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Discover Croatia’s largest island where watersports, mysterious caves, adventure, and natural wonders await.

Our most recommended things to do in Krk

From Krk, Rijeka: Discover 4 Islands, Catamaran & Boat Tour

1. From Krk, Rijeka: Discover 4 Islands, Catamaran & Boat Tour

Begin your excursion at the Krk Harbor at around 11:00 AM. From there, cruise directly to your first destination: Sveti Juraj. This spot used to be an important harbor during the times of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Explore the beautiful landscape and discover its rich history. Your next stop around 12:00 PM will be the Island Plavnik, where you'll have time for some adventurous cave-swimming. Keep your eyes peeled for white-head griffons and fish farm. Right after, around 1:30 PM, arrive on the Island Kormat, which is famous for being an island full of seagulls, and sometimes also dolphins. Next, sail off to Stara Baska, a small fishermen's village, and go for a swim off Golden Beach. Afterward, head back to Krk with beautiful panorama of Krk island

Krk Island: Half-Day Boat Trip to Five Islands

2. Krk Island: Half-Day Boat Trip to Five Islands

Explore 5 islands on a half-day cruise from Krk Island. Visit a Franciscan Monastery, see the griffon vultures on Cres Island, and swim in the brilliantly-colored waters of the Blue Cave. Board your cruise and set sail for Košljun island. Enjoy 1 hour of free time to visit the island's historic Franciscan monastery and fascinating museums. See where St. Francis monks live, wander through their olive garden, and marvel at small chapels in the woods. Sail back to Punat port to pick up some more guests before heading out of Punat bay. Cruise to the Lagunas Golden Bay and Fox Bay on the most beautiful part of the Krk Island. Marvel at the untouched nature on the far south side of the island, accessible only by boat or ship. Swim in the refreshing turquoise waters and sunbathe on the pebble beaches. After drying off, sail to Kormat Island to watch the feeding of seagulls and, if we are lucky, see the dolphins play. Next, we cruise to the magical Blue Cave of the Plavnik island, where you will have the chance to take a swim in its azure blue waters and enter this beauty what nature has created. Continue towards stunning cliffs on the island of Plavnik where we stop to admire the majestic griffon vulture birds in the protected nature reserve. Sail towards Cres Island where the nature has made some stunning views and safe location for a big fish farm with top quality fish breeds of our Adriatic. Finish your cruise with a panoramic view of the old city Krk and marvel at this beautiful old town and its ancient citadel from the deck of your boat. Return to Punat port for the end of your beautiful voyage.

Punat: Krk Archipelago Half-Day Boat Tour

3. Punat: Krk Archipelago Half-Day Boat Tour

Enjoy a half-day at sea, relaxing on the boat as you take in the stunning seascape views. Stop along the way to jump in the clear waters for a refreshing swim and to explore the Plavnik cave, only accessible by swimming inside.  Arrive at the meeting point and board the boat and the slowly depart out of the bay of Punat, heading towards the city of Krk. While leaving Punat behind you, you will the chance to enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the sea. The old castle walls are visible from your boat. Once you left the bay of Punat, you will sail straight towards the island of Plavnik, passing by fish farms along the way. After the fish farms, you will slowly arrive at the European vulture nesting grounds which are located on the cliffs of the island, clearly visible from the boat. You will have your first stop for swimming in a beautiful bay for 45 minutes, after that, you the tour continues to the Plavnik cave, where you will have your second stop of the day, for about 30 minutes. Once you enter the cave which is only possible by swimming inside, you will find a small beach and a big hole in the ceiling so the sunlight will be bursting through the trees above. After leaving this beautiful spot, you will be passing by the islands of Kormati which are only inhabited by seagulls. Usually, the seagulls will fly around the boat and it is possible to feed them from the deck. This will lead you to your last stop at Fox Bay for a last 30-minute swim and then a slow departure back to Punat.

Krk: Biserujka Cave Entrance Ticket

4. Krk: Biserujka Cave Entrance Ticket

Located on the island of Krk, north of the village of Rudine, the place consist of a stone house from which Enter a stone house and descend the concrete stairs leading to a depth of 6 meters below the entrance. Continue through a small hall called the Balcony and the partially carved passage called the Shaft, follow the narrowest part of the trail through the cave. Go down more concrete stairs into the Great Hall. Look up at the ceiling and the walls of the hall, which are rich in stunning stalactites and stalagmites. The bottom of the Great Hall is located 13 meters below the point of entry. Feel flowing air from a crevice at the end of the cave. See how the groove on the northern side of the Great Hall transforms into the Arched Hall, which constitutes its lowest part. Keep following the path into the final part of the cave, named the Cypress Hall. This hall has about 20 meters in length, 9 meters in width, and about 2.5 meters in height, and rises almost to the surface. Start to feel the temperature drop to 15°C and relative humidity of about 95% in the deeper part of Biserujka Cave, known as Vitezićeva Cave. Spot the six steno-endemic species of wildlife, including a species of pseudoscorpion that was discovered in the cave. Learn about how the cave became listed in the National Ecological Network to preserve the endemic species and habitats, karst caves and pits. Learn more about the barren and rocky area around Biserujka and discover its unique characteristics on a 30-minute Educational Trail.

From Punat: Plavnik Island Boat Tour with Lunch

5. From Punat: Plavnik Island Boat Tour with Lunch

Set sail from Punat on a picturesque coastal cruise. Drop anchor at Plavnik island to jump into the ocean for a refreshing swim and bring a snorkel to explore this underwater world. Discover the beautiful blue shine within a sea cave and enjoy a lunch on the boat. Find your ship at the Sea lives statue at the end of the marina and climb on board to meet your friendly host and group for the day. Settle down and look out to the horizon to get excited for your adventure. Cruise over the ocean and wave goodbye to the coast as you arrive at the island of Plavnik. Take the chance to go swimming in this pictureqsue location and dive under the water with your snorkel to meet colorful fish. Continue your journey around the island to see the nests of the griffon vultures upon the rocks. Find the entrance to a stunning blue sea cave illuminated by the sun's rays and go exploring inside with your snorkel. Now comes the time to step foot onto Plavnik island and decide to venture inland or spend your time relaxing on the beach. Follow natural trails to find herbs that grow abundantly here or feel the hot sand under your feet. Get back on board the boat to enjoy a delicious lunch while still floating in the shore of the island and tuck into a fish, meat, or vegan menu. Make your last stop at Lisišnjak beach for a final swim before heading back to Punat.

From Krk: Day Trip to Rab and 4 Islands by Power Catamaran

6. From Krk: Day Trip to Rab and 4 Islands by Power Catamaran

Cruise from Krk Harbor to the village of Supetarska Draga, the island of Sveti Grgur, and the beaches of Stara Baska on this day trip. Swim in crystal-clear waters and soak up the sun on sandy beaches. Enjoy free time to explore at Kamporska Draga and Sveti Grgur.  Hop on this sightseeing in the morning at the harbor in Krk. Enjoy the panoramic views of Rab Island and the Gonar Peninsula on your way to the village of Supetarska Draga. Stop for about 2 hours where you can go swimming, relax on the sandy beach, or purchase a seaside lunch.  Continue to the Municipality of Lopar to the island of Sveti Grgur, was once used as a prison but is now famous for its beautiful beach. Hit the beach and go for a swim during a 1-hour stop before heading back to the island of Krk  Make one last stop at the charming village of Stara Baska to visit its marvelous white beach which rests in a softly-curved cove. Return to Krk harbor in the evening. 

Baška: Rab Island and Zavratnica Fjord Boat Tour with Lunch

7. Baška: Rab Island and Zavratnica Fjord Boat Tour with Lunch

Spend a day on the water with this boat tour from Baška. See from near ex political prison islands Grgur and Goli, , eat your fill of mouth-watering dishes with a buffet lunch on the island of Rab, and see the remains of a sunken ship at the Zavratnica fjord (just a small peace of Nature Park). Prepare yourselves for the longest tour on the northerh Adriatic, in wich we make almost 120km in just one day.. Meet your guide in the morning in Baška at the check in desk, to get more information, and hop aboard. Feel the wind in your hair as you relax in the covered seating area on the way past the island of Grgur which was home to a former women's political prison.(panorama tour)  Continue to the town of Rab where you will have some free time to discover this 3,000-year-old town. Sit down to a delectable buffet lunch with dishes like cakes, fruit, and ice cream at a local hotel in Rab before heading to the Zavratnica fjord. View the remains of a wrecked ship from World War II at the Zavratnica fjord. Stop to swim in the turquoise waters while looking up at the dramatic Velebit Mountains which surround you. Follows a panorama tour near the ex Men’s prison island of Goli, better known as Yugoslav Alcatraz. Glide past the island of Grgur once more on the way back to your meeting point in Baška in the evening light.

Punat: Grgur, Goli, Rab, and Krk Island Boat Trip with Lunch

8. Punat: Grgur, Goli, Rab, and Krk Island Boat Trip with Lunch

Explore the blue waters of Aegean on this boating day trip from Punat. Visit the former prison island of Grgur, take a guided walking tour on the island of Goli, and relax or go for a swim at the beach on the islands of Rab and Krik. Savor a mouth-watering lunch paired with a glass of wine or water. Hop aboard the comfortable boat at the main pier in Punat and embark on your sailing adventure. Glide across the water to the uninhabited former prison island of Grgur. Have some free time to take a walk, look for local deer, or go for a refreshing swim at the beach. Continue on to the island of Goli which was also a former prison island. Learn about what this island symbolized for locals before heading back to the boat. Be served a delectable lunch with a meat, fish, or vegan menu option. Spend some free time at a sandy beach on the island of Rab. Drop anchor at the island of Krk where you can jump off the boat into the crystal-clear sea next to wild beaches. Return to the main pier in Punat at the end of your boat trip.

Punat: Otocic Kosljun Monastery Island Tour

9. Punat: Otocic Kosljun Monastery Island Tour

Košljun island is a green oasis in the Punat bay. Enjoy walks in the wood and excellent views of Punat and Marina Punat. Walk through the history in a Franciscan monastery, learn about Frankopans, noble family from island of Krk. Take a moment in peace or pray in old church. Visit museums, you can see ethnographic museum, biodiversity, archeological and sacred art museums. You can learn about national costumes, old ways of life in an old kitchen, see numismatic collection and old music instruments and of course sopile, the traditional instrument of island Krk. Or just sit under a olive trees and enjoy.

Krk: Family-Owned Winery Tour and Tasting

10. Krk: Family-Owned Winery Tour and Tasting

Meet a winemaker that has continued the family tradition of wine production on this winery tour on Krk island. Hear the story of how the father and son both share the same name and a passion for crafting excellent wine. Be greeted by your host at the winery. Discover how this family has brought together experience, tradition, and new technologies to create wines with local grapes varieties like zlahtina and sansigot. Listen to the story of how the wine is produced as you access the cellar and the production area. Take a stroll through the vineyards where the grapes are ripened to perfection in the rich Croatian sun. Follow your host to a terrace overlooking the sea. Enjoy a guided tasting of 7 different fine wines that were produced at the winery. Savor local delicacies with the wine like cheese, breadsticks, olives, and sweets.

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Lots of dangers and 2 beautiful swimming moments. The boat was not full so there was plenty of room for everyone to move around. Very nicely organized and the crew was very friendly and explained everything well. Unfortunately we didn't see any dolphins, but it was definitely worth the trip for the money!

excellent tour guide, very informative in a range of languages, meal of choice supplied on board the boat, saw dolphins . we had 2.5 hours on saint jerolim island which i could have done without as there was nothing there, would have preferred to get off on brijuni

Very nice and interesting kayak tour along the coast from Stara Baška to Punat. With many possible stops in secluded bays for swimming or snorkeling. At the end of the tour there was a great dinner and nice conversations. Overall, highly recommended!!!

Very relaxed tour to beautiful bays with the opportunity to swim. The grotto is well worth seeing and we also saw dolphins. The team was very nice and explained everything in several languages. Can definitely recommend the tour.

Had a great, windy time with Captain Bobo! Scenery is beautiful, boat is good, Bobo was kind and knowledgeable.