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Paris: Moulin Rouge Cabaret Show Ticket with Champagne

1. Paris: Moulin Rouge Cabaret Show Ticket with Champagne

Take your seat at one of the world’s most famous cabarets at a performance of the Moulin Rouge show “Féerie,” created by Doris Haug and Ruggero Angeletti, and choreographed by Bill Goodson. Watch a troupe of 100 artists, including 60 Doris Girls, and a parade in 1,000 costumes of feathers, rhinestones, and sequins designed by Corrado Collabucci. See Gaetano Castelli's set designs and listen to music by Pierre Porte, produced by 80 musicians and 60 choral singers. During the show, enjoy half a bottle of Champagne as you relish an extravagant oral and aural delight. Feast your eyes on a lavish collection of colors and performances as you behold the splendor of this legendary cabaret. Service and tips are included in the price

Paris: Opera Garnier Entry Ticket

2. Paris: Opera Garnier Entry Ticket

Boasting an eclectic and ostentatious Baroque design, the Opera Garnier is one of the most extravagant representations of Second Empire architecture in France. Benefit from quick and easy access to this magnificent building in the center of Paris. Inaugurated in 1875 and named after its exciting young architect, Charles Garnier, it is the largest opera house in Europe. You will set eyes on the writhing snakes of the bronze “Pythonisse” sculpture, before climbing the double stairway of the “Grand Escalier” (Main Staircase). Imagine the swish of crinolines as you admire the breathtaking décor and stroll through vast foyers, filled with sparkling mosaics, colorful marble columns and gold-leaf flourishes. Everywhere you look will be a feast for the eyes. You will receive your digital ticket directly after your booking, just show it at the Opera visit entrance to enjoy your visit.

Paris: Seine River Panoramic Views Dinner Cruise

3. Paris: Seine River Panoramic Views Dinner Cruise

Enjoy an unforgettable experience with our dinner cruises on the Seine River in Paris. Embark on a 1 hour and 45 minutes cruise starting from Île aux Cygnes to Île Saint-Louis and be enchanted by the charms of the City of Light. Indulge in a delightful dinner while seated in club-style armchairs, facing the Seine and savoring breathtaking views. In addition to the cozy and elegant interior of the boat, the cruise ship also features an outdoor terrace. Take advantage of the fresh air and panoramic views at any time during the cruise, whether for memorable photo opportunities or simply to soak in the romantic atmosphere of Paris. This dinner cruise on the Seine is the perfect opportunity to celebrate a special occasion, enjoy a romantic evening for two, or unwind with friends. Book now and treat yourself to a unique experience that combines a delectable dinner, stunning landscapes, and captivating ambiance in the heart of Paris.

Paris: Evening River Cruise with Music

4. Paris: Evening River Cruise with Music

Bask in the night glow of Paris on a Seine River sightseeing cruise. Tour the City of Lights and soak in the relaxing atmosphere on board as music plays. Take in a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Orsay Museum, the Alexandre III Bridge, the Concorde Square, the Petit, and Grand Palace, the Marie Bridge, and many more as you sail. To learn more about the monuments you see, download the tour app to use during the cruise (download instructions found on confirmation voucher).

Paris: Crazy Horse Cabaret Show

5. Paris: Crazy Horse Cabaret Show

Watch the most sensual dancers in the world performing legendary acts with stunning visual effects. Immerse yourself in the creative and sophisticated world of Crazy Horse Paris with the new show Totally Crazy and discover great performances and creations in this world-renowned Parisian venue. Enjoy emblematic cabarets and iconic acts that have revolutionized the venue. Experience 65 years of dazzling creations and craziness packed into 90 enchanting minutes and let the charm of Crazy Horse Paris drive you totally crazy. Hippy Bang Bang, Kika Revolver or Etta d’Amour, the dancers are given a stage name ahead of their first performance on the boards of the cabaret. Hips swaying, your heart will beat in rhythm to their dance steps, while their XXL eyelashes will keep you at bay. Crazy Horse Paris is ready to welcome you every day at 12 Avenue George V in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, two steps away from the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysées and the designer shops of Avenue Montaigne. Discover a legendary venue and a unique and stunning show, a favorite among international artists and celebrities. Like them, go crazy about Le Crazy. Every Sunday at 7 PM dive into the Crazy Horse Paris Legend and immerse yourself in an exclusive and intimate unique experience. Are you tempted to discover Crazy Horse Paris on a truly unique journey? Then visit the cabaret in VIP mode and have a “Crazy Experience” — one that you won’t soon forget... Secrets, anecdotes, behind the scenes... the legendary Crazy Girls reveal the underside of their cabaret and tell you its history during a special tour full of surprises. Enjoy 1 hour of total immersion, even backstage, where the doors of the former office of Alain Bernardin, the founder of Crazy Horse, open to you. This cozy boudoir, whose ceiling is mysteriously reflected in a mirror table, is both captivating and intriguing. The “Crazy Experience” is a unique moment welcoming you for 1 hour full of delight (which ends with Champagne and petits fours), before you take your seats in the theater to attend the show in VIP mode.

Paris: Paradis Latin Cabaret Show with/without Champagne

6. Paris: Paradis Latin Cabaret Show with/without Champagne

Enjoy your evening at the Paradis Latin with a special cabaret show. Sip on champagne and be dazzled by thrilling choreography and beautiful costumes in the stunning interior of this famous location, which was created in 1803 by Napoleon and rebuilt by Gustave Eiffel in 1889. Made in collaboration with the famous French choreographer and show director, Kamel Ouali, the show "L’Oiseau Paradis" will take you on an artistic journey through themes of emotion, poetry and new technology, always with a passionate flair and a touch of humor.  Witness the work of nearly thirty artists and drink in the dynamic, youthful ambiance. The show will highlight contemporary artists while remaining faithful to the tradition of French cabaret.

Paris: Dinner Show at the Moulin Rouge

7. Paris: Dinner Show at the Moulin Rouge

Take your seats at one of the world’s most famous cabarets at a performance of the Moulin Rouge show “Féerie,” created by Doris Haug and Ruggero Angeletti, and choreographed by Bill Goodson. Listen to music by Pierre Porte, brought to life by 80 musicians and 60 choral singers. Watch a troupe of 100 artists, including 60 chorus girls parading in 1,000 flamboyant costumes of feathers, rhinestones, and sequins. Designed by Corrado Collabucci and handmade in some of the most famous workshops in Paris, the costumes are complemented by the sumptuous set designs of Gaetano Castelli and the return of the giant aquarium. Upgrade to one of the dinner options and feast from a menu of traditional French gastronomy. It all takes place in a beautiful 850-seat Belle Epoque venue. Your dinner includes half a bottle of champagne per person. You can swap your half bottle for 2 soft drinks of your choice. Any additional beverages will be charged on the spot as an extra. Child menus are available upon request after booking. More details are available on your booking confirmation. The menus below, created by Chef Arnaud Demerville, will be served from June 21 to September 20, 2023: Belle Epoque Menu1/2 Bottle of Champagne Laurent Perrier Appetizer (choose one):• Semi-cooked foie gras with tomato, Riviera olive condiment, and homemade lemon focaccia• Smoked salmon in sashimi from the “Maison Fumaison," with smoked herring pearls, Philadelphia cheese, and blinis• Soft-boiled organic egg in the spirit of a niçoise with smoked eel, and Andalusian sauce Entree (choose one):• Beef Fillet Cooked in a Sauté Pan, Polenta, cancoillotte cheese, Burnt Corn, Parsley and Garlic Coulis• Pan-seared sea bass steak with a hodgepodge of shellfish and herbs in cannelloni, served with yellow zucchini with marjoram and roast juice with lemon confit Dessert (choose one):• Tatin-style peach tart with basil and black lemon• Swirl biscuit, red fruits confit with tonka bean and lemon gel, flavored with pink berries Toulouse-Lautrec Menu1/2 Bottle of Champagne Appetizer (choose one):• Sliced quail with spices with crispy lettuce, marinated anchovies, real caesar sauce and grated bottarga • Multicolored tomatoes, mozzarella foam, parmesan crumble, and basil pistou sauce Entree (choose one):• Snacked farm chicken supreme with Neapolitan-style zucchini, crumble of pork belly, and basil-infused pan sauce• Monkfish roasted in virgin oil with frégola sarda cooked like a paella, with piquillos siphon Dessert (choose one):• Rice pudding Bavarian cream cake with a chocolate heart and homemade milk jam• Almonds dacquoise cake, apricot confit, light orgeat foam, and roasted almond crunch Vegan Menu1/2 Bottle of Champagne Appetizer (choose one):• Lightly vinegared maki-style Japanese rice with cucumber and radish, nori seaweed, and tofu• Citrus quinoa, textured Avocados, and grapefruit Entree (choose one):• Thai-style, semi-wholegrain farfalle pasta with bok choy, soy, ginger, and siphon sweet onions• Carnaroli risotto with Riviera olives, zucchinis and lemon confit Dessert:• Chocolate and coco flavored marble cake with chocolate siphon The menus below will be served from September 21 to December 20, 2023: Belle Epoque Menu1/2 Bottle of Champagne Laurent Perrier Appetizer (choose one):• Pressed foie gras with cazette hazelnut, pears in various ways, lemon gel, gingerbread biscuit byfrédéric lalos, baby vegetables• Smoked salmon in sashimi from the “Maison Fumaison,” tarama with tobiko wasabi, soured creamcheese, blinis• Runny organic egg in meurette style, mushrooms, pork belly, red wine sauce Entree (choose one):• Fillet of veal cooked in a sauté pan, candied pumpkin pie, caramelized chestnuts, roastedalmonds, tonka bean jus• Fillet of turbot roasted in butter, homemade potato gnocchi, different textures of lettuce,combawa-flavored cream Dessert (choose one):• Belle hélène-style pear, coated in chocolate with Tanzanian pepper• Savarin soaked in manzana, granny smith apple, buckwheat ganache Toulouse-Lautrec Menu1/2 Bottle of Champagne  Appetizer (choose one): • Eggplant in different textures: candied with miso, aubergine caviar with smoked olive oil,mushrooms, spiced home-made beef ham• Thin slices of swordfish like a leche del tigre, coconut-lime cream, grilled corn coulis Entree (choose one):• Pan-fried veal fillet roasted then glazed in its own juice, baby spinach leaves, grenaillepotatoes, roasted hazelnuts, pumpkin espuma  • Grilled stone bass steak, risotto of black rice, mushrooms, smoked bacon emulsion Dessert (choose one):• Choux bun filled with praline almond and hazelnut cream, tangy mandarin (like a Paris-brest)• Moist honey biscuit, figs in various ways, citrus-flavored Bavarian cream, balsamic vinegargelatine Vegan Menu1/2 Bottle of Champagne Appetizer (choose one): • Maki-style vinegared Japanese rice, cucumber and radish, nori seaweed, and tofu• Citrus quinoa, textured avocados, grapefruit Entree (choose one):• Semi-wholegrain farfalle pasta, Thai style, bok choy, soy, ginger, siphon sweet onions• Carnaroli risotto flavored with truffle, wild mushrooms, and dandelion sprouts Dessert:• Tapioca cooked in coconut milk, candied exotic fruits refreshed with citrus zest

Paris: 3-Course Dinner Cabaret Show at Paradis Latin Theater

8. Paris: 3-Course Dinner Cabaret Show at Paradis Latin Theater

Engage your senses with a ticket to the Paradis Latin Show in Paris. Immerse yourself in the local arts scene with this tantalizing night of sensuality, poetry, emotion, and humor as you enjoy a delicious 3-course meal. Enter the theater and be welcomed by actors, dancers, and artists. Plunge into a surreal and surprising atmosphere. As you eat, enjoy a performance by an exceptional singer and watch a one-of-a-kind cabaret show. Choose between 2 dinner-show menus, Spring/Summer "Prestige" or "Gustave Eiffel" signed by Guy Savoy Spring/Summer Eiffel Menu Starters Poultry and veal paté with pistachios, and beetroot as a condiment or Colors Paradis Smoked salmon, horseradish cream, mashed broccoli, salmon eggs, and smoked butter sabayon or Cucumber-yogurt gazpacho, tarama wasabi and bottarga Main Courses “Koulibiac” style salmon, white butter sauce ginger infusion or Navarin of lamb with sage and candied lemon or Multicolored vegetables, egg, and parmesan Cooked vegetables: mashed artichoke, multicolored carrots, yellow beets, candied tomatoes, leeks, multicolored radishes, and turnips. Organic egg, parmesan tuile, and chive Desserts French Kiss Whipped ganache flavored with bergamot and raspberry insert or French Cancan Ladyfinger biscuits, rhubarb, and blackcurrant sorbet, meringue in the shape of a dress upside down, and chocolate legs Spring/Summer Prestige Menu Flower-shaped foie gras, white cabbage salad with pomegranate molasses, Espelette pepper, and toasted sourdough bread or Sea bream and spring vegetable ceviche or Remoulade of avocado and crab, shellfish jelly, Granny Smith apple, and a mixture of cress, shiso, radish cress, and nasturtium flower Herbal crusted cod back, tomato confit with balsamic, herb-piquillos virgin sauce, pomegranate, roasted red onions or Monkfish medallions marinated in green curry, fregola sarda pasta, and peas cooked like a risotto, a hint of tarragon, green curry fish stock or Paradis Wellington “served rare” Beef fillet, Paris mushroom duxelles, cecina (beef ham) in puff pastry Baked rare, beef jus with port Desserts by Pierre Hermé Montebello Creamy pistachio cream, pistachios, pistachio whipped cream, Infinite pistachio shortbread dough, strawberry coulis, fresh strawberries, strawberry sorbet, macaron biscuit or Orphéo Creamy Belize chocolate cream, hazelnut whipped cream, Infinite chocolate shortbread pastry, Belize chocolate cold sauce, caramelized hazelnuts, puff pastry hazelnut praline, Belize chocolate chips Drinks: 1/2 bottle of mineral water - 1/2 bottle of red wine* - 1/4 bottle of champagne* *Paradis Latin selection

Paris: Famous Graves of Père Lachaise Small Group Tour

9. Paris: Famous Graves of Père Lachaise Small Group Tour

Historic and scenic, Père Lachaise Cemetery boasts some of the most expensive and coveted grave real estate in the world. It is the final resting place for famous artists, writers and musicians, from Yves Montand and Simone Signoret to Chopin and Oscar Wilde. On this 2-hour walking tour you’ll wander through this labyrinth of headstones, trees, and paths as your guide points out the famous graves and eccentricities that make this place so special. Oscar Wilde’s tomb surely stands out, covered entirely with bright red lipstick from kisses left by visiting admirers. As you pass Chopin’s tomb it seems that you can almost hear his well-known funeral march. See the final resting place of Molière, the famous French playwright. Famous for irony and satire, Molière, a sick man whose doctors thought he was a hypochondriac, died on stage playing a well man who is a hypochondriac, while the audience cheered him on. The most visited grave is that of the American rock star, Jim Morrison. His grave and those surrounding it are covered with graffiti from the hordes of fans that come here. Enjoy a walk through an extraordinary cemetery and relive the lives of some of the world’s greats.

Skip the Line: Hard Rock Cafe Paris

10. Skip the Line: Hard Rock Cafe Paris

Get Rock Star priority seating and move straight to the front of the line to get your party on at the Hard Rock Cafe Paris. Opened in 1991, this iconic hotspot is conveniently located next to the Opera House, the Grands Boulevards, and Musée Grévin, and offers you a unique Rock experience. Take home your very own Hard Rock merchandise from the Rock Shop and enjoy selections from the menus: Gold Menu (2-course): Choice of main course - • Original Legendary burger (black Angus steak) • Moving Mountains burger (vegan) • Grilled chicken sandwich • Twisted mac, chicken, and cheese pasta • Grilled chicken caesar salad • Tupelo chicken tenders Dessert - • Brownie Choice of beverage - • One soft drink, coffee, or tea Diamond Menu (3-course):  Starter - • Fresh salad Choice of main course - • Original Legendary burger (black Angus steak) • Moving Mountains burger (vegan) • Smoked BBQ combo • Grilled salmon • Twisted mac, chicken, and cheese pasta • Steak salad • BBQ chicken Dessert - • Chocolate cake Choice of one beverage -  • One soft drink, coffee, or tea

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Por algo dicen que este cabaret es el mejor de Paris, y la verdad a mi esposo y a mi nos encanto, es espectacular, 10/10, el Tiket que compramos nos incluyo una botella de champagne, no se pierdan este show.

Quite an intimate space and small stage. A fabulous cabaret show. Very talented performers and the lighting was amazing. Just hydrate before you go in because drinks are extortionate.

Food was excellent. Show was lively and entertaining. Glad we went, to say we saw the show.

Great experience, show was fantastic Would definitely recommend

Amazing place, must visit for first time travellers