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Top 10 attractions in London

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  1. Big Ben
    1 Big Ben
  2. London Eye
    2 London Eye
  3. Tower Of London
    3 Tower Of London
  4. The Shard
    4 The Shard
  1. 5 St Paul's Cathedral
  2. 6 Tower Bridge
  3. 7 Windsor Castle
  4. 8 Trafalgar Square
  5. 9 Buckingham Palace
  6. 10 Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The history of London is the history of the world. Once a worldwide empire, the United Kingdom’s notoriety is now more cultural than military. At the British Museum, you can see relics from all over the world.

But London’s allure is not all in the past: attractions like Europe’s largest ferris wheel, the London Eye, and the Tower Bridge draw millions of people every year. Take a cruise on the River Thames to admire the city’s busy waterfront, or climb onto one of London’s iconic double-decker buses to check out the city’s many sights, from Big Ben to the Buckingham Palace.

The city is also popular for shopping: no visit to the British capital would be complete without a visit to the shops on Oxford and Regent Streets.