Day Tour of Wicklow Mountains National Park from Dublin

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Day Tour of Wicklow Mountains National Park from Dublin
Duration: 8 hours
  • English

Walk in the footsteps of pilgrims and hermit monks on a full-day tour of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. Visit a Japanese Garden, see a monastery, and discover movie locations. Then choose to ride horses, go cycling, or take a guided hill walk.


Experience the tranquility of Wicklow Mountains National Park on a full-day tour from Dublin

Enjoy a guided walk, ride a horse, or cycle through a breathtaking landscape

Visit Glendalough and see the 6th-century monastic settlement founded by the hermit priest, St. Kevin

See film locations from famous movies

Breathe in the fresh mountain air as you stand in an ancient untouched environment


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  • Day Tour of Wicklow Mountains National Park from Dublin

    Live guide: English

    Duration: 8 hours

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What's Included:

• Walking guides
• Horse riding
• Cycling equipment

What's Not Included:

• Entrance fee to Powerscourt Gardens (discounted fee of €6.50)

Good to Know:

• Please note that the activities are add-ons and need to be purchased at the time of booking

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  • Rating: 5 “A wonderful experience travelling through the Wicklow countryside.”

    Reviewed by Philip from Elgin, United Kingdom on March 22nd, 2014 In the small group which I shared the day, the weather was variable.
    The guide was light hearted and we'll informed.
    The places that we visited and the routes that we took were all lovely.
    I would recommend this tour to everyone, wanting an alternative to visiting Dublin.

  • Rating: 4 “Awesome!”

    Reviewed by Jennifer from Covina, United States on October 17th, 2013 Our Tour guide was great. Really emphasized the history of Dublin and Wicklow.

  • Rating: 5 “Despite the bad weather the tour was great.”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Hohen Sprenz, Germany on September 11th, 2013 We learned a lot about the area and the country overall from the guide. Good mix hiking and riding on the bus.

  • Rating: 4 “Interesting”

    Reviewed by Michael from Remscheid, Germany on September 10th, 2013 The tour was very interesting, you could take a lot of photos. The people were also very nice.

  • Rating: 5 “Really recommend it!”

    Reviewed by Christian from Wien, Austria on August 29th, 2013 The tour was really lovely, and definitely worth the cost. We took the walking tour, which makes you work up a sweat if you're not used to going on long walks. But you do get a great view of the area! Really breathtaking! Our guide Sandra provided lots of info, but at times you couldn't understand her because the microphone on the bus was too quiet. It was pretty hard for non-native speakers to understand everything. We also could have spent a bit longer in Glendalough, so that we could have had time to explore the area on our own.

  • Rating: 5 “Really enjoyable day”

    Reviewed by Jemma from Middlesex, United Kingdom on August 29th, 2013 The tour guide was excellent, really funny and informative, would definitely reccomend!

  • Rating: 4 “Breathtaking scenery with an awesome tour guide”

    Reviewed by Margaux from Miami Beach, United States on August 26th, 2013 We had an amazing time on our tour with Sandra. She gave us a ton of history on Ireland and the Wicklow area, and was very relaxed. We stopped at the bridge used in P.S. I Love You and a few other beautiful spots.

    My only issue was the horseback riding part of the tour -- I expected to be taking out on trails and for a scenic ride, but we had more of a lesson and then ride along some trails in a farm area. I know we were beginners, but I've taken horseback riding tours before and definitely done more than that. However this was not even done through Hilltrek, they just partnered with the stable, so everything done directly through the company was great.

  • Rating: 3 “I'd expected more for the money, especially in terms of the horseback riding”

    Reviewed by Ingrid from Trier, Germany on July 30th, 2013 The ride only lasted about 20 minutes, and we were only allowed to do it on a paved street, which is boring for experienced riders, and which definitely doesn't match the description. The price is outrageous considering what you get for it! The bus tour was okay but unspectacular, the guide was very nice but difficult to understand for non-native speakers, which wasn't a problem on the remainder of our trip.

  • Rating: 5 “Very lovely tour”

    Reviewed by Sandra from Sarnen, Switzerland on July 24th, 2013 We booked the 'Cliffs of Moher' day trip the day before, which took place completely 'on the bus' apart from a few short stops. We were happy with that, since we finally got to 'get on our feet'. We went on a bus full of other people going on the walking tour, without any of the people going on the biking or riding tours, which was an advantage in that we didn't have to make any tiring stops or have to wait for the others, which meant that we got to spend more time in Glendalough. Which was great, of course. We spent the morning on a 2.5 hour walking tour (or walk) on a hill where you got a great view of the city of Dublin & the bay. The guide provided great information about the history, flora & fauna. After eating lunch in a small restaurant we were taken by bus to Glendalough, where we could walk around on our own. Everyone could organize the time themselves, which meant we could also walk a bit along the two lakes. Great tour, unlike other tours you don't sit on the bus for 12 hour

  • Rating: 4 “Great tour”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Rottenburg, Germany on June 29th, 2013 We got picked up on Suffolk Street, the bus was good and everyone was able to hear the guide's descriptions over the speakers. The guide told us a great deal, however parts of it were difficult to understand due to his dialect (even though we speak English very well). We spent two hours in Powerscout Park, which is really lovely and which we recommend (we didn't book any riding, bike, or walking tours). After that we were taken to a nice bistro and at the end we rode through the Wicklow Mountains. The driver always stopped so that people could take photos (including places where 'P.S. I Love You' was filmed). At the end you go to Glendalough, which is a really great park with cool lakes, where we walked around for about 20 minutes, and where the driver picked us up from again at the end. A very nice tour, really well-priced, and it's lovely to get to see a bit of the countryside.

  • Rating: 5 “A successful trip all around, with a very engaging guide.”

    Reviewed by Renate from Berlin, Germany on June 26th, 2013 This trip was perfectly organized and the guide, who also served as the driver, provided lots of information. That worked out since there were only a few of us who were taking part in the trip to Wicklow Mountains. Even though I was the only one who was interested in the Powerscourt Gardens it wasn't any problem to bring me there. During that time the other participants went on a riding trip. The driver was really engaging and put in a lot of effort to ensure that we were comfortable during the trip.

  • Rating: 5 “Despite the rain a very varied day”

    Reviewed by Elke from Gera, Germany on June 26th, 2013 This was a great trip, with the right mix of walking, looking around, riding on the bus, and lots of interesting explanations. Really recommend it!

  • Rating: 4 “Lovely trip!”

    Reviewed by Johann from Graz, Austria on June 15th, 2013 Everything went well, the wander tour was great and the guide was awesome!

  • Rating: 4 “Varied tour in the bright sunshine”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Herisau, Switzerland on June 12th, 2013 Mikel' was a great guide, he was able to keep participants from all sorts of different countries enlivened and entertained. He knows an incredible amount about the region. You have enough time to take pictures or to view the individual highlights. There's enough time set aside for bathroom breaks and for the lunch breaks. The walking part was more of a laidback stroll, but at a great pace (the guide takes this route several times a week ;) ) I'd definitely recommend the trip and the walk. Important: strong English skills required

  • Rating: 5 “Uphill and worth it!”

    Reviewed by Ellen from Zephyrhills, United States on May 30th, 2013 Beautiful scenery, wonderful weather, marvelous lunch at Poppie's and a knowledgeable and entertaining guide named Wayne! And in Ireland! Absolutely perfect.

  • Rating: 5 “Really recommend it!!!!”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Mautern, Austria on May 15th, 2013 The tour was simply brilliant! Even though I'm a beginner, horseback riding was great! Our guide was the best, most friendly and courteous person possible. I've never had so much fun on a tour! Really recommend it!!!

  • Rating: 4 “A lovely varied day”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Wien, Austria on May 14th, 2013 Our guide Jim was very nice and told us lots of interesting things about Ireland's history and culture. The points were well-chosen. The only thing that left something to be desired was the organization. They didn't clearly communicate all of the meeting points to all of the participants.

  • Rating: 5 “Very personalized service”

    Reviewed by Matthias from Kaarst, Germany on April 29th, 2013 Small group (11 people). Very clear information. No problems taking personal requests regarding the riding and walking into account.

  • Rating: 5 “Great day of fun.”

    Reviewed by Virginia from Osterville, United States on April 15th, 2013 Michael, the tour guide, was very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional.

  • Rating: 4 “Glendalough is one of a kind!”

    Reviewed by Gabriele from Traunstein, Germany on April 11th, 2013 Worthwhile tour in the hillside country south of Dublin- even when it's snowy out. Anyone can do it. But Glendalough is the really gorgeous part. Our guide Sandra was very professional.

  • Rating: 5 “absolutely recommend it”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Moers, Germany on April 5th, 2013 small group (14 people), excellent choice of sights, an awesome day all-around, got gorgeous impressions of everything. An ideal supplement to a stay in Dublin.

  • Rating: 5 “everything went great and it was a lot of fun! Thanks!”

    Reviewed by Svenja from Hattersheim, Germany on March 23rd, 2013 Very nice guide. We felt very comfortable and got to see everything we had wanted to see

  • Rating: 3 “Good Tour, but a little too expensive for what is it.”

    Reviewed by Carole from FROUARD, France on November 26th, 2012 We have choosen horses as activity, Beginner can go without fears, but in the 2 hourses, you do 1 hour inside and 1 outside, in which you don't see beautiful view of Wicklow...
    The rest of the tour id pretty good, anf the guide is nice.

  • Rating: 4 “Amazing tour around Wicklow Mountains”

    Reviewed by Marina from lleida, Spain on November 2nd, 2012 I\'m not very found of tours, I think you usually spend more time in the bus than outside it enjoying the views and feeling the countryside! That\'s why I choose this tour, you have enough time in every stop to visit the village, the ruins, or the views of the amazing National Park!
    A part from that, the possibility of visit the national park by horse riding is absolutely incredible, and it makes you feel that you are part of the environment, not just a foreign tourist!

  • Rating: 4 “Perfect way to explore Wicklow Mountains in one day”

    Reviewed by Rachel from Galway, Ireland on October 30th, 2012 I chose to do a day tour because I had limited time and didn't want to rent a car and drive around the mountains. This tour was great because it hit several of the highlights - including several scenic overlooks, the bridge from P.S. I Love You, and the town of Enniskerry. Our guide Michael was a lot of fun. I had a great time on the hike - it was a wonderful way to see the mountains and allowed for some great photo ops. However, my friend didn't have such a good time because she was wearing sneakers, and her feet were cold and wet and she kept slipping. So if you do the hike, bring some good boots.

  • Rating: 4 “Lovely tour with lots of highlights!”

    Reviewed by Tanja from Ingolstadt, Germany on October 12th, 2012 The tour with Michael was very informative and well-organized. He told us a lot about Dublin itself and the Wicklow Mounts National Park. The only negative aspect was for the 'hecticness' of the guide. He set a good pace for the 2-hour hike, which was fine for the rainy weather. However we would have liked to have had more time in Glendalough to explore the celtic cemetery and to take pictures.

  • Rating: 5 “Simply beautiful!”

    Reviewed by Jenifer from Gary, United States on October 4th, 2012 First off, Michael, the guide, was a gem! He truly loves his job and it shows through. The tour through Wicklow was breath taking. I participated in the horseback riding, which an excellent riding lesson was provided. However, I would like to return and take part in the hiking activity, you simply can't get enough of the beautiful surroundings! Thanks Much!

  • Rating: 5 “All the beautiful spots of Wicklow & Glendalough in just 1 day!”

    Reviewed by Jil from Leende, Netherlands on September 20th, 2012 Everything from the tour was greatly arranged, we went out for a hikingtour through the Wicklows Mountains first, I was scared my condition wasn't good enough for hiking, because I never do such things. But our guide was experienced, funny and let us rest everytime we wanted to. The hikingtour lasted 2 hours and meanwhile he showed us the most beautiful spots of the area while he told us nice facts. It was very lovely. After a nice lunch in the Wicklow village we went driving trough the mountains, the stunning valley where many movies such as PS I Love You were filmed at. After that we went to the city of Glendalough where the monastery was situated. That was beautiful and there was a very interesting history behind the ruines of the Cathedral and burial place. It was an unique experience which was both active and non-active, seeing both beautiful, unique nature ánd culture just a 30 minutes ride outside of Dublin. Also, our guide Michael from was funny and enthusiastic

  • Rating: 5 “Interesting!”

    Reviewed by Lina from Lycksele, Sweden on September 15th, 2012 We had a really good guide, Micheal, for this tour. He personally knew the mountains and was familiar with the surroundings, that was a big plus because it gave us the feeling that he was also enjoying himself and was invested in our tour. We saw some really beautiful scenery and the tour was perfect length and a perfect blend of crusing in the car and being outdoors. We would like to recommend the hike alternative, the views were really good and it was a nice chance to ask Micheal questions and get to know the group. It as a small group so we could talk to everybody and get to know really nice people, that was a bonus!

  • Rating: 5 “You have to do this tour!”

    Reviewed by Karina from Morschen, Germany on September 4th, 2012 This tour is really very beautiful, highly recommended.
    Micheal showed us a really breathtaking part of the world.
    The money for this tour is really a good investment and is well worth the low price.
    There were plenty of stops where you could go and take a closer look, that was great!
    Michael knew his way around very well and had a lot of things to tell about the place.

    All in all, you should book this tour!!!!!!! :-)

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