Tours & things to do in Managua (Department)

About Managua (Department)

Approximately 1.38 million people reside in Managua, Nicaragua. In an effort to end struggles between the cities of Leon and Granada, Managua became the capital of Nicaragua in 1855.

Located in Nicaragua's pacific central region, Managua offers a variety of cultural and social enrichment in a tropical setting. A 1972 earthquake created a unique city feature. Instead of repairing damaged buildings in town, residents rebuilt on the city outskirts. Business centers and shopping malls are now randomly located throughout the area with no definitive city center.

During the 16th century, Catholicism arrived in Managua. The Cathedral Santiago de los Caballeros in Managua is one of two Catholic cathedrals in the city. The cathedral no longer holds services, but a city tour can provide interested parties with a more intimate look at the facility.

Enjoy additional day trips in Managua. Visit the Ruben Dario Theatre. Opened in 1969, the theater is one of a handful of structures that remained standing after the 1972 earthquake. Marvel at the Crystal Room, where two chandeliers donated by the Spanish government are currently displayed.

Take sports lovers to the National Baseball Stadium in Managua. Built in 1948, the stadium accommodates 40,000 people and survived the 1972 earthquake. The stadium hosts to a number of baseball games, the most popular sport in the country.

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