Tours & things to do in Metro Manila

About Metro Manila

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, offers visitors to this country much in terms of history, culture, and nature, both in the city proper and in the outlying areas.

Tourists can begin their Manila experience with a dinner cruise on Manila Bay. This excursion will showcase the views of the city and will allow participants to taste native dishes. They will also be able to enjoy a wonderful live band on board.

Visitors who want to explore more of Manila can do so by taking a museum tour of the city. They can see the Mall of Asia, churches, museums, palaces, and cultural centers. One of the most interesting museums reveals life in the Philippines under Spanish colonial rule.

Makati is an important suburban area of Manila. Those who take a historic tour of this city will be able to tour the city's museum and see all of the various artistic works it houses, including murals and exhibits. There are also lectures and films to take advantage of. Churches, ruins, and memorials can also be visited on this tour.

People who are interested in seeing the natural beauty of the Philippines can take a tour to Pagsanjan Falls, which includes a thrilling river rafting trip through the Philippine tropical countryside. Participants will be awed by the deep gorges and jungle vegetation that they see.

Other options for nature lovers include a tour of Subic Bay. This tour allows participants to see Mount Pinatubo, a volcano that erupted in 1995 and almost destroyed the town of Bacolor. They will also be able to see tigers and other exotic animals in the local zoo.

Hidden Valley offers a variety of natural treasures for tourists to enjoy. Visitors can swim in the area's natural volcanic pools and marvel at the mountain views. They will also be exposed to the local plant life, which includes several orchids that are rarely found elsewhere.

The Tagatay Tour offers visitors the chance to take in the spectacular Tagatay Ridge and its volcanic lake. Visitors will also be able to learn about the unique cultural contributions of the Philippines, including the bamboo organ and the jeepney vehicle.

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