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See all tours & things to do in Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,Brazil

Step off the plane in Rio and you can feel it: The wind, the ocean, the food, and the music all converging to create one of the world’s most magnificent cities.

Catch some waves at Copacabana and ride the cable car up Sugarloaf. Hang glide over Pepino beach, and dance to the beat of the drums at a Maracana soccer match. Perch on Selarón’s stairs or catch the sunset from Ipanema. Slurp açaí smoothies, and wander the cobbled streets of Santa Teresa.

Especially during the Rio Carnival, the party never stops. Bossa Nova music tumbles in the night air. Samba dancers pound the streets. Kids practice their soccer moves in cramped favelas. Locals clink Caipirinhas. Monkeys stir in their perches in Tijuca rainforest while Christ the Redeemer quietly looks out over the Marvelous City.

With next year’s Brazil World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics coming to the Cidade Maravilhosa, all eyes are on Rio. Luckily it’s a city that likes to show off.