor must-try Japanese cuisine while exploring the vibrant, ever-awake Shinjuku district. ⚫︎It's time to taste Japanese meat culture called Wagyu beef! Having relished Japan's sushi culture, prepare to savor the zenith of Japanese meat culture: Wagyu beef yakiniku. This authentic Japanese BBQ style involves grilling thinly sliced raw meat to perfection and savoring it on your own. Our guide will expertly guide you through the art of cooking and indulging in Wagyu beef, providing a deep and delicious experience. ⚫︎Let's end the tour with Japanese unique dessert or alcohol drink Following your delightful journey through Japanese sushi and yakiniku culture, we'll lead you to a charming eatery for a sweet finale or refreshing drinks. (For families with children, we'll choose a Japanese snack restaurant.) It's the perfect way to wrap up your adventure, relishing a uniquely Japanese dessert or drinks in the vibrant ambiance of Shinjuku's Kabuki-cho red-light district!

Tokyo: Mt. Fuji, Oshino Hakkai & Outlets or Hot Spring Tour

10. Tokyo: Mt. Fuji, Oshino Hakkai & Outlets or Hot Spring Tour

★Kindly understand that the itinerary schedule may be adjusted according to weather, road conditions and other reasons. 8:00 Start your beautiful journey. 10:30 Yamanashi ▼Mount Fuji fifth station(about 40 minutes) This is the itinerary from April 26 to November 30 of the same year. 【Mt.Fuji 5th station】Located on the halfway of Mount Fuji, with an elevation of 2305 meters,it is the highest mountain in Japan, which is different from far and near.Looking up at the top of the mountain from the closest distance to Mount Fuji, you can feel the majestic beauty.When the weather is clear and cloudless, you can overlook the surrounding scenery, Kawaguchi Lake, etc.... When the clouds are shrouded in mist, you can overlook the beautiful sea of clouds. ▼Internet popular attraction - Arakurayama Sengen Park - Great location for a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji (about 90 minutes)This is the itinerary from December 1st to April 25th of the following year. New Internet popular attraction. It is known as one of the "21 places photographers all over the world must visit before they die" which is a great location for a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji. Climbing up the 397 steps near the main hall, you will see the five-story "Chureito Pagoda". Here you can take a full picture of "the five-story pagoda & Mt. Fuji & the street scene under the mountain". 12:00 Yamanashi ▼Taste sweet and clear spring at Oshino Hakkai which is at the foot of Mount Fuji.(about 1 hour) 【Oshino Hakkai】(about 1 hour)The so-called "Oshino Hakkai" are actually eight clear springs formed by the snow water of Mount Fuji flowing through the strata. Oshino Hakkai is famous for its beautiful natural environment. Integrated with the beautiful Mount Fuji, the pools and waters are shimmering.Oshino Hakkai is a nationally designated natural monument. 14:00 Yamanashi Outlets shopping OR Take a hot spring bath itinerary Pick one ▼Gotemba Premium Outlets (about 3 hours) Gotemba Premium Outlets is a shopping mall with a panoramic view of Mount Fuji. There are many famous Japanese brand franchise stores here. Luxury brands such as Gucci and Prada have a complete range of styles and lower prices. This place is where you can not miss. ※You can choose to get off the bus and stop at the outlets, or you can go to the next attraction: experience the hot spring bath. ▼Day-use hot spring bathing experience(about 3 hours)Not going to Outlets If you choose a hot spring bath, we provide a pick-up service, and you will be sent to the hot spring bath of"Konohananoyu" ,newly opened at the end of 2019. The name of the hot spring comes from the goddess "Konohananosakuya-Hime"enshrined in Mount Fuji and Fuji Sengen Taisha Shrine. The hot spring has an overwhelming view of Mt. Fuji and the high-quality hot spring from its own source. You can enjoy a large open-air bath while looking at Mt. Fuji. Reference for bathing fees: JP¥1,600 on weekdays, JP¥1,900 on weekends. ▼17:00 Return to Tokyo (About 1.5 hours to 2 hours)

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The start to our family's visit to Tokyo was made perfect by the time we spent with our guide, Suzuki-san. He gave us a thorough introduction to the old (e.g., Senso-ji, Meiji Jingu) and the new (e.g., Tsukiji Market, Harajuku) of the great city of Tokyo. He was, of course, very knowledgeable about his city; but beyond this, he was organized, friendly, and efficient - we definitely got the most "bang for our buck" as possible. In addition, he helped us learn the world class, but potentially overwhelming, Tokyo subway/train system, and helped us learn about the value of the ever-useful Pasmo card (possibly the most important thing to get when visiting Tokyo - seemingly accepted everywhere as payment, not just the public transportation). We toured ourselves around this magnificent city for the next few days - but our experience would not have been nearly as excellent without meeting Suzuki-san, who is a perfect ambassador for this great city.

The guided walk we booked with Lokafy was really excellent. Our guide for three hours in Tokyo was Romana and we really enjoyed our time with her. She collected us at our hotel, took us around our local area for a short time then we headed by metro to another area of the city. She showed us some great places in our time together. Some places were with a view to us spending some further time there after our tour with her. This was a great introduction to a new city. It was a very different experience from a group walking tour but was more enjoyable. I would recommend Lokafy as an organisation and will use them again on future trips. If you use them in Tokyo, ask for Romana as she is a great guide.

Our guide A was beyond exceptional! We just loved her. She is kind, generous, helped us to navigate a complex ticket purchase that had stumped us (which was not easy), and took us all over Tokyo in a day. An also took us to the most delicious sushi lunch I’ve ever had. This was a ten-star tour thanks to a top-notch and friendly guide. Thank you so much for everything An!! From Zoila, Tyler, and Luke

Absolutely loved every minute of our food tour. Michie made us feel very welcome and gave an amazing insight into the street food around Shibuya. We learnt the history behind multiple foods, as well as learning lots about the Culture of Japan in it’s whole. We couldn’t recommend this experience enough. Thank you so much Michie for the amazing evening! Zakk and Sam :)

We had a street food tour with Haruka and Laura and it was outstanding. We loved the food we ate, learning about the history and customs, and seeing various spots! It was one of our favorite parts of our trip and our guides were extremely friendly and gracious. Definitely recommend!!!