Tours & things to do in New Zealand

  • Auckland
      New Zealand

    Number of tours: 63

  • Rotorua
      New Zealand

    Number of tours: 19

  • Queenstown
      New Zealand

    Number of tours: 42

  • Paihia
      New Zealand

    Number of tours: 7

  • Christchurch
      New Zealand

    Number of tours: 15

  • Wellington
      New Zealand

    Number of tours: 13

  • Te Anau
      New Zealand

    Number of tours: 5

  • Wanaka
      New Zealand

    Number of tours: 2

  • Napier
      New Zealand

    Number of tours: 6

  • Nelson
      New Zealand

    Number of tours: 4

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New Zealand Overview

Auckland (63)
Rotorua (19)
Queenstown (42)
Paihia (7)
Wellington (13)
Te Anau (5)
Wanaka (2)
Napier (6)
Nelson (4)

New Zealand

New Zealand is as close to paradise as it gets on this earth. Whether you're looking for a thrilling adventure, a sightseeing extravaganza, or the chance to explore a countryside that is richly blessed in natural beauty, New Zealand is the place for you.

Many visitors begin their holiday in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. Although Auckland has a true big-city feel, Mother Nature has blessed the area with many natural wonders. Take a day trip from Auckland to see and explore a rainforest, volcanoes, and gorgeous beaches. Another option is to explore the nearby Matakana coast. Escape from the city and enjoy bountiful vineyards and wineries, a honey center, art galleries, and boutique shopping. You won't want to miss out on a glass-bottomed boat ride through the Goat Island Marine Reserve!

The Kiwi culture is vibrant and alive in the South Island town of Queenstown. Adventurers flock to this city for the chance to sky dive, jet boat, and bungee jump. However, this city is also famous for more calm and relaxing ventures such as a thriving art community, botanical gardens, a tranquil waterfront, and a plethora of buildings and sites for history lovers to enjoy and explore.

Your once-in-a-lifetime vacation starts and ends in New Zealand. Don't pass up your chance to visit and explore paradise.