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Bus & minivan tours

Bus & minivan tours

Our most recommended Battambang Bus & minivan tours

Afternoon Tuk Tuk Bambootrain,Killing Cave Bat Cave & Sunset

1. Afternoon Tuk Tuk Bambootrain,Killing Cave Bat Cave & Sunset

Discover Battambang on this guided city tour. Explore the city on a tuk tuk before riding a bamboo train and marveling at stunning views of nature. You also get to visit Battambang's famous caves and try some local cuisine. Upon meeting your guide, start your journey by hopping on a tuk tuk to explore the city. Learn about the history, culture, religion, agriculture, folk tales, and other stories about Cambodia and Battambang. See historical buildings, along with the central market, provincial hall, and the symbol statue of Battambang. Then, your guide will take you to see Battambang's beautiful villages, fruit plantations, rice fields, and suspension bridge. Spend some time with the locals and get to talk with farmers. After that, hop on the bamboo train and admire the beautiful landscape along the way. Then, having a late lunch at a local restaurant in the village. Your next stop is Phnom Sampou, where you will get to taste rat barbecue, a popular local dish. Take a Motor bike or Pick up truck to the hill to see the Killing Cave and hear about the time of the Khmer Rouge (1975-1979) where over ten thousand victims were killed. Afterward, discover some temples, monkeys, viewpoints and sunset on the summit of the mountain before coming down to explore the Bat Cave. Witness wrinkle-leap bats flying out from the cave. End your journey by going back to your accommodation or to Pomme Bar in town with new memories and knowledge of the history and beauty of Battambang.

A Day TukTuk Handicrafts Bambootrain Killing&BatCaves,Sunset

2. A Day TukTuk Handicrafts Bambootrain Killing&BatCaves,Sunset

1. Battambang Province: Start with pickup at 7:20 AM from your accommodation or a restaurant. After that, get to know your guide and hear some stories about the history, culture, religion, agriculture, and folk tales of Cambodia and Battambang. Then, see some beautiful historical buildings, central market, provincial hall and the symbol statute of Battambang (Ta Dambong Kranhoung). 2. khmer rice noodle factory: Next, head to see where Khmer rice noodles are being made by locals. Learn about Khmer rice noodles, a famous food eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of others Khmer dishes. Try some of the noodles as well. 3. Bamboo sticky rice production: Watch the locals cook bamboo sticky rice, which is prepared as a dessert or a sweet snack known as bamboo sticky rice. Bamboo sticky rice is famous for its delicious taste, and popular among tourists and locals. 4. Wat samrong knong: See the oldest Buddhist temple,e called Wat Samrong Knong, which was built in 1707. Marvel at the brick stupa that was built in 1887. Learn how the pagoda was used to house Khmer Rouge soldiers and also served as a detention area for their victims. See the torture house and killing field where approximately 10,008 victims were killed. 5. Rice paper production: After this, see how rice paper is produced. Learn how it is used for making famous and delicious spring rolls. Discover how it is still made for a living by the villagers, who can make at least 1,500 per day. 6. Rice wine production: Ride to the rice wine production plant which has been in use since the 1980s. Find out how rice wine has been made and sample some too. Hear how it was used for medication, and to soak plants, fruits, and even poisonous animals like cobras and tarantulas 7. Ek phnom Temples: View a 25 m-high giant Buddha that is surrounded by standing Buddha statues on either side. Then, walk to the beautiful Buddhist temple that was built in 1991. Go inside to see Buddha's story on the wall. Also, see the ruins of an Angkorian Hindu temple that was built in the 11th century under the rule of King Suryavarman I. 8. Battambang Return to the city and resume the tour and go on the bamboo train. 9. Bamboo Train Ou Srauo Laou: See beautiful villages, fruits plantations, rice fields, suspension bridge, local people living and stop to talk with farmers. Then, buy your ticket and board the bamboo train. Get a free massage too. Admire the scenery along the way. Then, having late lunch at a local restaurant in the village. 10. Phnom Sampou:(Killing cave) Before arrivingsee and test K F R (Rat barbecue). Take a taxi, truck, or walk to Phnom Sampou. see Killing Cave and the time of the Khmer Rouge (1975-1979) where over 10 thousand victims were killed. After seeing the caves, go up to see one of the highlights in Battambang, some temples, monkeys and viewpoints on the summit of the mountain. 11. Bat cave: After seeing a lot of viewpoints and sunset on the hill, come down to wait and see millions of wrinkle-leap bats flying out from the cave, taking over 50mn in the evening. At the last,go back to the hotel or to Pomme Bar in town.

Battambang: Bamboo Train, Killing Cave, Bat Cave & Sunset

3. Battambang: Bamboo Train, Killing Cave, Bat Cave & Sunset

This tour is offer to you a few places, such as Battambang statue, ancient house, swing bridge, bamboo train, killing cave, and bat cave with the sun set. This tour would be start at the afternoon. Tuk Tuk driver and guide would be included. All information about those place to be explore.

Battambang: Temples & Bat Caves Tour with Bamboo Train Ride

4. Battambang: Temples & Bat Caves Tour with Bamboo Train Ride

Start the tour at 8.00am at the your Hotel is the meeting point. The tour focuses on showing the "real" Cambodia how local families still make their living today. You'll learn how the families make rice paper, prahoc (typical Cambodian fish paste), grolan (sticky rice stuffed with bamboo), and other Cambodian treats. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and the Battambang area is known for its high quality rice and oranges. A stopover will be made at Wat Ek Phnom. Wat Ek Phnom is a small, partially collapsed 11th-century temple surrounded by the remains of a laterite wall and an ancient baray (reservoir). Above the east portal to the central temple is a lintel showing the churning of the Ocean of Milk. This is a very popular picnic and pilgrimage destination for Khmers, especially on local holidays, and especially for women trying to conceive. You will return to Battambang around 12:30pm. Ride the Bamboo Train, an original means of transport on the railroad tracks - 2 axles with wheels, covered with a bamboo mat with padding. If there is oncoming traffic, the vehicle is simply lifted off the rails and then used again. The Bamboo Train stops at a small settlement. The people are very friendly, the children surround you and laugh and enjoy the pictures on the cameras. Wat Banan, a beautiful and serene Angkorian temple on a hilltop with great views. Then visit the only vine plantation in Cambodia, located on the way between the Banan Mountains and Battambang. The wine produced here can be tasted directly at the winery or in some restaurants. In the area there are other fruit plantations such as oranges, bananas, dragon fruit and many vegetable plantations. Continue to Phnom Sampeau, which can be reached via 150 steps. This temple is a pilgrimage site for Cambodians. Here was a Khmer Rouge front line. In the mountain there is a so-called Killing Cave, in which the Khmer Rouge murdered critics of the regime. The rock also has a large bat cave.

Battambang Private Full-Day Tour from Siem Reap

5. Battambang Private Full-Day Tour from Siem Reap

Depart from your hotel early in the morning and head from Siem Reap to Battambang province. Begin your day with a sightseeing tour around the city of Battambang along the Steung Sangké river. Pass Battambang's gorgeous French colonial buildings on the way to Odam Bang village. From there, take a bamboo train through the region's rice paddies. This province is known as the country's “rice barn”, as it is the leading rice-producing province in Cambodia. After enjoying a picnic lunch, visit the iconic statue of Battambang (Ta Bambang Kragnoong) and the Governor's house before heading to the hilltop temples of Phnom Sampeau. The area's limestone hills are dissected by a number of caves, and some still contain unexpected reminders of Cambodia's horrific Khmer Rouge regime. Travel back along the Steung Sangké River and discover the region's tropical fruit orchards and vegetables planted along the fertile riverbanks of Steung Sangké River on the way back to your hotel in Siem Reap.

From Siem Reap: Battambang Day Trip Bamboo Train, Bats Cave

6. From Siem Reap: Battambang Day Trip Bamboo Train, Bats Cave

Discover Battambang, the capital of Battambang province, on a day tour from Siem Reap. Explore off the beaten path, visit the Psa Nat market, and take the bamboo train through the countryside. Begin your tour with a comfortable hotel pickup in Siem Reap and head to Battambang. Once you arrive, visit the ancient Ek Phnom Temple, dating from the Angkorian times. Marvel at its massive white stone Buddha statue before heading to the Rice Paper Local Factory. After learning the importance of rice paper and how it is made, stop in the Psa Nat market and grab a bite. Once you've tried all the traditional foods, head to the old colonial buildings that housed the Governor. See traditional costumes and historic photographs. Next, experience the famous bamboo train ride. Sit back and relax as you ride through the countryside and past local villages. Finish your tour of Battambang with a visit to Phnom Sompov (Sompov Mountain). Watch millions of bats leave the cave during the beautiful sunset before returning to your Seim Reap hotel.

Private River Cruise from Siem Reap to Battambang

7. Private River Cruise from Siem Reap to Battambang

Private boat from Siem Reap to Battambang by Traditional Wooden Boats from Siem Reap to Battambang. The trip takes between six to eight hours, depending on the season and how high the water level is, and which direction you are going; the boat from Siem Reap to Battambang is shorter than the other way around. The views are gorgeous, passing by many small fishing villages, allowing visitors to get a sense of life on Cambodia’s riverside. A great way to combine sightseeing, travel, history, and relaxation, this one-way boat transfer from Siem Reap to Battambang is perfect for those who want to maximize a travel day and enjoy a slower and more traditional mode of transportation than buses and taxis.

Amazing Bamboo Train Ride, Bats cave, killing cave, Sunset

8. Amazing Bamboo Train Ride, Bats cave, killing cave, Sunset

Full day tour by rich southwest of Battambang. 9:30am to 6:30pm Bamboo train Ancient House (Watko Village) Suspension Bridge (Kampongpil) Village ( vegetable farm, fruit farm and fishing village), Fruit Bats, Banan Temple, Rice field, Phone Sompov ( Killing cave, natural cave, monkey forest,Big canon guns, landscape from hill of mountain with sunset, bat cave..)

Full-Day Battambang Private Tour (Starting from Siem Reap)

9. Full-Day Battambang Private Tour (Starting from Siem Reap)

Tour start early at 5:00am as you can pack breakfast along with you or you can eat breakfast at any good restaurant along the way & lunch we eat along the way as well. Battambong city/Province : Located on the Norwest Side of Cambodia and is the fifth largest province of Cambodia. The province's fertile rice fields have led to a mostly agricultural economy giving rise to the moniker "the Rice Bowl of Cambodia". The province features a range of cultures as well as natural resources. Seventy five percent of the area is jungles and mountains. We will drive around to the city but this city not so big or modern if we compare with city of Siem Reap & Phnom Penh. Bamboo Train A reinvention of the famous bamboo rattler has been completed 500 metres from Wat Banan. Rails and sleepers from the original route have been used to lay a purpose built 4km track, running through some stunning scenic countryside alongside the Banan hills. Tickets are $5. Phnom Sampou An important religious site known throughout all Cambodia Phnom Sampov is a striking limestone mountain located on the road to Pailin about 12 km from Battambang. Like Wat Banan there are a series of steps leading up the mountain although an easier route up is on the back of a motorbike via a new road. On the top of the hill is a Wat and many stupas along with various shrines and grottos. During the Khmer Rouge period the mountain was used as a place to kill "enemies" of the regime and in what are known as the "killing caves" there is a memorial to these victims. Also on the mountain are two rusting artillery pieces which were used by the Cambodian government and their Vietnamese allies in the fight against the Khmer Rouge which ended in 1996. Although Phnom Sampov has a tragic past it is also a pleasant place to visit. The panoramic views from the top are truly breathtaking and there are a variety of food and drink stalls at the base of the mountain making it a great place to while away the hours. Every evening at nightfall thousands of bats make their way out of caves in the hillside to feed before returning at dawn. This natural phenomenon really is a "must see" for the visitor. Phnom Banoun Phnom Banan is some 22 kilometres to the south of Battambang, but worth a visit if you’ve time to spare. Like Ek Phnom, Banan is also originally 11th century-built, though it saw a Buddhist makeover during the 12th century and reign of Jayarvarman VII. The temple is constructed on top of a hill overlooking the Sangkar river and there’s a 358-step climb to the top, where five towers precariously remain. Wat Ek Phnom is an angkorian temple located on the left bank of the Sangkae River near the G Peam Aek spot approximately 13 km north of the city of Battambang in north western Cambodia. It is a Hindu temple built in the 11th century under the rule of king Suryavarman I. Although partly collapsed and looted it is famous for its well-carved lintels and pediments. Back your hotel in Siem Reap in late evning.

Private transfer from Battambang to others cities, Cambodia

10. Private transfer from Battambang to others cities, Cambodia

This private transfer from Battambang to others cities such as, Phnom Penh,Siem Reap, Poi Pet, Pailin. With experienced, licenced and English Speaking driver. The car is luxury with a strong Air-conditioned. You could stops anywhere for the w.c or for foods and hotel pick up and dropped off also included. WhatsApp:+85593737304

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