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  • Amsterdam

    Number of tours: 250

  • Volendam

    Number of tours: 13

  • The Hague

    Number of tours: 14

  • Rotterdam

    Number of tours: 5

  • Keukenhof

    Number of tours: 3

  • Delft

    Number of tours: 10

  • Lisse

    Number of tours: 1

  • Edam

    Number of tours: 8

  • Alkmaar

    Number of tours: 3

  • Haarlem

    Number of tours: 4

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Netherlands Overview

Amsterdam (250)
Volendam (13)
The Hague (14)
Rotterdam (5)
Keukenhof (3)
Delft (10)
Lisse (1)
Edam (8)
Alkmaar (3)
Haarlem (4)


The Netherlands is a land of windmills, wooden clogs, tulips and everyone riding bicycles. When in the Netherlands, why not go Dutch and ride a bicycle? There are many bicycle tours offered to tourists and what better way to see things close up? Take a 2-hour city bike tour where you can see attractions such as De Gooyer Windmill, the Royal Palace, Fiets Brug (a bike bridge), the Van Gogh Museum and the Heineken Brewery.

Consider taking a night cruise while visiting Amsterdam. Guests can enjoy hours of leisure cruising aboard a canal bus. See the lights of Amsterdam as you cruise the canals, hear some stories and learn some history from knowledgeable guides. Have a drink and a bite to eat and sit back to enjoy the sights.

The Netherlands is infamous for the Red Light District. Join a 2-hour walking tour where guides will tell you about the history and goings-on of this area. Visit some historic bars, walk through China Town, see one of the oldest churches in the city, check out the video cabins and sex shops and see the Prostitution Information Center. Finish off the night at Belushi's Bar for a free shot.

More attractions can be found in Rotterdam; see the Alkmaar Cheese Market, The Hague, and the miniature city of Madurodam.