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Siena, Italy,Italy

Siena, with its fan-shaped central Piazza del Campo, is home to the famous Siena Palio horserace. Siena, in Tuscany, is a hilltop town with a rich history and cultural tradition.

On a Siena Walking Tour you can visit the Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall) that towers over the main Piazza. You can marvel at the spectacular marble floor of the Cathedral and the grand Basilica of San Domenico that houses the relics of Saint Catherine of Siena.

For the more adventurous traveler you can take a scooter tour from Siena. Cruise through the countryside of Tuscany and admire the medieval villages, vineyards, villas, and landscapes that make Tuscany one of the most visited areas of Italy. Another way to see the Tuscan landscape is to take a horseback riding tour from Siena. On a horse you can take the pilgrim trails from the Middle Ages. Along the Via Francigena see castle ruins, uninhabited monasteries, and small churches.

Another way to enjoy Tuscany is through food. Take a cooking class in Siena to learn about Tuscan cuisine and learn about the products and traditions of this region. Another food tradition is the famous Siena sweets. Taste the Panforte, a sweet delicacy with almond and citrus peel at one of the local shops.