Tours & things to do in Tyrol

About Tyrol

Located in the western mountainous region of Austria, Tyrol is in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Not only is the Tyrol region famous for its winter alpine skiing, it is also a celebrated spring, fall and summer destination because of its stunning scenery and enticing outdoor activities.

Innsbruck is the capital city where activities abound. Even though Innsbruck is famous for its outdoor activities, it is also famous for its spirited folk music, and Innsbruck offers venues to enjoy yodeling and dancing.

Innsbruck also serves as a base for outdoor activities into the mountains. Nowhere in Europe are there hiking opportunities with more spectacular scenery. Hiking through Tyrol's mountain grandeur, hikers can experience soaring with the eagles.

Along with the magnificent Alps, Tyrol has many rivers that offer wild water adventures. River rafting is a vastly popular activity in Tyrol which offers many thrills. River rafting also provides a different perspective of viewing the mountains and their beauty.

For those who seek more technical and challenging paths, canyoning opportunities with experienced guides abound. Canyoning combines hiking, climbing, and swimming; participants can enjoy descending waterfalls and natural chutes and ascending narrow gorges as they soak in the beauty of Tyrol, Austria.

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