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Tortuguero: Canoe tour in Tortuguero National Park

1. Tortuguero: Canoe tour in Tortuguero National Park

On this tour we will enter the Amazon of Costa Rica, which is the channels of the Tortuguero National Park, where we will observe unique species of animals such as alligators, sloths, manatees, monkeys, herons, yacanas among many more, all this in one contact and impressive distance, the tour lasts approximately 2 hours, very spectacular and guaranteed to be to your liking. Everything is done in the way in which the locals in Tortuguero moved, in what is a canoe which is very safe and allows for closer contact with the animals.

From San Jose: 3-Day Tortuguero National Park Excursion

2. From San Jose: 3-Day Tortuguero National Park Excursion

Explore the protected Tortuguero National Park in the Limón Province, reachable only by airplane or boat. Take in the wealth of biodiversity in its eleven different habitats, including rainforest, mangrove forests, swamps, beaches, and lagoons. Trip itinerary: Day 1: After an early morning hotel pickup, admire the biodiversity of a primary forest through the window as you drive past Braulio Carrillo National Park. Sample a delicious Costa Rican breakfast during the drive. Mid-morning, board a comfortable boat and travel along the Tortuguero Canals. Be enchanted by the surrounding paradise and its varied flora and fauna. Then, enjoy a refreshing cocktail and a delicious lunch at the hotel. After lunch, tour the canals and take incredible photos for the rest of the afternoon. Arrive at Pachira Lodge (or similar) for a delightful dinner and a restful night's sleep. Day 2: Discover the flavors of Costa Rica with breakfast at the Lodge. Then, hike along the Lodge's private trail and work up an appetite for lunch. After lunch at the Lodge, visit the Sea Turtle Museum, the beach, and the picturesque village of Tortuguero. In the evening, enjoy dinner at the Lodge again. Day 3: After breakfast at the Lodge, head back to San José, stopping for lunch at El Ceibo in Guápiles on the way. Arrive back in San José in the afternoon.

Tortuguero canals boat trip & Maratopia tropical garden Tour

3. Tortuguero canals boat trip & Maratopia tropical garden Tour

We will pick you up directly in front of the Puerto Limón port with a microbus or car and take you to two of the most popular excursion destinations in Puerto Limón. First, we will visit Maratopia, the tropical garden with hundreds of giant blue butterflies and tropical plants. Often, in the adjacent fruit plantation, you can also spot sloths, iguanas, owls, toucans, and more. On the Tortuguero Canal, you will experience the free and wild nature of Costa Rica during a one-hour boat ride. With a bit of luck, you might see various types of animals that Costa Rica has to offer, including crocodiles, monkeys, sloths, birds, and more. Keep your camera ready to capture many unique moments. if you arrive by cruise ship, don't worry about the starting time. your tour will start as soon your ship arrives and you are getting off the ship. your driver will keep an eye on the time to ensure you return to the ship on time. So, welcome to our colorful and wildlife-rich tour in a relaxed environment.

Tortuguero: Night Wildlife Spotting and Jungle Walk Tour

4. Tortuguero: Night Wildlife Spotting and Jungle Walk Tour

Go and explore a very pleasant experience on this night tour, enjoy the night life of the animals in Tortuguero, on this tour you will be able to observe animals such as: snakes, sloths, frogs, anteaters, birds, foxes among others. You will also observe a variety of plants and trees that are more than 400 years old, which makes the tour very dynamic since it is diverse in flora and fauna, also emphasizing that all the animals are in their natural habitat, this makes the experience very pleasant. healthy and responsible without altering its ecosystem.

Tortuguero: Canoe Tour and Wildlife Spotting

5. Tortuguero: Canoe Tour and Wildlife Spotting

Enjoy an ecological experience with a canoe tour in Tortuguero National Park. Paddle through the park's small canals and spot wildlife with the help of a guide. Enjoy the sounds of the tropical rainforest and feel the peace of nature. Admire the wonderful views through the navigable network of canals. Get away from daily life and its stress, and discover the mystic secrets of the rainforest. Take pictures of the giant trees of the rainforest and the plants that cover them. Learn about the natural history of the flora and fauna of Tortuguero from your guide. Spot plants, trees, insects, lizards like the famous Jesus Christ, iguanas, birds like herons and toucans, monkeys, sloths, and caimans.

Tortuguero: Day walk in Tortuguero National Park

6. Tortuguero: Day walk in Tortuguero National Park

In this activity we will enter the trails of the Tortuguero National Park, where we will take an exuberant route, where nature will show us its diversity both in animals and in jungle plants, in this route we will be able to see animals such as snakes, agoutis, peacocks, monkeys , tapirs, green and red macaws, anteaters and sloths, frogs, iguanas among others, everything that nature makes available to us, you can also enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature and enjoy an exotic peace away from all the polluted sounds of the city, this experience is unique and recommended.

Tortuguero: Night Wildlife Spotting and Jungle Walk

7. Tortuguero: Night Wildlife Spotting and Jungle Walk

Join a guide on a night walk in the jungle to spot nocturnal wildlife. Learn about the variety of insects, reptiles, birds, bats, and mammals that inhabit the forest at night. Meet your guide and set off on a walk through the jungle. Listen to the sounds of the forest and learn about the variety of insects, reptiles, birds, bats, and mammals that inhabit the forest at night. Keep your eyes peeled for sleeping birds, tarantulas, spiders, crickets, lizards, frogs, porcupines, olingos, snakes, insects, armadillos, and reptiles. If you're lucky, you might even spot a sloth sleeping.

Tortuguero: Turtle Nesting Night Tour

8. Tortuguero: Turtle Nesting Night Tour

Admire the effort of one of the longest living species on the planet to ensure its survival. Observe the nesting process of sea turtles on a night tour in Tortuguero, accompanied by a local guide who will explain the process. Meet your guide and head to the beach to watch the sea turtles as they lay their eggs. Learn about the actions that are taking place in the world of sea turtles during their nesting season from July 1 to October 31. You will be allowed to observe 4 of the 7 processes that the turtle performs while nesting on the beach. These 4 processes are: 1-The laying of eggs. 2- Compaction of the eggs. 3- Camouflage of the nest. 4- Return of the turtle to the sea. of course we can not promisse you will see all of the process, since it depends on the turtle and she feels. To OBSERVER a sea turtle nesting she must be relaxed and had arrived about 1 hour earlier, that is the time it takes to a turtle to start the laying of the eggs and that is the ideal time to reach near her and enjoy this unique event. Once the observation of 1 or up to the 4 processes get finished, we must leave the beach and return to hotel.

La Pavona: Shared Boat to Tortuguero Village

9. La Pavona: Shared Boat to Tortuguero Village

Enjoy a hassle-free way to travel between Pavona and Tortuguero with a shared boat transfer. Sit back and relax as you cruise along the river to Tortuguero village. Drive to La Pavona (Embarcadero a Tortuguero) at the main gate show your e-ticket, our staff will help you to get your sits at our boats, Mr Kendal Gomez Co. The departures of the boats are coordinated with our schedules. The boat trip takes between 45 minutes or up to one hour and half, depending on the water level of the river. Sit back and relax on the boat as you cruise along the river to Tortuguero village. All of the boats have insurance, a covered top, with curtains, comfortable seats, licensed drivers and are big and clean. For the return look for our office located diagonal to Mi Niño restaurant or 45 meters south from El Almendro (Tortuguero village main dock, we have a BIG sign above the main path with our logo ( a guy paddling on a kayak)

Canoe Tour in the Tortuguero Canals

10. Canoe Tour in the Tortuguero Canals

Explore the beautiful canals of Tortuguero and the reason why it was created as a National Park and enjoy the numerous species of animals, such as Monkeys, Sloths, Iguanas, Basilisks, Caimans, Birds like Toucans, Herons, Aningas, Macaws, Parrots, Hummingbirds, Pavons being an important part of the park's natural habitat. A very visited National Park due to the nesting of sea turtles in their natural habitat, starting official season from July to October and enjoy the birth of baby turtles from September to November, come with us and live the experience.

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Organization worked great. We only booked the day the evening before. In the morning the provider contacted us and arranged the pickup time according to our wishes. From the harbor we took a private transfer to the boat trip. We saw sloths, monkeys and many different birds. On the one-hour boat tour we went to the butterfly farm. That was definitely the highlight of this trip. The team there was very friendly and helpful. There was a short explanation of the different stages of development from larva to butterfly. There were lots of butterflies, a turtle and a sloth. Behind the butterfly enclosure there is a small garden where you can see the local fruits growing. Banana, papaya, pineapple, avocado, breadfruit and more. At the end there was a small snack, fruit, cake and coffee. Everything worked out perfectly. We were very satisfied.

The guide Abel was amazing. Incredible knowledge of Costa Rica, but particularly the animals and flowers, which enthralled everyone. Despite the mixed weather, our crash course on biology was great ! The only 2 downsides: 1) was extended time to get there because of the closure of the Highway 32 - totally outside the control of the tour, but added 1 to 2 hours to the journey. However the bonus was some fantastic scenery and the coffee plantations. 2) The Laguna lodge - issues with the water pressure/ non functioning showers spoilt the ‘lodge experience’.

Great guide and generally a nice and recommendable excursion (a must on Tortuguero - we will definitely do it again the next time we are there).

Beautiful canoe tour with a very knowledgeable guide who helped us spot all sorts of wild animals. Highly recommended!

The guide was very friendly and we saw many animals. Very fun and exciting experience for both children and adults.