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About Melbourne

Melbourne is the second most populated city in Australia. Part of the reason for that is its key location. Situated on the Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is a Mecca for artists, entertainers and of course, tourists who flock to there to enjoy the city's unique charms.

Tourists always get the best bang for their buck with arranged tours providing skilled guides who know the area well. Like having a relative in the area, guides know exactly where all the "must sees" are and places to avoid. And, like all Aussies, they are particularly proud of their Melbourne Cricket Ground, a multimillion dollar arena with the capacity to hold 100,000 spectators.

For tourists who prefer a more natural setting, the Royal Botanic Gardens is a spectacular attraction featuring a zoo, water features, nature trails and glass pyramids. You can go on a nature tour or visit one of the many travelling exhibits housed at the Gardens.

If you're looking for some straight-from-the-garden produce, head over to the Queen Victoria Market. There, you will find vibrant and healthy fruits and vegetables and an array of plants and herbs. Then wrap up the day with a visit to Federation Square, a cultural bonanza of music, food, exhibits, and pubs.

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