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  • Australia: Tours, Attractions & Activities

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  • New Zealand: Tours, Attractions & Activities
    New Zealand

    Number of tours: 155

  • Fiji

    Number of tours: 10

  • Cook Islands

    Number of tours: 1

  • French Polynesia: Tours, Attractions & Activities
    French Polynesia

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  • Samoa: Tours, Attractions & Activities

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Oceania is a region of the Pacific Ocean that encompasses Australia, New Zealand, and many smaller islands, including Palau, Samoa and Marshall Islands. Sightseeing opportunities abound in these areas.

New Zealand is a country lauded for its breathtaking landscapes. Nature lovers can escape to this haven and see a vast array of wildlife, including the kiwi, the unique flightless bird after which New Zealand residents are nicknamed. This national symbol of New Zealand can be found on its money, stamps, military badges, and souvenirs.

Australia is an exciting destination for animal lovers and those who like the excitement of the big city. Many fascinating creatures such as the emu, dingo, and kangaroo can be found in the outback. Meanwhile, metropolises like Sydney offer bustling urban activity. Destinations range from the famous Sydney Opera House to notable nightspots like Darling Harbour and Kings Cross. A cruise to Queensland offers opportunities for dazzling diving along the Great Barrier Reef, which is considered one of the natural wonders of the world. Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, is one popular destination. This remote sandstone formation, known for the fact that it seems to change color at different times of day, is also notable for its cave paintings and is considered sacred by local Aborigines.