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Pucon: Full-Day Villarrica Volcano Climb

1. Pucon: Full-Day Villarrica Volcano Climb

Meet with the local partner the day before your climb for an equipment check-up and brief explanation of the hike. The next day drive 30 minutes from the center of Pucon to the base of Villarrica Volcano. From here begin the hike to the summit of one of Chile's iconic active volcanoes. The first stage will be a traditional hiking ascent, starting at 1,200 meters above sea level. Acclimatize at an easy pace. As you approach the summit glacier, start using crampons and ice axes, with the assistance and explanation from the guides. After five to six hours of climbing, reach 2,847 meters at the summit. Gaze at the middle of the crater and its impressive geological formation. See fumaroles and maybe even some lava. From here also enjoy 360-degree views of surrounding volcanos, lagoons, and forests. Spend approximately half an hour at the summit and then descend in half the time it took to climb up. Combine walking and controlled snow sliding to get down. During your hike have conversations about the native peoples of the Andes, the mountains and their relationship with them, as well as topics in volcanology. Once you've reached the base, your vehicle will be waiting to return you back to the departure office in Pucon.

Ascent to Villarrica volcano 2,847masl, from Pucón

2. Ascent to Villarrica volcano 2,847masl, from Pucón

Villarrica volcano is the most active volcano in Chile, and its last eruption was in 2015. When we reach the summit, at 2,847 meters above sea level, you’ll be inspired by incredible views of the towns of Pucón and Villarrica, nearby lakes, and other volcanoes in the region. 6.00am or 6.30am: We start in our office to get ready for the adventure! Here we will give you all the equipment you need. Then we take the transport for 40 minutes to reach the base of the volcano (at 1200 masl). 7.30am: We start walking for about 6 to 7 hours to reach the summit (2847 masl). *** During YELLOW ALERT, we will climb until 2300masl, the climb lasts around 4h. 2pm: Maximum time to reach the summit. Its summit will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of Pucón, Villarrica, several lakes, and many volcanoes in the area. Depending on its volcanic activity, it is possible to see magma inside its crater. 2.30pm: We start the descent of the volcano, during winter, autumn and spring we will be able to slide in the snow, during summer we will walk down. The descent between 2 to 4 hours aprox. 4pm/6pm: A cold beer awaits you at the office to celebrate your achievement ! *** During YELLOW ALTERT, we will return earlier to Pucon, around 3pm/4pm. *** Since November 2022, the access to the summit is forbidden by the authorities due to volcanic activity. We are allowed to hike until 2300masl. (march 2024, we dont know for how long will last the alert) This activity is of moderate difficulty. No previous experience is necessary.

Pucon: Quetrupillan Volcano Full-Day Climb

3. Pucon: Quetrupillan Volcano Full-Day Climb

Meet at the local partner's office in downtown Pucon and travel to the Palguin area to the east of the city. Start the hike and cross the forest full of native Coihue trees, some of which reach more than 20 meters high. Discover the various birds of the area as you hike along a leisurely trail. Learn about the native inhabitants and culture of the region from your experienced guides. After you exit the forest, make your way into the rugged Andean mountain landscape. As the height increases, hike along steeper slopes which will bring you closer to the summit. When you reach the crater at the top, after climbing over 1,000 meters, walk westward along the ridge to reach the summit at a height of 2,347 meters. Enjoy fantastic views of the Villarrica and Lanin volcanoes, along with more than three other volcanoes in the area. Admire the many lagoons, Argentinean pampas, and green forests of this panoramic viewpoint. Enjoy an easy descent, where you will walk once more through green forests, and arrive at your vehicle which will take you back to Pucon.

Huerquehue Park from the air with a Paragliding champion

4. Huerquehue Park from the air with a Paragliding champion

The “flight of the condor” in Lake Caburgua, minutes from Pucón, is an experience flying paragliding at a higher altitude, we will reach 1,400 meters high. We will takeoff from the Tinquilco Viewpoint ("Mirador Tinquilco" on Google Maps) where we will completely see Lake Caburgua, Lake Tinquilco, Huerquehue National Park, many lagoons and even more volcanoes for 15 - 25 minutes. Paragliding is an unforgettable experience of great emotions and unique views in the world. Book your condor flight today and feel the thrill of flying! Required Equipment - Trekking shoes ideally. - Windbreak. - Buff (If you have it) Adventure log The takeoff Once equipped and ready to take off, your instructor will give a complete safety briefing and verify that your equipment is secured. 5 steps and we are in the air, we settle into our "cloud chair" and voila, the sensations begin!! It's peaceful and smooth, until you decide to push your adrenaline further and ask your pilot for a bit of acrobatics, who will gladly give you a ride on the air roller coaster ;) Before the flight... We will pick you up at the meeting point in our comfortable 4x4 Jeep and we will go up to Mirador Tinquilco, during the journey we will get to know each other and answer your questions! From here on, everything goes up! The landing We are already preparing to land, we take three steps and we are already on our beautiful Caburgua beach, the water is crystal clear and the sun invites us to stay there! I hope you brought a swimsuit ;) If the day is a little colder, we walk through a small native forest to culminate the experience and from now on you will always walk the Earth with your eyes looking at the sky, because you have already been there and there you want to return as Da Vinci said.

Pucon: Full-Day Villarrica National Park Hike

5. Pucon: Full-Day Villarrica National Park Hike

Start your day traveling through incredible landscapes of nature and geological formations. Drive approximately 70 kilometers along the border with Argentina and crossing the beautiful area of Puesco. Arrive at the hike starting point at the Quillelhue Lagoon in Villarrica National Park. Trek for about four kilometers and pass by the Escondida and Huinfiuca lagoons. Continue towards Laguna Verde and after reaching about five kilometers, arrive at a slope and approach the skirts of the mythical Lanin Volcano. Be impressed by the 3,870 meters high peak and its glacier hat. Stop for a healthy lunch when it pleases you. Having crossed a mountainous Andean landscape and after visiting this last lagoon, return to the starting point of your hike. Heaed back to Pucon with a stop in the town of Curarrehue. While here, visit the Mapuche women's cooperative and see local, fair-trade crafts and gastronomic products before concluding your day.

Pucon: Stand up Paddle trip on the Villarrica Lake

6. Pucon: Stand up Paddle trip on the Villarrica Lake

We will meet in our office located in front of the main square of Pucon, to prepare the Stand up Paddle equipment and go out walking with our boards to the Villarrica Lake, only 2 blocks away. On the beach we will have a brief explanation of how to perform this great discipline, and then enter the lake and start paddling and vitalize ourselves. We will skirt the peninsula, enjoying views of native forest sounds and bird watching, views of the Cordon de Quelhue and views of rock formations amidst emerald waters. In the western section we will begin to observe the imposing Villarrica Volcano, from the interior of the lake. We will stop on rocky plains to drink water and eat dried fruits, with beautiful views of the surroundings. Finally after 2,5 hours paddling smoothly, we arrive to another beach, vitalized, where we will end this navigation and in our vehicle we will move back, a few blocks away, to the agency to enjoy a natural drink.

Pucón and Villarrica: Guided Tour with Hotel Pickup

7. Pucón and Villarrica: Guided Tour with Hotel Pickup

Discover the towns of Villarrica and Pucón on a guided tour from Pucón or Villarrica. Visit the Municipal Historical and Archaeological Museum, the craft market, and the Canela viewpoint. Be picked up from your hotel in Pucón or Villarrica and travel along the lake. Begin by strolling along the Villarrica waterfront, then visit the Municipal Historical and Archaeological Museum, and the craft market. Take a walk through the city center and head to the Canela viewpoint to take beautiful photos. Later, visit Pucón to see its classic wooden flowers, O'Higgins Street, Grande Beach, La Poza, and the main square. After the tour, be dropped off back at your hotel.

Ascent to Quetrupillán volcano 2370masl, from Pucón

8. Ascent to Quetrupillán volcano 2370masl, from Pucón

Not as well known as its explosive sister volcano Villarrica, climbing Quetrupillán in winter is an incredible experience. A lush walk through the forest leads to panoramic views of the snow-capped volcano. Its flat summit allowes us to have an impressive 360° viewpoint with stunning postcard views of the smoking Villarrica and the gigant Lanín volcano. During summer, this ascent is a beautiful hike; when you arrive at its summit you will discover a huge glaciar inside its crater, and you can also see nice blue lagoons of melted ice. The Quetrupillan volcano stretches 2,370 meters above sea level. It's an activity of medium dificulty. 6:00am: We meet at our agency where we´ll give you all the mountain equipment you need for the activity. 6:30am: We leave Pucón and drive for 1h aprox., until the base of the volcano. 8am: Begining of the climb. 1pm/2pm: We should arrive to the summit at this time. It´s around 5h to 6h climbing, depending of the season. 2pm: We start to descent the volcano, in the winter we slide down with sledges, in the summer we walk down. 5pm: Back to the car, we´ll have a beer or juice before leaving ! (sometimes we´ll have it at the agency). 7pm: End of the activity. We recomand you to visit us the day before the hike, so you can try the shoes and equipment and we can answer any question.

Ascent to Lanin volcano, 3,776masl, from Pucón

9. Ascent to Lanin volcano, 3,776masl, from Pucón

The Lanín volcano stretches 3,776 meters above sea level, making it the highest volcano in the Araucanía region. It’s located on the border of Chile and Argentina, but we always climb from Chilean side. Its long and tiring ascent will be rewarded by an incredible view from the summit where you will be able to admire several volcanoes, lakes, and huge expanses of forests, including those in the Andes mountain range. This activity lasts two full days. Day 1: 6am: We meet at our agency where we will give you all the necesary equipment for the adventure. We have around 1h driving to reach the base of the volcano. 8am: Begining of the climb. We will start from 1200masl, and hike until 2700 or 2900masl aprox, to reach a good place to camp. 2pm/4pm: Arriving at 29000masl, from here we will install the tents, cook and rest during all the afternoon. We will enjoy an amazing sunset from the mountain! We include you a warm dinner. Day 2: 4am/5am: After having breakfast (included), we will start our second hike day, with light backpacks: we will leave tents and sleeping bags here and climb with less equipment. 10am: Expected time to arrive to the summit. From here you will enjoy a view of 15 volcanoes! The descent will last around 6 hours 6pm: Back to the car 7pm/8pm: Back to Pucón, where you will enjoy a fresh beer or juice and a snack with your guides. The dificulty of this hike is high. You need a very good physical condition.

From Pucón: Huerquehue National Park Hiking Tour

10. From Pucón: Huerquehue National Park Hiking Tour

Embark on a guided trek through Huerquehue National Park, a natural wonderland with 12,500 hectares of forest, lakes, and waterfalls. Follow your guide on a hike through the park, passing by 4 lakes, including the emerald waters of Lago Chico. Start your tour with a transfer from Pucón to the park. Begin your trek on a trail that leads you from 780 meters above sea level to 1,350 meters above sea level. Pass by the Trinquilco, El Toro, Verde, and Chico lakes, each with its own unique beauty. Keep an eye out for the diverse species that inhabit the area, such as woodpeckers, hawks, and the mysterious chucao owl. Admire the views of the Patagonian forest and take in the natural beauty of the park.

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The company (Zenit) you do this trek with is full of actual experienced climbers and trekkers, and unlike other tour companies you are not shipped off to a third party. You climb with the people you talk to. All of our guides were very knowledgeable, especially about safety. And although anybody in reasonable shape could probably do this, it definitely was harder than we were expecting as athletic mid 20s. Still 5/5 overall.

This is a fantastic experience despite not being able to go all the way to the top of the crater. Our guide couldn’t have been better and shared extensive knowledge with us throughout the hike. Well worth the money for a fantastic day of hiking. The kit provided is fab and absolutely necessary.

For me it really is the most wonderful excursion I have done in 3 weeks. Highly recommended, very professional and special.

Amazing experience and top notch guide (Chacha). Would highly recommend!

A challenging but excellent day, highly recommended.