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  • Istanbul

    Number of tours: 353

  • Side

    Number of tours: 29

  • Antalya

    Number of tours: 40

  • Alanya

    Number of tours: 23

  • Kusadasi

    Number of tours: 71

  • Bodrum

    Number of tours: 39

  • Cappadocia

    Number of tours: 52

  • Troy

    Number of tours: 13

  • Marmaris

    Number of tours: 22

  • Göreme

    Number of tours: 24

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Turkey Overview

Istanbul (353)
Side (29)
Antalya (40)
Alanya (23)
Kusadasi (71)
Bodrum (39)
Cappadocia (52)
Troy (13)
Marmaris (22)
Göreme (24)


If the thought of walking through ancient Mosques, seeing spectacular Ottoman architecture and hearing the call of the muezzin has you thinking about exotic adventures in faraway lands, then a holiday to Turkey is for you. Start your sightseeing holiday in Istanbul by visiting the Hagia Sophia. Built in the 532, the Hagia Sophia started as an Orthodox Basilica, was changed to a Mosque and stands today as a museum that is considered the ultimate embodiment of Byzantine architecture. Move on over to Topkapi Palace for Ottoman architecture. Topkapi Palace, built in 1459, contains holy Muslim relics such as Mohammed's Cloak as well as his sword.

More sightseeing can be done on one of the many boat tours in Turkey. Take a cruise on the Bosphorus Sea and see sights such as Topkapi Palace by sea, the Maiden's Tower and Selimiye Barracks (made famous by Florence Nightingale). Take a tour on the Marmara Sea and cross to the Asian side of Turkey where you can purchase souvenirs such as hand-made sweaters and woven rugs at one of the many bazaars.

Fairy Chimneys, underground cities, the ancient city of Ephesus, souvenir shopping at the Grand Bazaar, enjoying long soaks in a Turkish Bath and visiting the Hippodrome are several more of the exciting attractions that Turkey has to offer.