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Our most recommended Norway Hiking

Odda: Trolltunga Sunset Overnight Hiking Trip

1. Odda: Trolltunga Sunset Overnight Hiking Trip

Take an overnight hiking tour to Trolltunga, the Troll’s Tongue. See the sunset behind the stunning mountain scenery and enjoy the peace of having this famous natural attraction almost to yourself. Camp at the top and walk back down the following day.   The tour starts with a hike from Skjeggedal to Mågelitopp. Continue up the mountainside to Gryteskar for a spectacular view towards the Folgefonna Glacier. At Endenut you’ll settle in to your dome at a campsite not far from Trolltunga as the guide prepares a delicious dinner.   Afterwards, you’ll hike to Trolltunga. Enjoy the tranquility of the mountain as the sun disappears behind the Folgefonna Glacier. Head back to the dome to listen to Norwegian fairy tales. The next morning, enjoy breakfast with freshly baked bread. Then return to the starting point the same way you came.

Åndalsnes: Roundtrip Romsdalsgondolen Tickets

2. Åndalsnes: Roundtrip Romsdalsgondolen Tickets

Take a shortcut to the fantastic fjord and enjoy panoramic mountain views from the Romsdalsgondolen. Book a one-way ticket from the top or bottom, or a round-trip starting from either the top or bottom. Take in the vistas and opt to eat at the mountaintop restaurant or go on a hike. An electric cable car, Norway's first gondola built on principles of sustainability, takes you 1,679 meters from the fjord up to the mountain Nesaksla (700 meters above sea level), located right above the town of Åndalsnes. The journey up is approximately 10 minutes long. Enjoy a 360-degree view overlooking the famous Romsdalen mountains including the impressive Mt. Romsdalshorn, Mt. Vengetindene, the town center, lush valleys, and the emerald green river Rauma. In the Eggen Restaurant at the top, sit for a meal while admiring the stunning views. Explore the area along short, easy paths on the mountain top to the different viewpoints. Opt to hike back to the port along a steep path and stone steps, passing the Rampestreken viewpoint, or take the gondola back down for a quicker, but not less fascinating trip to town.

From Tromsø: Snowshoe Hike in the Arctic

3. From Tromsø: Snowshoe Hike in the Arctic

An unforgettable snowshoe adventure in Tromsø Experience the impressive nature of the Arctic region with an exciting snowshoeing adventure. With its unique location within the Arctic Circle, Tromsø offers a beautiful landscape covered in pristine snow. This creates a unique opportunity to be close to the wonderful nature. Arctic wildlife By experiencing the Tromsø region on snowshoes, you will be able to enjoy the view of snow-capped mountains and fascinating fjords. As you move through the landscape, you may also come across some of the arctic wildlife. Majestic reindeer, stealthy foxes and a variety of seabirds can give you a rare insight into the vibrant Arctic ecosystem. Winter Wonderland The Arctic climate can be unpredictable. Prepare by dressing in layers of warm clothing to protect yourself from the cold. Wear good winter shoes that will keep you warm and dry throughout the trip. The tour includes necessary equipment, including snowshoes and poles.

Dovrefjell National Park: Hiking Tour and Musk Ox Safari

4. Dovrefjell National Park: Hiking Tour and Musk Ox Safari

Together with an experienced guide, you will search for musk ox while hiking through the beatiful National Park of Dovrefjell. Along the way, you will learn about the musk ox's behaviour and history, other wildlife such as reindeer, as well as the importance of the national park to local culture. The safari starts at 10:00. We drive 5-10 min to where we start the hike. (If you don't have your own vehicle, please contact us beforehand and so we can arrange transport.) The musk ox are wild animals, and to ensure everyone's safety, we don't go closer than 200 m. The animals move freely in the national park, which means that they are in different places every day, and the hike can be anywhere between 6 and 15 km in total. The safari usually takes 5-6 hours, depending on group fitness. Dogs are allowed to join, but in some cases the owner and dog have to keep a longer distance to the animals. The weather in the Norwegian mountains can be unpredictable, so bring extra warm clothes. We recommend wearing waterproof hiking shoes. Bring a packed lunch and something to drink. If you have binoculars, you should bring those too! The safari ends at the same place as the starting point.

Tromsø: Puppy Training at the Husky Kennel with Lunch

5. Tromsø: Puppy Training at the Husky Kennel with Lunch

One of the local tour operator's main ambitions is participation in dogsled racing. Training of both the dogs and people throughout the years is essential and summer is the time for the new puppies first try at teamwork. Join your experienced handlers and train the youngest sled dogs who are from 4 weeks to 6 months. Take the puppies out for a 1 to 1.5-hour hike close to the husky farm and do different exercises in wilderness depending on the age of the puppies. Suitable for adults and always a hit with the kids. Trek across the landscape outside the camp to let the puppies experience the beautiful scenery. 

Odda: Full-Day Trolltunga Hiking, and Climbing Tour

6. Odda: Full-Day Trolltunga Hiking, and Climbing Tour

Take this full-day adventure tour to Trolltunga, the Troll’s Tongue. Hiking up the amazing valley and climbing a via ferrata to the Trolltunga Plateau. Admire the views from the world-famous Trolltunga. Meet at the local partner’s office in the morning. The tour starts with 6-kilometer on an old gravel road along the beautiful Ringedalen Lake. The 6 km is divided into 2 km transport with a car, and then we hike the last 4 km. At the end of the road, ca 1 km with steep uphill hike will bring you to the start of the via ferrata. Steep, but the good news is that for every step uphill, the view gets better and better. And at then end you will find yourself enjoy the view as you climb 250 meters up the rockface, helped by metal rungs and a strong cable. At the top you’ll have a short lunch at the Endåne viewpoint. From there, hike 3 kilometers to arrive at Trolltunga. Take in the spectacular scenery, before making the return trip along the tourist trail.

From Tromsø: Guided Husky Snowshoe Hike and Husky Camp Visit

7. From Tromsø: Guided Husky Snowshoe Hike and Husky Camp Visit

Walking on top of a deep layer of snow, listen to the steady rhythm of your breath. A gorgeous mountain landscapes stretches as far as the eye can see; let the image sink into your mind. For the locals, hiking is more than just another outdoor activity, it is the most intimate way to experience nature. Immerse yourself in the moment and let things fall into perspective; clear your head and refill your batteries. Follow your guide into the Arctic wilderness and experience it all for yourself. The exact route will be determined based on the weather conditions and wishes of the group. If the weather allows, enjoy your homemade chocolate cake and something hot to drink on the trail while taking in the views. Otherwise, indulge in the snack around an open fire at the husky camp upon return. Get to know the fluffy friends and their puppies before heading back to Tromsø.

Stavanger: Preikestolen Classic Hike and Side Trail

8. Stavanger: Preikestolen Classic Hike and Side Trail

Embrace nature with a guided hike up to Preikestolen: one of Norway's most iconic hikes. Follow your guide on the path less hiked, so you can make the most of nature away from the crowds. Sart with a pick up from one of several designated locations in Stavanger. After a relaxing 40-minute drive, arrive at the trailhead. Here, learn about the trail, expected conditions, and useful tips for a fun day of hiking. When everyone is ready, begin your hike. If conditions allow it, follow your guide on a side-trail along the way. The pace allows for time to adjust clothing and equipment, time to rest and enjoy snacks, and for taking pictures along the way. After approximately 2.5 hours of hiking, arrive at the majestic Preikestolen – 604 meters above the legendary Lysefjorden. The sheer cliff face overlooks the fjord, and the panoramic view before your makes for a fantastic reward after all your hard physical work. After soaking in the scenery and relaxing your legs, head back down the mountain. Exhausted but satisfied, get back in the car and get driven back to Stavanger as you process your experience of a day well spent.

Stavanger: Preikestolen Sunrise Hike with Breakfast Buffet

9. Stavanger: Preikestolen Sunrise Hike with Breakfast Buffet

Join a guided sunrise hike to Preikestolen, beat the crowds, and experience the sunrise over the Lysefjorden. Enjoy convenient roundtrip transportation from Stavanger. Avoid the thousands of people that will be on the trail during the high season, and hike in the peace and quiet of dawn instead. Start the adventure early in the morning after being picked up from one of several designated locations in Stavanger. After a 40-minute drive, arrive at the start of the trail. Receive a briefing from your guide including information about the trail, expected conditions, and useful tips for good hiking. When everyone is ready, switch your headlamps on, and begin the hike while it’s till dark and quiet. Let the moonlight and towering trees make your imagination run wild. Along the way, listen to all sorts of spooky folklore from your guide, and stop for snacks or to adjust clothes and equipment. After approximately 2.5 hours of hiking, reach Preikestolen, 604 meters right above the legendary Lysefjorden. Be rewarded with panoramic views of the fjord. If you are lucky, the sun will show itself as it climbs over the mountain ridges, so you can bathe in its warmth. After feasting your eyes on the scenery and relaxing for a while, head back down to Basecamp. In the comfort of the mountain lodge, recharge your batteries with a simple, but fresh and tasty breakfast. Then, get back in the car for a drive back to Stavanger.

Tromsø: Northern Lights Private Expedition, 4x4, hiking

10. Tromsø: Northern Lights Private Expedition, 4x4, hiking

Go chasing the Northern Lights with the maximum intimacy of a private tour! And if you want to walk on ice and snow to reach the most scenic spots, explore remote areas and get stunning photos, you have found the best guide to do so! Starting with a capable 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser, we will find locations with suitable skies to chase the Aurora Borealis. Often this takes just a short drive, but sometimes a couple of hours may be needed in order to find the right conditions. Patience is the key when hunting the lights! Your professional guide is an outdoor lover and thrives to give you the most authentic experience. Therefore, unlike every other regular Northern Lights tour, once left the roads we will go exploring deeper in the back country, reaching the wildest landscapes, pristine fjords and frozen lakes, away from the crowded places where everyone else stops! Are you concerned about hiking on Arctic terrain? Do not! Whether the ground will be covered in ice or snow, you will be provided with the necessary equipment to fully enjoy this activity and walk safely: ice crampons and snowshoes combined with walking poles, thermal suits and headtorches! If you have a camera and would like to photograph the Northern Lights, your guide who is also a professional photographer will teach you tips & tricks and provide you with a professional tripod. In case you don't have a camera with you, no worries: the guide will take awesome portraits of you, the lights and the landscape! A warm dinner in front of a bonfire (if conditions allows it), cookies & hot drinks will warm you up in the wild, making this evening experience complete and unforgettable.

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You should take this hike! Our guide was top notch! Knowledgeable, courteous of our time commitments, was mindful of our needs, and very engaging. She took us on a medium difficulty hike through a winter wonderland. Luckily she brought extra ice cleats and walking sticks. I wouldn’t have made it without them. We lucked out with a sunny day after a snowy one so I got a lot of frame worthy photos. Was the highlight of my trip!

Great guiding from Lawrence, who was full of interesting information about the local area, the natural world around us and life in Norway generally. Despite the unseasonally warm weather, we walked in snow to a local summit with beautiful views of the sunsetting over the sea. Lawrence looked after us beautifully, and was attentive to every member of the group’s needs. A really enjoyable way to get closer to the landscape.

Even though it was a group hike, my wife, my sister & I were the only ones on the hike. Very exclusive activity. The guide-Stig, was outstanding

Great experience- Lawrence our guide was really nice, encouraging and held lots of knowledge on the landscape and environment.

It was fun to snowshoeing. Our tour guide is very friendly and helpful during our trip.