Tours & things to do in China

  • Beijing

    Number of tours: 120

  • Shanghai

    Number of tours: 87

  • Great Wall of China

    Number of tours: 21

  • Macau

    Number of tours: 4

  • Guilin

    Number of tours: 34

  • Suzhou

    Number of tours: 7

  • Xi'an

    Number of tours: 30

  • Guangzhou

    Number of tours: 3

  • Zhangjiajie

    Number of tours: 3

  • Kunming

    Number of tours: 2

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China Overview

Beijing (120)
Shanghai (87)
Macau (4)
Guilin (34)
Suzhou (7)
Xi'an (30)
Guangzhou (3)
Kunming (2)


Traveling through China has been the stuff of legends since the days of Marco Polo.

A mix of old and new, the capital Beijing offers the traveler a number of remarkable sights. The Great Wall and Ming Tombs are easily access from here, offering a glimpse into China's past. A nearby ecological farming project lets you see how China is investing in its future, and of course you should spend some time learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To see China's Royal past, nothing compares to the mysterious Forbidden City. Start your adventures in famed Tiananmen Square, the largest public square in the world. Enter the Forbidden City, built between 1405 and 1420, the hidden home of 24 emperors from the Ming to the Qing Dynasties. Later, tour the Temple of Heaven, a beautiful temple where emperors prayed for bountiful harvests and the home of several fields of study including music, art and architecture.

Just a 1.5 hour flight from Beijing, you find the remarkable Xi'an, home of the famous terra cotta warriors of Qui Shi Huang, first emperor of China. Rediscovered in 1974, these figures include warriors, horses, chariots, officials, and much more.

Nothing is like Shanghai if you want to see how quickly China is embracing modern growth while still holding on to tradition. From stunning gardens to busy waterfronts and engrossing silk factories, Shanghai is a city on the move.