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Day Trip to Transnistria from Odessa

1. Day Trip to Transnistria from Odessa

The trip to Transnistria starts with the transfer from your hotel in Odessa to Tiraspol by a private vehicle. The distance from Odessa to Tiraspol is 104 kilometers and, halfway there, you will pass the border between Ukraine and Transnistria. (Please, check the VISA requirements to enter Transinstria before the trip).  Visiting Transnistria is like traveling on a time machine – not much has changed there since the end of the 20th century. The cities of Bender and Tiraspol, retain many remnants of the Soviet Union. Old-fashioned public transport, numerous monuments to Lenin and Soviet symbolism on the buildings all make a trip to Transnistria a different experience. Your local guide will tell you about the current political situation of the country and show you all the most important attractions of Tiraspol. Then you will travel to the city of Bender and discover its famous sight, Festung Tighina, built in the 16th century. Medieval Bender Fortress played an important role in the Russian-Turkish War in the 18-19th centuries. You will enjoy a spectacular view of the Dniester River from the high fortress’s walls.  Later, in your free time, you may have lunch at one of the city’s cafés (optional, own expense). Thereafter, you will return to Odessa back to your hotel.

Akkerman Fortress and Shabo Wine Center Day Trip from Odessa

2. Akkerman Fortress and Shabo Wine Center Day Trip from Odessa

Start this full-day trip from Odessa with a 2-hour drive to Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky, and learn about the interesting history of this ancient city. Begin with a guided tour of the Akkerman Fortress, built during the 12th-15th centuries, and one of the most stunning sights in Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky. Take a walk through the stone galleries, and to the citadel, which is the oldest part of the fortification. Visit the Shabo Wine Cultural Center on the second part of the trip, and enjoy a guided tour. Learn about the winemaking process and then taste fine Shabo wines. Stop in the Shabo-brand store for wines to take home and gifts for your friends.

Odessa: 2.5-Hour Private Walking Tour

3. Odessa: 2.5-Hour Private Walking Tour

This private walking tour is an excellent way to see the most popular travel sights of Odessa and discover interesting facts about the city from an expert guide, who will take into consideration all your wishes. Your tour starts from Teatralnaya Square, in front of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre. Built in 1887, this building is a real architectural masterpiece, famous all over the world. Appreciate its elegant exterior while learning about its interesting history from your guide. Then, take a walk through the main street of the city, Deribasovskaya, which is lined with cozy cafés and restaurants. Your guide will show you two interesting monuments situated here: the Monument to the 12th Chair and the Monument to L. Utesov. Afterwards, discover the splendid City Garden with a Fountain of Perfume in the middle, a site that is popular among both the tourists and locals. Enjoy the festive atmosphere and the sounds of music floating through the garden. Not far from it, you'll find Old Odessa Corner – a cozy park with an interesting bridge and small fountain. Later, have a pleasant walk through the charming Primorsky Boulevard and admire the elegant mansions situated there. This street will lead you to the Duke de Richelieu Monument facing Odessa Port, where you can see the spectacular panorama of the Black Sea. Finally, your guide will show you a must-see Odessa attraction - the legendary Potemkin Steps.   

Odessa Catacombs Private Tour

4. Odessa Catacombs Private Tour

Meet your guide and driver at the lobby of your hotel and start a fascinating trip to Nerubayskoye Village, where the catacombs are located. The labyrinths of the catacombs are spread out over approximately 2,500 km under the city of Odessa and its surroundings, making them the longest in the world. Odessa catacombs don’t resemble the ones in Rome and Paris, and offer a brand new experience.  Many pages of the Odessa history are connected with the catacombs. They used to be limestone quarries, a place where the smugglers sold their goods and thieves escaped from police. Nowadays, it's a famous attraction and a must-visit place in Odessa. The temperature in the catacombs is about 14°С all year round, so don’t forget to put some warm clothes on! The history of Odessa catacombs dates back to the 19th century, when the city was growing rapidly, and wide limestone quarries appeared on the outskirts of Odessa. People needed a cheap construction material for the buildings, and as a result, long underground corridors emerged under the city. For safety reasons, mining was soon prohibited; however, the catacombs have remained untouched till present days. Your expert guide will tell the many captivating stories about the events that took place in the catacombs, and you'll understand how much this place means for Odessa and its citizens. Hear about the robbers and smugglers that hid there from the police and the Partisans who hid there during World War II. You'll also have the chance to visit the underground Museum of Partisan Glory during this tour. A visit to the Odessa catacombs is an unforgettable experience.

Day Trip to Akkerman Fortress from Odessa

5. Day Trip to Akkerman Fortress from Odessa

Your splendid day trip to the Akkerman Fortress will start from your hotel. You will enjoy a 2-hour ride from Odessa to Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky with magnificent views from the window, and your guide will tell you exciting stories about this ancient city. Then, you’ll arrive to the oldest town on the territory of Ukraine – Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi that is over 2500 years old. Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi is often called a city of 12 cultures, as, being at a geographical crossroads, it was under the rule of Greeks, Romans, Goths, Bulgarians, Mongols, Armenians, Italians, Moldavians, Turks, Jews, Russians, and Ukrainians. The name of the city has also changed many times. The most ancient of them are Ophiussa and Tyre, the most vivid and long lasting is Akkerman, and the most fitting – Bilhorod, which means “white city”. The highlight of the tour, Akkerman Fortress, was built in the XII-XV centuries. This well-preserved fortification will impress you with its gorgeous medieval architecture. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the most ancient part of this fortress – the Citadel and discover fantastic and mysterious towers and galleries made of stone. This fortress has a remarkable history. There were plenty of memorable events and battles here and your guide will describe the most striking of them. Moreover, you will admire the view of the Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky Liman with wonderful pictorial views. After this wonderful and informative journey, you will relax and rest on the way back to Odessa. 

Odessa: Highlights Sightseeing Tour

6. Odessa: Highlights Sightseeing Tour

Your guide will pick you up from the reception of your hotel. First, you will visit Odessa’s catacombs close to the city at Nerubajskoe village. The 1,500 mile long tangle of corridors and rooms under Odessa wraps under and over and in upon itself.  You will be brought back to Odessa where on the City Tour, you will enjoy a visit to the historical sights of the city and the city park where the ancient fortification is located. Take a walk on the cosy streets, view the historical and architectural monuments, a monument to the founder of Odessa the Duke dе Richelieu, monuments to Catherine the Great, the Odessa Opera House, Odessa Port, Primorskiy Boulevard, Odessa Passage and the Philarmonic Concert Hall. After visiting the more interesting places of Odessa by car, you will have 3.5-hours left and the second part of your tour will encompass a 2.5-hour walking tour. During the walking tour, you will visit the palaces of Odessa such as Vorontsov Palace, the Palace of Tolsoy family commonly known as House of Scientist, Shah Palace, Museum of Art known as the Palace of the Naryshkin-Potocki family, and lastly, you will visit the Literature Museum known as Prince Gagarin's Palace. The final part of this tour will be Literary Odessa. Get to know the two hundred year existence in which Odessa found itself within the richest part of its literary history connected to names such as Alexander Pushkin, Adam Mitskevich, Mark Twain, Sholem-Aleichem and many other writers, poets, playwrights.

Odessa: Sightseeing Tour with Transportation

7. Odessa: Sightseeing Tour with Transportation

Benefit from pick-up at your accommodation in the city center, and then travel by car to Deribasovskaya Street. Stroll the cobblestone street to discover the main tourist sites, such as the famous Odessa Passage shopping complex and The Twelve Chairs monument to the jazz singer Leonid Utyosov. Try some of the local food and get some time to buy souvenirs. Then, make your way to the Odessa's oldest park at City Garden, famous for its Love Tree sculpture. Get amazing views of the port and Black Sea from the top of the Potemkin Steps. Walk up the long stairway or ride the funicular if you prefer. See the monument to the Duke de Richelieu, believed to be the founder of Odessa. Walk along the pedestrianized Primorsky Boulevard to admire the impressive buildings, including the 19th-century Vorontsov Palace. Discover a masterpiece of Baroque architecture at the amazing Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

Odessa: City and Catacombs Tour

8. Odessa: City and Catacombs Tour

Enjoy pickup from accommodation, and be introduced you to the city’s major attractions. Visit the Arcadia district, known for its beaches, the beautiful mansions of the French Boulevard, and Potemkin Steps overlooking Odessa Port and the the Black Sea. Discover well-known sights such as the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Belvedere of Vorontsov Palace, and the monument to Catherine the Great. You will stroll through the vivid Deribasovskaya street and visit the City Garden. Join an expert guide, who will share with you the most interesting facts and stories about Odessa history and everyday life. Then visit the legendary Odessa Catacombs, on the outskirts of the city. Learn the history of these famous underground labyrinths and their significance to Odessa and its residents. Among these stories are details about Odessa’s criminal past, when catacombs were a refuge for robbers and smugglers. Even more significantly is the catacombs’ role during the Second World War when Soviet partisans used it as a hideout. As an added bonus, you will visit the underground Partisan Glory museum to learn more about the catacombs. At the end of the tour, your driver will drop you off at your hotel.

Odessa: 2-Hour Shustov Cognac Museum Tour w/ Tasting

9. Odessa: 2-Hour Shustov Cognac Museum Tour w/ Tasting

If you are interested in the history and traditions of brandy production and want to taste the different samples of this well-aged, sophisticated drink, then this tour to Shustov Cognac Winery Museum is definitely what you need. This tour will start with a pick-up from the hotel. Brandy production started long ago in the 19th-century during the Russian Empire. This brandy manufacturing factory was established by Shustov, a famous and successful entrepreneur who made the Shustov trademark popular not only in the Russian Empire but also far beyond its borders. This exquisite drink became popular among great and successful people, including Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill and Agatha Christie. The brandy production process consists of several stages. In a complicated but at the same time inspiring series of actions, the most striking result is achieved. Walk along the expansive underground passages of the Shustov Museum and be captivated by interesting stories from your expert guide. After that, you will see a short movie describing Odessa brandy manufacturing. Tasting the best samples of Shustov Cognac will definitely be the most memorable part of the tour. The elegant testing room with wooden finishing and relaxing atmosphere is an ideal place to enjoy the delicate taste of this wonderful drink. A visit to the Shustov Brand shop is no less of an important part of the tour. Here, choose from the best sorts of Shustov cognac for you and buy refined presents for your friends.  

The Hidden Yards of Odessa: Private Tour

10. The Hidden Yards of Odessa: Private Tour

Meet your guide and driver at your hotel to set off on a fascinating tour of Odessa's hidden courtyards. This tour gives you a unique chance to see not only Odessa's main streets and the most popular tourist attractions, but also the hidden gems of the city: its yards. On this tour you will discover that Odessa is a city of a controversial and complicated history. Being one of the main seaports and economic centers in the Ukraine, Odessa has always attracted a variety of people, including businessmen, artists, politicians, and criminals. During the tour, you will visit Moldavanka courtyards with a through-passage, where pickpockets and other criminals escaped from the police. You will hear some chilling stories about Mishka Yaponchik, who was Odessa’s mafia boss in the early 20th century. Prepare to learn about the dark past of the city. And on the other side, the Philharmonic courtyard and Pale-Royal will impress you with their beauty and splendor. Located in the center of the city, these yards are famous for their stunning architecture and charming atmosphere. The most appealing part of our tour is the chance to glimpse into the authentic yards of the city, away from the main tourist roads, where local people live. You will notice that people in Odessa are very talkative, and share their vivid stories with great pleasure. Learn more about well-known Odessa humor on this tour through Odessa's back yards. At the end of the tour your driver will drop you off at your hotel.


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We had a wonderful guide. Natasha and her driver not only showed us the great yards, which exude a unique atmosphere, but also explained a lot of background about the history of Odessa. It was very interesting and a lot of fun.

Thank you to Natasha once again for being my guide. It was nice to have the same guide for both of my tours in Odesa. I learned a lot and it was helpful to have someone who knows the area.

Great and informative tour of the Odessa Catacombs with Stas - he was professional and respectful - we were surprised with some cookies and drinks!

Stas was an excellent guide providing great background information, enthusiastic and professional- we had a great time on the city tour!

Very positive Super guide, everything was timed, there was no time to be bored, delicious wines during tasting, overall nice time