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  • Zurich

    Number of tours: 36

  • Geneva

    Number of tours: 22

  • Lucerne

    Number of tours: 18

  • Interlaken

    Number of tours: 32

  • Engelberg

    Number of tours: 1

  • Lausanne

    Number of tours: 4

  • Täsch

    Number of tours: 1

  • Zermatt

    Number of tours: 2

  • Basel

    Number of tours: 3

  • Lugano

    Number of tours: 1

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Switzerland Overview

Zurich (36)
Geneva (22)
Lucerne (18)
Interlaken (32)
Engelberg (1)
Lausanne (4)
Täsch (1)
Zermatt (2)
Basel (3)
Lugano (1)


From snow-capped, thin-air mountain peaks to chilly, rocky rivers below, Switzerland presents outdoor adventurers with bracing challenges. From quiet cafes, shops and cozy accommodations in alpine villages to time-honored landmarks in the capital of Bern and cultural show places, monuments and historic sights in Geneva and Zurich, the tiny, pivotal country at the heart of Europe is a magnet for travelers of all ages and interests from around the globe.

Apart from motor and rail transport, a sojourn through Switzerland can be made by biking, hiking and backpacking. Spectacular sky lifts unveil the Alps in all their clear, sky-blue splendor.

Professional tours are carefully developed to show visitors Switzerland's most famous destinations. Alternate tour plans lead to lesser known but no less memorable attractions. Meanwhile, guides can point a guest to promising starting points for personal explorations, based on the visitor's special interests. Half-day, full-day and longer tours and excursion packages are available.

For visitors who wish to experience Switzerland hands-on, recreational outings include skiing, whitewater rafting and kayaking, canyoning, rappelling, aerial sightseeing and skydiving by helicopter, and paragliding.

Special tour attractions vary from "The Chocolate Side of Zurich" to Europe's greatest waterfall on the River Rhine to an excursion into the Grimsel Canyon.