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Top 10 attractions in Edinburgh

See all tours & things to do in Edinburgh
  1. Edinburgh Castle
    1 Edinburgh Castle
  2. St. Giles' Cathedral
    2 St. Giles' Cathedral
  3. Holyrood Palace
    3 Holyrood Palace
  4. Royal Mile
    4 Royal Mile
  1. 5 Stirling Castle
  2. 6 Loch Lomond
  3. 7 Greyfriars Church
  4. 8 HMY Britannia
  5. 9 Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
  6. 10 National Museum of Scotland
Edinburgh, United Kingdom,United Kingdom

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is one of Europe’s most dramatic cities. Overlooking the city from atop a volcanic outcropping, Edinburgh Castle commands spectacular views of the city’s unique Georgian architecture and serves as a starting point for the Royal Mile, the main thoroughfare.

You might also know the city for its dark underbelly – during the industrial revolution, underground vaults and chambers were populated by criminals and other seedy characters, and the dark and imposing Greyfriar’s Kirkyard has been the epicenter of ghostly rumors of hauntings for centuries.

In more modern times, Edinburgh has been regarded as a center of English-language writing and was designated a City of Literature by UNESCO. Day trips to the ominous Loch Ness or tours of nearby whisky distilleries are also popular.