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Berlin WelcomeCard: Discounts & Transport Berlin Zones (ABC)

1. Berlin WelcomeCard: Discounts & Transport Berlin Zones (ABC)

The Berlin WelcomeCard, available as a 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-day option, offers a great, cost-effective means to explore the city in-depth. Travel on public transport in fare zones Berlin ABC and receive exclusive discounts of up to 50% with many participating partners. Whether you're taking a city tour or visiting a museum, theater, or restaurant, when you use the Berlin WelcomeCard, you can see all Berlin has to offer at an amazing price. You'll also receive a pocket-size travel guide with lots of tour suggestions and insider tips. Each WelcomeCard includes free transport for up to 3 children between 6 and 14 years old. Children under the age of 6 generally travel for free. Enjoy discounted rates for the following activities and attractions: • Sightseeing tours • Guided city tours • Bike tours • Boat rides • Various attractions • Museums • Theater/stage performances • Palaces • Restaurants & bars  • Shopping & souvenirs • Fun, sport & relax Visit sights and attractions, such as the following: • Berlin Dungeon • Olympiastadion Berlin (Olympic Stadium) • Berlin Dom  • German Spy Museum • Madame Tussauds Berlin • Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin • Tierpark Berlin • Anne Frank Center • Charlottenburg Palace • Comedy tour Berlin • German Opera • Friedrichstadt-Palast • TimeRide Berlin • TV Tower • Botanical Garden • German Historical Museum, German Museum of Technology • Asisi Panorama „Die Mauer“ • Panoramapunkt • DDR Museum • Fork & Walk Tours Berlin • and many more! And of course, you should not miss the following free sights and locations when visiting Berlin: • Brandenburg Gate & Unter den Linden • Reichstag & German Parliament (pre-booking required) • Checkpoint Charlie • East Side Gallery • Gendarmenmarkt • Kurfürstendamm • Potsdamer Platz & Alexanderplatz • Berlin Wall Memorial

Berlin: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour

2. Berlin: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour

During this activity of about 5 hours, we will learn about the daily work of the prisoners and the daily life in a concentration camp through the buildings that have survived to the present day. We will understand the complex history of this place through the different monuments that, for different ideologies and at different times, have been placed at the memorial. Our guides will approach the subject matter of the visit with the utmost respect for the victims. During our visit to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp we will see what is known as Tower A or the main entrance of the prisoners to the camp, presided over by the famous sign on which you can read the motto of all the concentration camps "Arbeit macht Frei" or "Work will set you free". We will enter Barracks 38 and 39, which are in what is known as "Small Camp" where the S.S. crammed all the Jewish prisoners of the camp between 1938 and 1942, and where we can see those famous bunk beds that you see in all the films about the Holocaust. Today, Barracks 38 houses a museum illustrating what life was like for these Jewish prisoners in the camp. Then we will see the Camp Prison or Punishment Cells, which are the original ones, where prisoners were locked up for crimes such as stealing food and where infamous and disproportionate punishments were inflicted. It is common knowledge that during the Nazi era, concentration camp prisoners were experimented on and aberrant practices were carried out in the infirmary barracks and in the morgue. What used to be the prisoner's kitchen has been converted into a museum in which the most important moments of the Sachsenhausen camp are represented and we will see the remains of the terrible Station Z, later dynamited by the Soviets, where the prisoners were cruelly executed. With the defeat of the Nazis in 1945, this Nazi concentration camp became the 50th Special Camp of the Soviets, which is why we will also visit the Soviet memorial from 1961. .... And much more!

Berlin: Skip-the-line Sachsenhausen Memorial Walking Tour

3. Berlin: Skip-the-line Sachsenhausen Memorial Walking Tour

Take a trip to the Sachsenhausen Memorial and learn about a somber but important chapter in Germany's history. Constructed in 1936 by the SS, it was built to detain all opposition to the Nazi regime. After meeting your guide in Berlin, hop on a train to Oranienburg, approximately 25 minutes outside of Berlin. Arrive at Sachsenhausen Memorial Site after a 30-minute stroll from the train station.  Start your guided experience at the Camp Administration Center, now an on-site museum, but formerly the base for overseeing the Third Reich’s 32 main camps and 1000+ satellite camps.  As you tour the site, find out from your guide about what conditions were like inside the camp, the infamous ‘Death March’ ahead of the camp’s liberation in 1945, and how the camp was used by the Soviets afterward.  Listen to stories of revolt by Jewish prisoners in 1942, defiance by British prisoners of war, and sabotage by Soviet and Polish prisoners.  Hear first-hand about the people there: different prisoner groups, their fates, and familiar names imprisoned in the camp, including Stalin’s son.  After the tour, be accompanied by your guide back to the center of Berlin.  Sites that might be visited on the tour include the following:  • Camp Administration Center (formerly the Concentration Camps Inspectorate) • Station Z • Watchtower • Commandant's House • Jewish Barracks • Punishment Cells • Pathology Laboratory • Infirmary • Special Camp 1/7 • SS Training Camp • Gallows

Berlin: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and Potsdam Tour

4. Berlin: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and Potsdam Tour

Acquire deeper knowledge of World War II history and understand the cruelty of the crimes committed against the victims of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp with a guided visit. Afterward, explore the ancient Slavic town of Postdam and its royal palaces and gardens. Board your bus at the TV tower at Alexanderplatz and begin your drive to the first stop. Meet your Sachsenhausen Memorial guide and enter the camp to understand the dimensions of the cruelty that took place there. Learn about how jobs were distributed and how the camp was run. After your visit, set off towards Potsdam. Hear the story of how it went from being a Slavic town to becoming a royal residence. See the palaces and gardens where the royal families and their courts ruled and walked. Take a guided walk and enjoy some free time to discover the area on your own.

Berlin: Guided 4-Hour Sachsenhausen Small Group Bus Tour

5. Berlin: Guided 4-Hour Sachsenhausen Small Group Bus Tour

Take a guided tour of the former concentration camp,Sachsenhausen and learn about the atrocities that were committed there. Discover how Germans deal with this history and learn more about what the local populations knew about the realities of this immense camp system.  Board a bus in central Berlin and head to Sachsenhausen, the first concentration camp that was built from the ground up to be a camp, planned and designed for maximum control. Enter the old barracks and learn about the daily lives of those imprisoned. With your guide, you'll walk around the interior of Heinrich Himmler's modern and always expandable concentration camp. Visit the commandant’s house before walking through Tower A where the words "Arbeit Macht Frei" are still visible. You will also see the gas chamber, isolation cells, creatoria and punishment cells. Once the tour has concluded, you will be picked up and brought back to Berlin in an air-conditioned bus to the meeting point at the Friedrichstrasse train station.

Berlin: Sachsenhausen Memorial Day Tour

6. Berlin: Sachsenhausen Memorial Day Tour

Experience a tour of the memorial site at Sachsenhausen, one of the main concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Built in 1936 by the SS - the second major camp to be constructed after Dachau - it was set up to detain all opposition to the Nazi regime. Traveling from Berlin, transfer to Sachsenhausen by public transport, approximately 20 miles north of the city center. Upon arrival, you will learn why Sachsenhausen was created and why the Nazis developed the concentration camp system. Learn what conditions were like inside the camp, and how they worsened after the outbreak of World War II. Your guide will describe who was present in the camp, some acts of defiance by British Prisoners or War, as well acts of sabotage by Soviet and Polish prisoners.  Inside the grounds you will see memorial statues and plaques, as well as the remains of the watchtowers, barrack blocks, and execution areas. The tour also includes inspiring stories of resistance. Learn about the revolt of Jewish prisoners in 1942, and how some Jewish prisoners survived by counterfeiting millions of pounds sterling in the forgery workshop.  Hear about different prisoner groups and notable escapes, including the tunnel dug by “Jimmy” James, and the history of the ‘death march’ ahead of the camp’s liberation in 1945. At the end of the tour your guide will take you back to Berlin via train, arriving in a centrally located station such as Hauptbahnhof, Friedrichstraße, or Gesundbrunnen.

From Berlin: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Day Trip

7. From Berlin: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Day Trip

Learn about the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, the camp that was meant to serve as a model for all other Nazi camps, on this guided day trip from the center of Berlin. Hear the stories behind both the persecutors and the victims on a guided walking tour of the facility.  Purchase an ABC zone train ticket and meet your guide at the main entrance to the Red Town Hall in Berlin. Hop on the train to Oranienburg where you will enter the Sachsenhausen Nazi camp through the main gate.  Listen as your guide tells you about the historical events that led to the creation of the camp in 1936. Find out which political prisoners and persecuted groups were held in the camp and learn details behind other Nazi atrocities. Visit the memorial to reflect and pay your respects. 

Berlin: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Museum Tour

8. Berlin: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Museum Tour

Embark on a guided tour of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial and Museum, where the echoes of Nazi Germany's past reverberate. Starting from Berlin's bustling center, step into a realm where history's weight hangs heavy in the air. Led by a guide, unravel the complex layers of Berlin's evolution and humanity's resilience against the backdrop of this haunting site. Traverse the camp's somber layout, from the oppressive punishment cells to the looming guard towers, each bearing witness to tales of both brutality and bravery. Uncover the camps’ inner workings, diving into the daily struggles and small acts of defiance that defined life within its confines. Through personal narratives, connect with those who endured this dark chapter of history, shedding light on the profound human spirit that persevered against all odds. As you absorb the stories of resilience and resistance, gain a deeper understanding of Berlin's past and its enduring impact on the present. Pause to reflect on the harsh realities faced by the inmates, offering a moment of quiet contemplation amidst the site's solemn surroundings. Returning to Berlin's vibrant core, be struck by the stark contrast between past and present, a poignant reminder of the city's journey from darkness to light.

Berlin: WelcomeCard All Inclusive

9. Berlin: WelcomeCard All Inclusive

Choose the validity period you want, based on how long you will stay. Then, buy your Berlin WelcomeCard to enjoy free entry to more than 30 attractions, activities, and museums. Get over 150 discounts on tours, restaurants, bars, and more. Ride a hop-on hop-off bus around the city for free. Children travel for free on public transport with an adult who holds a card, so they don't need their own public transport tickets. Get a children's WelcomeCard so the kids can enjoy free entry to the same attractions as the adult. Have fun exploring the best landmarks in Berlin and save money.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp (by private Vehicle)

10. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp (by private Vehicle)

Immerse yourself in the chilling yet essential history of World War II, a tour of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. As the first prototype of the Nazi concentration camp system, Sachsenhausen stands as a haunting testament to the depths of human cruelty and the enduring resilience of the human spirit. This tour offers an unparalleled glimpse into the harrowing realities of the camp's inmates and the brutal machinery that powered the Holocaust. Your ticket also includes a meaningful contribution to the camp memorial, ensuring the preservation of this important historical site for future generations. The meeting point is at the Park Inn Hotel, Alexander Platz, where your guide will pick you up. Along the 30-minute route, your guide will introduce the methodology of the Nazi concentration camp system and how Sachsenhausen became the model camp upon which all future camps were to be designed. Once at the camp, your guide will take you through the SS Concentration Camps Inspectorate, the administrative and managerial authority for the entire concentration camp system of the Third Reich. Walking through the Sachsenhausen main entrance, guests will pass through the infamous Tower A under the infamous words “ARBEIT MACHT FREI”. Once inside the camp, you will be introduced to the daily routine of the inmates, the dreaded morning roll call and the feared shoe testing track. The tour then continues to the Jewish sector of the camp. Here, guests have the opportunity to walk through the overcrowded barracks and gain insight into the horrible living conditions prisoners were subject to. Proceeding to the camp barracks, the tour continues through the camp cell block, a place shrouded in secrecy and the site of cruel mistreatment. Here, British POWs and special inmates, including Stalin’s son, were imprisoned. Next, the tour continues to the camp kitchen, where guests can take a short break, use the restrooms, and explore the exhibition of camp items, including prisoner drawings still visible on the walls. Following the break, guests are introduced to the camp's post-war use by the Soviet Union. Known as ‘Special Camp no.7’, the camp was kept in use, holding 60,000 prisoners, including German POWs, convicted war criminals and political prisoners. Here, we will discuss the continued prisoner mistreatment, post-war conservation efforts and impacts on modern Germany. The tour continues to ‘Station Z’, the camp's execution site, gas chamber and crematorium. Here guests bear witness to the Nazi’s Final Solution and the systematic murder of prison inmates. Before leaving the camp, we passed through the camp infirmary, where prisoners were subjected to medical experiments. After the tour, guests will be brought back to the original pick-up point at the Park Inn Hotel, Alexander Platz.

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We have been delighted! Alejandra is an excellent guide who transmits passion for what she does and thanks to this she captures attention, making the 5-hour visit seem like 1 hour... The experience is highly recommended. Thank you for all the learning we took away

Maria was amazing throughout & a fountain of knowledge. She gave you plenty of time to look round the museum as well as ask any questions you had. She was very engaging & pleasant throughout. Definitely recommend.

The guide was so nice and helpful and easy to undarstand. She explained everything with calmness and wad entuistiatic to explain to everybody the amasing and sad history. Just amacing guide.

Our trip was too short . I think we reached break even point but didn’t really save money

This is so worth it if you are gonna be staying in berlin for a couple of days.