Tours & things to do in Morocco

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  • Marrakech

    Number of tours: 136

  • Tangier

    Number of tours: 14

  • Casablanca

    Number of tours: 11

  • Agadir

    Number of tours: 16

  • Fes

    Number of tours: 11

  • Ouarzazate

    Number of tours: 12

  • Essaouira

    Number of tours: 7

  • Merzouga

    Number of tours: 6

  • Rabat

    Number of tours: 5

  • Meknes

    Number of tours: 2

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Morocco Overview

Marrakech (136)
Tangier (14)
Casablanca (11)
Agadir (16)
Fes (11)
Ouarzazate (12)
Essaouira (7)
Merzouga (6)
Rabat (5)
Meknes (2)


Morocco offers tourists many opportunities for sightseeing and cultural exploration. The desert, mountains, and ocean provide lovely scenery and the Islamic culture and famous markets of the country are fascinating to anyone who may come to visit.

A visit to the city of Marrakech will expose the traveler to the famous medinas and souks, in which they can experience many exotic sights, including snake charmers, and traditional musical and acrobatic performances. The perfumed markets will entice any visitor to peruse the spice and food vendors with anticipation. They can also purchase clothing, handmade crafts, and jewelry here.

A cooking class will expose tourists to traditional Moroccan cooking, which has gained prestige worldwide. Participants will learn basic Arabic terms and then head to the market to practice their language skills and buy the important items in Moroccan cuisine, including saffron, mint, olives, and citrus fruits. These goods will be used to make Moroccan foods like tajine and harira, which the tourists will learn how to prepare themselves.

Morocco has many old and historic palaces for exploration. Travelers can see old mosques, markets, and buildings with unique and stunning architecture, including beautiful courtyards. Visitors will learn the history of these structures and will be able to see artistic works gathered from other parts of Morocco and from sub-Saharan Africa. This is an experience not to be missed by art aficionados and architecture fans.