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South America

When it comes to geographical and cultural diversity, no other continent can match the exotic splendor of South America. From the Amazon Rain Forest to the north of the continent to Patagonia in the south, not to mention some of the most fabulous cities in the world, there is something for everyone to enjoy south of the equator.

Lima, the capital of Peru, boasts the largest concentration of museums in the entire country, satisfying the appetites of those interested in Peru's history and culture. In contrast, a trip to Quito, Ecuador provides the traveler with spectacular mountain views and a more laid-back atmosphere. Argentina is known best for the tango, rich Spanish tradition, and very impressive wines. For the hardier traveler, a trek through the ice fields of Patagonia is a must.

Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, is second in size only to Brazil's Sao Paulo and, like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, offers the finest in shopping, culture and entertainment. Brazil is the most diverse country in South America with its rich indigenous population and strong influences from many European countries. Here is where you will find the best eco-tourism opportunities for traveling to the Amazon rain forest as well as the fabulous Iguassu Falls that lie between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.