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  • Toronto

    Number of tours: 19

  • Vancouver

    Number of tours: 48

  • Victoria

    Number of tours: 25

  • Quebec

    Number of tours: 16

  • Montreal

    Number of tours: 11

  • Whistler

    Number of tours: 7

  • Jasper

    Number of tours: 1

  • Ottawa

    Number of tours: 3

  • Fort Macleod

    Number of tours: 1

  • Halifax

    Number of tours: 1

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Canada Overview

Toronto (19)
Vancouver (48)
Victoria (25)
Quebec (16)
Montreal (11)
Whistler (7)
Jasper (1)
Ottawa (3)
Halifax (1)


From the urban thrills of a world-class city such as Toronto, to the vast wilderness that defines Canada's sprawling hinterland, there is no shortage of sight-seeing opportunities in the Great White North. Tours of all varieties are available to accommodate the type of trip you crave, whether you hope to intimately explore the country's more rustic beauty, or get an up-close peak at some of the greatest cities in North America.

Adventure seekers might choose to explore Canada's less-traveled regions, where exciting opportunities such as whale watching, charter sport fishing and kayaking are the order. And green tours provide awesome views of the country's hidden gems, rare glimpses at Canada's coastal rain forests, mountains and oceans.

If more populous locales are your desire, Canada is rich with memorable cities from coast to coast. Whether the nightlife and culture of Toronto, the Old World influences of Montreal, the charm of Ottawa, the 21st Century feel of Vancouver, or the classic but unique Niagara Falls, Canadian cities offer unending possibilities. And city sightseeing tours are available at all paces, from the multi-stop, double-decker bus tours that take you to numerous points of interest, to private, luxury tours that steer you to attractions of your choosing. Book your trip today. A whole new world awaits in Canada.