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  • Rio de Janeiro

    Number of tours: 68

  • Manaus

    Number of tours: 22

  • Foz do Iguaçu

    Number of tours: 10

  • São Paulo

    Number of tours: 4

  • Salvador

    Number of tours: 10

  • Paraty

    Number of tours: 11

  • Fortaleza

    Number of tours: 9

  • Curitiba

    Number of tours: 5

  • Campinas

    Number of tours: 1

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Brazil Overview

Manaus (22)
Salvador (10)
Paraty (11)
Fortaleza (9)
Curitiba (5)
Campinas (1)


Travelers to Brazil will be constantly inspired by both the lush natural surroundings and the many things to do and see. Everyone has heard of Copacabana, but it's necessary to really experience this fantastic destination. The views of Ipanema Beach, the delicious local cuisine, and the rich history of the area are guaranteed to astound. To truly get a feel for Copacabana, enjoy the same pastimes and dining experiences as Carioca, or local residents, such as taking a stroll though Garota de Ipanema Park or sipping on a refreshing Coconut Water drink.

Brazil's National Park is another wonder. Walk through the flourishing Missioner Forest, see the breathtaking Iguassu Falls and enjoy all nature has to offer, including spectacular views and amazing scenery.
No trip to Brazil would be complete without a stop in bustling Rio de Janeiro. Visit Carioca Square and wander around the vast Financial District. Then consider taking the city's last remaining Tram Line to Santa Teresa, one of the oldest and most picturesque neighborhoods in Rio. While there, visit the Chacara do Ceu Museum and take pleasure in this remarkable and artistic district.

Brazil, with its subtropical forests, historic neighborhoods and unique attractions is an amazing destination sure to delight tourists of all ages and backgrounds.