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Disneyland Paris Tickets


Experience endless fun in Disneyland® Park and Walt Disney Studios® Park

Meet your favorite Disney characters

Enjoy fun for the whole family


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  • 1-Park, 1-Day Ticket: Disneyland Park Only

    Duration: 10 hours

    Starts at Meeting Point ( More details, Show on map)

    From US$ 84.30
    (per person)
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  • 2-Park, 1-Day Ticket: 20th Anniversary Ticket

    Duration: 1 day Wheelchair-accessible

    Starts at Meeting Point ( More details, Show on map)

    From US$ 103.76
    (per person)
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  • 2-Park, 2-Day Ticket

    Duration: 2 days Wheelchair-accessible

    Starts at Meeting Point ( More details, Show on map)

    From US$ 180.28
    (per person)
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  • 2-Park, 3-Day Ticket

    Duration: 3 days Wheelchair-accessible

    Starts at Meeting Point ( More details, Show on map)

    From US$ 219.18
    (per person)
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  • 2-Park, 4-Day Ticket

    Duration: 4 days Wheelchair-accessible

    Starts at Meeting Point ( More details, Show on map)

    From US$ 219.18
    (per person)
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  • 2-Park, 5-Day Ticket

    Duration: 5 days Wheelchair-accessible

    Starts at Meeting Point ( More details, Show on map)

    From US$ 297.00
    (per person)
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Enjoy a magical time at Disneyland® Park, or get a 2-park ticket to visit Walt Disney Studios® Park as well! Meet all your favorite Disney characters and see the world of Disney just as you remember it from films!


Disneyland® Park:

In a Magical Kingdom not so far away, Disney heroes and heroines live in fairytales that are, happily, never-ending. Enjoy endless fun in 5 magical lands! Experience your favorite Disney stories just as you remember them from the classic Disney films. Here's where fairytales really do come true.

Thrills at Disneyland® Park come in all shapes and sizes! Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain Mission 2 offer a rush for the grown-ups, while little ones can sail around the world at 'It's a Small World.' Of course, family fun can be found in every corner of the Park, from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' to the 'Mad Hatter's Tea Cups.'

Meet Disney characters! Don't miss the main attraction: a meet 'n' greet with beloved Disney characters. Have your pen and camera at the ready and meet the characters you love! Every day is a party at Disneyland® Park! On top of all the wonderful attractions and characters, there are lots of spectacular family parades and shows to enjoy all year round.

Walt Disney Studios® Park:

Discover the magical world of cinema and television at Walt Disney Studios® Park. Explore 4 cinemagical studio lots featuring thrilling attractions and spectacular shows. Your dreams take center stage at the Studios, just footsteps away from Disneyland® Park.

Explore the Studios. It's showbiz, folks! Make your big screen debut at Production Courtyard, Toon Studio, Backlot and Front Lot. Follow a star-studded itinerary - you never know which star you might meet!

Movie magic abounds! Go behind the scenes with a magical parade, tours, and attractions. Try the Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic. Visit the shows at Animagique and CinéMagique. Watch Moteurs...Action!, a Stunt Show Spectacular. By the end of the day, you'll know exactly what it's like to be a star!

What's Included:

• Entrance to Disneyland Park®
• Entrance to Walt Disney Studios® Park - with 2-Park ticket

What's Not Included:

• Food and drinks

Good to Know:

Walt Disney Studios® closes at 19:00 on weekends.


Please include all full passenger names in the additional text field when making the booking.

For park access, you need to print out your Disneyland® tickets and show them at the entrance. GetYourGuide vouchers will not be accepted as proof of purchase.

Names on the tickets cannot be changed after the ticket has been booked. Tickets are non-refundable.

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  • Rating: 5 “Super”

    Reviewed by Darius from Diez, Germany on September 15, 2014 Es war echt super !!!

  • Rating: 5 “Highlight of our holiday in Paris”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Nicosia, Cyprus on August 21, 2014 Everything was perfect. We loved Disneyland. There were very long queues in some of the rides but anyway whatever we did in Paris involved very long queues so we expected that.

  • Rating: 4 “Crowded but unforgettable for our son”

    Reviewed by Péter from Budapest, Hungary on August 20, 2014 Crowded but unforgettable for our son

  • Rating: 5 “Great entertainment, skipped the lines by pre-booking with GYG”

    Reviewed by Fabian from Berlin, Germany on May 4, 2014 Spent an amazing 2 days at Disneyland Paris with the 2-day-2-parks-ticket. We were able to skip the queues at the entrance by pre-booking on Getyourguide. Our vouchers were easily exchanged by the automatic voucher exchange point next to the gates and we then went straight in with no waiting time. Highly recommended park, however, try to come during the week if possible to avoid waiting times of up to 70 minutes at some of the most popular attractions. Will definitely book on Getyourguide again!

  • Rating: 3 “Need more time!”

    Reviewed by Suzanne from Randpark Ridge, South Africa on April 22, 2014 Booking and receiving the tickets was easy and quick - however one day is not enough time in the parks, particularly with a 4 year old. We will definitely go again, but will stay in the park and go for several days. Unfortunately we were there over the Easter weekend, so it was extremely busy with long queues. We'd also consider purchasing fast access tickets next time too. We didn't get to meet a Disney Princess because when we realised at about 11h30 that you need to get a reserved time, the earliest time we could get was 18h55 which was after our shuttle left. Get your Princess reservation as soon as you get into the park! We also found that food and drinks were expensive - 2€99 for 500ml water!

  • Rating: 5 “Disneyland is just phenomenal.”

    Reviewed by Ana from Amsterdam, Netherlands on November 16, 2013 It it is worth every bit of money! Everyone needs to visit at least once in life time. The food is not so nice and a bit overpriced. So my advice bring lunch with you, something small like a sandwich because there is a security check at the gate and they might not let you in with a picnicking basket.

  • Rating: 4 “A memorable experience one i would recommend”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Leixlip, Ireland on August 27, 2013 I would definitely recomend the tour guide every bit of my tour was wonderful experience. the city tour, the Eiffel tower was amazing the food and the service was excellent finishing up on the river Sien cruise was just the best.

    Thank you from a very satisfied customer :)

    Alison Cullen

  • Rating: 5 “You should visit at least oonce in your life”

    Reviewed by Hussein from Cairo, Egypt on August 23, 2013 Organized and clean

  • Rating: 5 “places to visit before you die”

    Reviewed by Nabajeet from Stuttgart, Germany on June 26, 2013 superb place

  • Rating: 5 “A ton of fun despite the rain”

    Reviewed by Anne from Hamburg, Germany on May 22, 2013 It was pouring rain the whole day, which brought a certain advantage in that it wasn't so crowded out. When you don't have to wait for half an hour or more to get a ride it definitely lifts your mood. Whoever wants to go in on a crowded day, because their travel schedule won't allow for anything else, should really use the Fastpass, which allows you faster entry into the most popular attractions. The shows are great and the rides are very high quality. In addition to Disneyland Park we also had a very entertaining visit to the Walt Disney Movie Park next door, but it wasn't nearly as exciting. An all-around successful experience, even for a pair of adults.

  • Rating: 5 “Very well-organized!”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Hagen, Germany on May 21, 2013 Everything went great.

  • Rating: 5 “Everything was perfect, would love to go again”

    Reviewed by Marco from Rülzheim, Germany on May 20, 2013 Great

  • Rating: 5 “First-rate service”

    Reviewed by Sebastian from Eibelstadt, Germany on May 2, 2013 I've rarely experienced this kind of first-class service! We got the tickets, despite the fact that the payment didn't go through the first time we didn't meet any unusual problems here. Then they emailed us the contact info. They quickly processed our request, and they were super friendly over email the entire time. This is what good customer service looks like. In terms of how much you pay for this level of customer service, Getyourguide is excellent in every regard. Next time I'm planning a trip I'll look around getyourguide first, before checking any other site. I'd also like to personally thank Mrs. Anna Funk for the friendly interaction.

  • Rating: 5 “brilliant!”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Leoben, Austria on May 1, 2013 great amusement park

  • Rating: 5 “A great day”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Berlin, Germany on April 11, 2013 Disneyland is the best!

  • Rating: 4 “Very good!”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Duisburg, Germany on April 10, 2013 Everything went well. Would go again anytime!

  • Rating: 5 “Great!!!”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Kraubath/Mur, Austria on April 8, 2013 Really well priced! Recommend it in general!

  • Rating: 4 “Gorgeous day with a breathtaking Dream Show in the evening”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Ayl, Germany on April 4, 2013 We'd planned this trip long in advance, and we got lucky with the weather, even though of course we couldn't have known that in advance. I thought it would be a real challenge to visit Disneyland with 4 kids between the ages of 7 months and 12 years. Once we finally found places to park that were clearly labeled, we came upon our first unpleasant surprise. 15 Euro parking fee...no use arguing...we went on. Then we went towards the entrance, with lots of food for mom dad and the kids. We hardly waited at the entrance. First we went to the Walt Disney Studio Parks, which I personally didn't enjoy so much. After three hours we went over to the Disneyland Park. That was the BEST!! There was a great parade, it was huge! The castle...dreamy! The staff were very friendly, the food was very expensive...a big family can expect to pay 60 Euro just for getting everyone burgers and fries. And the Dream Show in the evening in the dark was the absolute best for big and small alike...what stood out i

  • Rating: 5 “Absolutely best place to enjoy”

    Reviewed by Emrah from Serris, France, France on March 30, 2013 Disneyland is a dream place that literally ALL people should visit. 1 day is not enough to visit 2 parks. We didnt have time to visit Walt Disney studios. But 1 day is enough to enjoy in 1 park for full day.

  • Rating: 5 “Everything went very quickly and flawlessly. Thank you”

    Reviewed by Angelika from Berlin, Germany on March 29, 2013 Everything was excellent and very uncomplicated. I'll book with GetYourGuide again next time I take a tour in Paris. Thanks

  • Rating: 4 “Worked very well!”

    Reviewed by Enrique from Unterhaching, Germany on March 27, 2013 You can use the printed-out vouchers to get into Disneyland without having to wait long in line. It was a shame that a lot of the rides had closed in the middle of March, and that despite that there wasn't a discount on the entry fee. However the 59 Euro ticket covered entry to both parks (Disneyland and the film studios). We'd book these tickets through GETYOURGUIDE again.

  • Rating: 5 “Flawless, quick execution”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Eppelheim, Germany on March 23, 2013 Simple execution

  • Rating: 4 “booking online is totally necessary, you save a lot of time and trouble.”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Wien, Austria on January 8, 2013 The Get your Guide service was great. Disneyland itself it could have been better, more bathrooms, more eating opportunities, and they could have dealt with waiting times better.

  • Rating: 4 “Dont bother”

    Reviewed by Ted from Perth, Australia on January 5, 2013 Big crowds and a number of rides not operating. Don't bother unless u have to have the Disney experience better things to do in Paris

  • Rating: 4 “90% of the rides, superb atmosphere, A+”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Karben, Germany on November 24, 2012 The atmosphere, the ambience of Disney Land Paris was super, nothing to moan about, one slight drawback the expensive food and drink prices and the rides were only sometimes open, but I can overlook all that.

  • Rating: 5 “Was a great experience.”

    Reviewed by Ingo from Plön, Germany on November 6, 2012 We were there two days and had one day per park. That was about right. Buying entrance tickets beforehand saves time - you don't need to go to the counter. The queues aren't really long if you travel with different trains (approx. 60mins) but there's the Fast-Past tickets which can be printed out after scanning the entrance tickets at the machines. You then get a ticket with a time when you need to be back there by. That way, you only have to wait 10mins. But these tickets don't exist on Sundays. The attractions at the Disney Park and the shows at Disney Studios are worth seeing. Even at the Radission Blue Hotel which was 10mins away by shuttle, all was ok.
    If you know France, you'll know food and drink is expensice, so take enough cash with you.

  • Rating: 5 “A dream.”

    Reviewed by Ingo from Plön, Germany on October 30, 2012 A must for every Disney fan. There were 4 of us and we all loved it.

  • Rating: 5 “A great day!”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Graz, Austria on October 29, 2012 It all went well and we didn't have to wait to pick up the tickets. We went straight into the park. We could also pick up our First Pass tickets for the other activities.

  • Rating: 5 “All good, recommended”

    Reviewed by Marzena from Berlin, Germany on October 22, 2012 We were very satisfied with the service.

  • Rating: 5 “All worked brilliantly!”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer on October 21, 2012 With our tickets we went straight to the entrance.

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  • “Super”

    “Es war echt super !!!”

    Darius from Diez, Germany

  • “places to visit before you die”

    “superb place”

    Nabajeet from Stuttgart, Germany

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