Tours & things to do in North America

  • United States: Tours, Attractions & Activities
    United States

    Number of tours: 2869

  • Mexico: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 461

  • Canada: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 202

  • Costa Rica: Tours, Attractions & Activities
    Costa Rica

    Number of tours: 158

  • Jamaica: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 145

  • Dominican Republic: Tours, Attractions & Activities
    Dominican Republic

    Number of tours: 138

  • Saint Lucia: Tours, Attractions & Activities
    Saint Lucia

    Number of tours: 68

  • Guatemala

    Number of tours: 64

  • Saint Martin: Tours, Attractions & Activities
    Saint Martin

    Number of tours: 54

  • Bahamas: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 49

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis

    Number of tours: 34

  • Panama: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 33

  • Puerto Rico: Tours, Attractions & Activities
    Puerto Rico

    Number of tours: 30

  • United States Virgin Islands: Tours, Attractions & Activities
    United States Virgin Islands

    Number of tours: 28

  • Barbados: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 26

  • Grenada

    Number of tours: 23

  • El Salvador

    Number of tours: 21

  • Cayman Islands: Tours, Attractions & Activities
    Cayman Islands

    Number of tours: 18

  • Belize: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 18

  • Curaçao

    Number of tours: 17

  • Nicaragua: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 17

  • Aruba: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 16

  • Honduras: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 11

  • British Virgin Islands

    Number of tours: 9

  • Antigua and Barbuda

    Number of tours: 3

  • Bonaire

    Number of tours: 3

  • Cuba

    Number of tours: 3

  • Turks and Caicos Islands

    Number of tours: 2

  • Anguilla

    Number of tours: 2

  • Guadeloupe

    Number of tours: 2

  • Martinique

    Number of tours: 1

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North America

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to travel the world would know that some of the most attractive and interesting places to visit are in North America. With a diverse offering of natural habitats, tourist attractions, and activities spanning the continent and Caribbean islands, tourists would be wise to consider this vast expanse of land for their next vacation.

Sightseeing activities abound in the United States, Canada and Mexico. With a vast array of national parks, glorious beaches and undisturbed tracts of nature and wilderness, visitors have a lifetime of trip experiences ahead. Whale watching in New England and the Maritime provinces is a favorite pastime when touring the rocky yet tranquil shoreline.

However, if the allure of nature seems a bit dull, a trip to a major metropolis such as New York City, Miami, or Los Angeles may be in order. In addition to shopping and museums, tourists commonly like to take in the theater and shows. Still others may prefer the warm beaches and cerulean waters of the Caribbean islands. Should a vacation to escape the cold winter months be in order, perhaps a getaway to the island of Barbados and a dolphin swim would be the perfect special activity. North America offers a dazzling array of vacation opportunities for the discerning tourist.