Boat Excursion to Murano, Burano, and Torcello Islands

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Visit a glass factory in Murano

See the chocolate-box painted houses on Burano

Go to the Byzantine Cathedral in Torcello


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  • English Tour: Boat Excursion to Murano, Burano, and Torcello

    Live guide: English

    Duration: 4 hours

    Starts at Meeting Point ( More details, Show on map)

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    (per person)
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  • German Tour: Boat Excursion to Murano, Burano, and Torcello

    German Language Live Tour Guide

    Live guide: German

    Duration: 4 hours

    Starts at Meeting Point ( More details, Show on map)

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  • French Tour: Boat Excursion to Murano, Burano, and Torcello

    Live guide: French

    Duration: 4 hours

    Starts at Meeting Point ( More details, Show on map)

    From US$ 25.94
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Enjoy a half-day cruise to the islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello in the Venetian Lagoon. The most famous of the Venetian islands, they are known throughout the world for their picturesque scenery, handicrafts, and history.


Take a half-day cruise to the most famous Venetian islands, known throughout the world for their picturesque scenery, craft traditions, and unique history. Departing from near Saint Mark’s Square, you will take an enjoyable trip across Saint Mark’s Basin, towards the Lido, and then back along the north coastline of the city.

Your first stop will be the island of Murano. Sometimes referred to as the “Island of the Glass,” you will visit one of its famous glass factories and see the glass being manufactured and blown.

Continue to Burano, admiring the natural environment and the minor islands spread all around you. Your tour leader will point out sights and explain the history and significance of the islands. Enjoy some free time in Burano, a typical fishing island with colorful contrasts and chocolate-box painted houses. Look out, too, for much evidence of its renowned lace making and embroidery industry.

Try some of Burano’s notable homemade cakes before heading to Torcello, the most ancient of the inhabited islands. Visit the Byzantine Cathedral, and see the magnificent mosaics that represent The Last Judgment.

What's Included:

• Boat transportation throughout

What's Not Included:

• Food
• Drinks
• Gratuities
• Ticket and visit to Torcello Cathedral

Good to Know:

• The minimum number of participants for the tour is 4 people. As a result, you might have to share the tour with other people - this is not a private tour.

• The tour is led in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German.

• You need to exchange your voucher for a ticket before boarding.

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  • Rating: 4 “Well organized tour in the Lagoon of Venice”

    Reviewed by Peter from Budapest, Hungary on October 28, 2014 The only problem was, that the Cathedral of Torcello was under renovation.

  • Rating: 4 “Tour is worth the money €20.”

    Reviewed by Cynthia from Kensington, Australia on October 23, 2014 The only thing is I could not hear the tour guide's voice well when the boat was running fast.. the engine sounded really loud.

  • Rating: 3 “Too little time”

    Reviewed by Stuart from Northallerton, United Kingdom on September 27, 2014 The actual boat trip was ok. Information about sights seen from the boat was given by our guide across a loudspeaker - it was clear enough but rather boringly presented. Time onshore was too brief. The Murano visit took us straight into a factory to watch an impressive piece of glass-blowing skill and then into a very large showroom with a huge collection of expensive-looking glassware on display; nothing like enough time to really consider any purchases. We would have preferred a smaller more informal workshop/retail shop set-up. The brightly coloured houses on Burano were photogenic but again, more time was need to explore (and by this time most folks were ready for a snack). Torcello was supposed to be the least interesting but in fact with more time we think there were some interesting buildings to explore - but by the time we had walked from the pier area it was time to walk back to catch the boat. Perhaps think of this trip as a 'taster'; later return by yourself?

  • Rating: 5 “A great way to cover the Islands in a morning.”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Gordon, Australia on July 6, 2014 This is a great tour to give you an overview of the Islands, there is sufficient time allowed for visits on each and will give you enough information to allow you to decide if you would like to come back to explore them further. It's also a lovely boat ride with plenty of scenery to take in.

  • Rating: 4 “Excellent trip, beautiful islands.”

    Reviewed by Martin from Stratford upon Avon, United Kingdom on June 30, 2014 Our only criticism was that we could have done with more time on the islands to enable us to have a meal somewhere.

  • Rating: 3 “saw lots”

    Reviewed by Glen from Manjimup, Australia on May 15, 2014 The guide was too noisy kept talking over loud speaker in 4 different languages so most of the time it was just noise. You couldn't talk to any other people you met on trip.

  • Rating: 2 “Give it a miss”

    Reviewed by Paulette from Mitcham, United Kingdom on May 14, 2014 I found the tour a total waste of time. I was looking forward to going to Murano in the hope of buying some glass products but we were only there for 45 min watched a glass display which was interesting and only had time to walk around there show room which had really large and expensive items.
    Burano was the most enjoyable of the 3 Islands but we did not have enough time there I would have like enough time to have a meal there.
    Torcello was a waste of time it was a10 min walk into the town and there wasn't much there.
    I would recommend Burano but go there on your own using the water bus.

  • Rating: 3 “ok tour.”

    Reviewed by Velayutham from Galway, Ireland on April 25, 2014 The tour guide was not audible at all throughout the tour. Otherwise had a good time to spend in all 3 islands.

  • Rating: 3 “This was a great way to see 3 lovely islands in a reasonable time.”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Paris, Canada on June 16, 2013 a good tour to take

  • Rating: 4 “Interesting tour, but difficult to hear/understand guide on speaker”

    Reviewed by Lauren from Olathe, United States on February 27, 2013 This tour was great, other than we were unable to hear/understand the guide on the boat speaker. It was very gravely and distorted. We knew she was telling the history of several of the islands including the ones we were visiting, but it was difficult to understand what she was saying.
    The demonstrations were AMAZING. The gentleman on the island of Murano made a vase and a glass horse in a matter of 3 minutes and it was truly an amazing talent. We also got to see a demonstration of the lacemaking skills on the island of Murano. The church on the island Torcello was also very intersting, however the bell tower was under construction so we did not pay the extra 5 euros to visit the cathedral. There was a nother nice chapel we were able to visit for free that was quite beautiful.

  • Rating: 4 “Nice Trip”

    Reviewed by Amr from 6 October, Egypt on February 27, 2013 Enjoyed this Tour, but it requires more dedicated time

  • Rating: 3 “Burano is a destination absolutely worth seeing.”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Urdorf, Switzerland on October 13, 2012 Somewhat disappointed with Murano. You just visit a glass factory and then drive back. It's too bad that you don't get enough time to see the lovely fishing island of Burano, which is absolutely worth seeing. That would have made the trip very nice.

  • Rating: 3 “Conditionally recommend it.”

    Reviewed by Christa from Safenwil, Switzerland on September 4, 2012 The sights on the boat were too low, so we didn't get a good view from them. The Murano and Burano islands are ok. Torcello is totally superfluous. The guide's commentary was very difficult to understand.

  • Rating: 3 “unfortunately no German-language tour available”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Estorf, Germany on August 28, 2012 recommend it nonetheless, trip's contents were well-selected

  • Rating: 5 “well-organized and nice tour”

    Reviewed by Thomas from Aarburg, Switzerland on August 20, 2012 Recommend it

  • Rating: 4 “You must see Burano”

    Reviewed by Imraz from Heidelberg, Germany on August 6, 2012 The tickets can be bought on-site at the same price, only we had the problem that the tour wasn't in German even though we'd booked it so. The woman who led the tour was really nice and tried to explain things in Spanish, Italian and Englisch as I know a bit of each. I had doubts about the tour, but it was easy to find and it all worked out well. I'd book the tour again.

  • Rating: 1 “It's totally unnecessary to book this tour”

    Reviewed by Miriam from Herne, Germany on July 23, 2012 We wasted 20 Euro on this. You can get to the islands really easily by water bus or by ferry, and then organize the time on your own. The stuff that the woman on the boat told us in 4 languages was 1) impossible to understand because of the bad loudspeakers and the loud motor 2) hard to understand since she didn't know the languages well and had poor pronunciation. The time we spent on the islands was far too short, so that we split off from the group on the last island (Burano) in order to be able to spend more time there, and rode the ferry back to Murano and also went to see the cemetery island again.

  • Rating: 4 “Great weather, nice people, guide was a bit difficult to understand pronunciation-wise”

    Reviewed by Stefanie from Olten, Switzerland on July 19, 2012 All in all a great day

  • Rating: 3 “Average offer”

    Reviewed by Manuela from Markkleeberg, Germany on July 15, 2012 Unfortunately due to the loud engine noise we could only partially hear the guide. It was a real shame that the ride superficially included a sales presentation.

  • Rating: 3 “too far-reaching for 4 hours”

    Reviewed by Udo from Bad Oeynhausen, Germany on July 12, 2012 We booked a German tour, didn't get it since the commentary was in italian english and french, a tip you can't exchange the tickets you buy online the pavilion with the yellow border wasn't applicable

  • Rating: 2 “Didn't spend enough time on the islands”

    Reviewed by Arnold from Düsseldorf, Germany on July 10, 2012 Spending only 40 minutes on each island was too little. The visit or promotional trip to the glassblower's at Murano was unnecessary. Torcello- the way from the bay to the historical core was too far to have a viewing. Only Burano was halfway acceptable. All in all it wasn't satisfactory, it would definitely be better to do it on your own.

  • Rating: 4 “everything was perfectly organized”

    Reviewed by Karin from Ma. Enzersdorf, Austria on June 28, 2012 The boat tour was absolutely worth the 20 euro. Yeah, you don't get to spend that much time on the islands, but what do you expect for 20 euro for 4 hours. On Murano you're brought straight from Steeg to a glass blowery and you can watch them make a vase and a horse. Then there's a little time left over to buy the glass pieces they've made. In Torcello you visit the church. In Burano you have about 40 minutes to view at least the main spot on the island. Overall this was a nice trip and the pricing was appropriate.

  • Rating: 2 “20 euro didn't pay for itself!”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Ingolstadt, Germany on June 12, 2012 We booked a German tou r and when we first arrived on the ship we realized that the guide couldn't speak German. Her English was also really bad and you could hardly understand her. Despite that it was really loud on the ship so you couldn't hear anyway. She spoke really quickly without any breaks--she simply rattled off the prepared sentences in all the languages.

    The visit to the glass factory in Murano took five minutes. It wasn't a serious presentation.

    All in all, this excursion wasn't worth 20 euro.

  • Rating: 3 “The trip lived up to its description and was good.”

    Reviewed by Beate from Wien, Austria on June 10, 2012 The trip lived up to its description and was good.

  • Rating: 2 “Bad.”

    Reviewed by Christian from hoexter, Germany on May 21, 2012 1 – The boat didn't have very appropriate seating. We were too deep into the boat and thus couldn't see out properly. 2 – The guide could spoke 5 different languages but wasn't very easy to understand. 3- Our time on the island was a bit too short.

  • Rating: 5 “very satisfied”

    Reviewed by Beate from Potsdam, Germany on May 18, 2012 I'd definitely recommend booking in advance. You can calmly order your tour program from home and enjoy your trip once you're there without having to worry about payment or a lack of language skills. The descriptions of the starting/meeting point were very precise.

  • Rating: 3 “Didn't spend enough time on the islands!”

    Reviewed by Günther from Willich, Germany on May 14, 2012 For 20 Euro you definitely can't expect any more than this. The multilingual commentary that lasted over 4 hours was incredibly annoying. My suggestion: stretch the tour out over 6 hours (30 Euro), and commentary using an audio box on which you can choose which language you'd like to hear.

  • Rating: 5 “Really lovely, absolutely recommend it!!!”

    Reviewed by Daniela from Wien, Austria on May 13, 2012 Awesome bout tour with great information in a lot of different languages!

  • Rating: 3 “Worth seeing for Burano alone”

    Reviewed by Heinz from Breitenau am Hochlantsch, Austria on May 5, 2012 The guide spoke 5 languages seemingly perfectly. The islands along the route were also described. Sadly too little time is spent on Murano, and you see nothing more than the top dog amongst glass blowers with his unashamedly expensive "factory sale"… you generally get the glass products cheaper elsewhere (though you obviously have to take care that "Murano glass" is written on them and not "Italian Style"). Burano is worth the trip. Even if you don't wish to buy the table cloths it's still really interesting to watch the women at work, and you get lots of opportunities to do so. The houses with the candy colors and the steep towers of San Martino. Torcello isn't so exciting, the only sight is Santa Maria Assunta church.
    Overall though it's good for 20€.

  • Rating: 2 “Not really recommended”

    Reviewed by Gerhard from Traismauer, Austria on April 16, 2012 Booked it in German, but only English and Italian were spoken. The visit to Murano was only to visit a glass blower's shop. Wouldn't do it again.

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  • “Really lovely, absolutely recommend it!!!”

    “Awesome bout tour with great information in a lot of different languages!”

    Daniela from Wien, Austria

  • “well-organized and nice tour”

    “Recommend it”

    Thomas from Aarburg, Switzerland

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