Ayahuasca Ceremony Full-Day Retreat from Cusco


Experience an ancient Inca shamanic healing

Learn the art of transforming suffering into happiness

Get a group coca reading

Receive well-being and a sense of harmony with nature and God

Detoxify with the medicinal waters of the South Valley of Huayllapampa


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Experience a full-day shamanic healing ceremony at an Ayahuasca ceremony in Cusco and get in touch with Mother Earth. Enjoy a coca leaf reading, cleansing ceremony, and spiritual healing using traditional Andean medicinal volcanic waters.


Experience a traditional Ayahuasca healing ceremony and get in touch with your spiritual side. Performed by authentic Andean and Amazonian shamans, the full-day experience from Cusco will teach you the art of transforming suffering into happiness, be it spiritual, psychological, or physical.

You will be required to detoxify your system with the medicinal waters of the volcanic spring on the day before the retreat. Held at 10:00 in a central Cusco location, this will reduce the chance of the Ayahuasca ceremony interacting with any medication, alcohol, drugs, or supplements that you may have in your system.

Then, depart Cusco the following day at 08:00 and transfer to the private retreat in the South Valley of Huayllapampa. Upon arrival, begin with a coca leaf group reading. This is followed by an Andean cleansing and flourishing ceremony, vital to remove negative energies and blocks before the Ayahuasca ceremony.

Your shamanic master will then seek permission of the Plant, Mother Earth, and the higher forces to start the 4-6 hour Ayahuasca ceremony. When the effects of the Ayahuasca have worn off, end with a traditional Andean offering to give thanks to Mother Earth, the Apus, and the plants.

Ask for your - and your loved ones - well-being and harmony with nature and God. Your healing experience ends with a consultation with the shaman about your experience, before your return transfer to Cusco between 18:00 and 19:30.

What's Included:

• Pick-up from Cusco hotels and transfers to the Montaña Alegre private retreat in the South Valley of Huayllapampa
• 1 day's accommodation at the retreat
• 5 healings using ancient Inca techniques
• Personalized translation/assistance

Good to Know:

• The medicinal waters should be consumed 1 day before the retreat. This takes around 3 hours
• If you take prescription drugs, or have any serious health problems, please advise in advance to ensure you can participate in the ceremony. All participants must fill out the medical form and return it to the retreat to verify that they can take part in the ceremony
• Do not consume drugs, alcohol, coffee, or chocolate for 2 days prior to your ceremony. Avoid canned food, red meat and pork, cold cuts, and excessive salt and sugar. Do not take any prescription drugs, antibiotics, injections, or pills. Sexual abstinence, including masturbation, should be observed for 1 day prior to the ceremony. Women who are menstruating or pregnant should abstain from participating
• It is not permitted to smoke, drink alcohol, or to take any prescription or non-prescription drugs without consultation during your stay at the retreat

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Currently it is not possible to book this product due to its limited availability.

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