Berlin 3.5 Hour Canal & Bridge Tour: Reichstag & More

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Berlin 3.5 Hour Canal & Bridge Tour: Reichstag & More
Duration: 4 hours
  • German

Explore Berlin from the water on a bridge tour along the Landwehr Canal and the Spree River. Experience both modernity and tradition, and take in the architectural diversity. Marvel at Museum Island or Potsdamer Platz, and enjoy a tasty menu.


Experience an exciting bridge tour along the Landwehr Canal and the Spree River with live narration

Discover Berlin from the water

Book your meal, or coffee and cake, with your tickets


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  • Berlin Bridge Tour from Friedrichstraße

    Live guide: German

    Duration: 4 hours

    Starts at Meeting Point ( More details, Show on map)

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    (per person)
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  • Schifffahrt zu den Berliner Brücken ab Jannowitzbrücke

    Live guide: German

    Duration: 4 hours

    Starts at Meeting Point ( More details )

    from US$ 25.76
    (per person)
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  • Schifffahrt zu den Berliner Brücken ab Schlossbrücke

    Live guide: German

    Duration: 4 hours

    Starts at Meeting Point ( More details, Show on map)

    from US$ 25.76
    (per person)
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Experience Berlin from a new perspective on a bridge tour of the Landwehr Canal and the Spree River. Board at Friedrichstraße or Jannowitzbrücke and enjoy a relaxed and informative ride through the capital. A fascinating mix of modernity and tradition awaits you.

Discover over 40 of Berlin's bridges and learn their captivating stories. See supermodern and age-old bridges, and take in their architectural diversity. Ride by the Museum of Technology and the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Enjoy the unique view, and, if you wish, a meal from our tasty menu, or a refreshing coffee.

It is only possible to reserve adjacent inside seats with prior reservation of our catering services, e.g. coffee and cake, or an order from the regular menu. Outside seats cannot be reserved.

What's Included:

• Boat ride
• Live narration

What's Not Included:

• Transportation to start point
• Food and beverages

Good to Know:

Food and beverages are available on all tours. Menu items and coffee can be booked in advance.
Group discount of 15% for groups of 20 or more
The tickets are only valid for the booked day and time. Redeemed or resold tickets may not be exchanged.

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  • Rating: 5 “Excellent tour with passionate guide !”

    Reviewed by Jadwiga from Warsaw, Poland on August 25th, 2013 I absolutely recomend the tour to discover Berlin from water perspective. The number of channels and bridges make the tour very unusual. The guide was absolutely fantastic and staff very attentive.

  • Rating: 5 “Everything was great, would love to go again!”

    Reviewed by Christine from Berlin, Germany on May 21st, 2013 Everything was great, would love to go again! But a small point of criticism: the pastries were a bit too expensive.

  • Rating: 4 “everything was great, only we didn't like the English translations”

    Reviewed by Hannelore from Berlin, Germany on May 21st, 2013 the English translations made this very long-winded. Maybe there's another solution?

  • Rating: 4 “The booking was kind of complicated, didn't get a reserved seat. Accepted the tickets”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Petershagen, Germany on May 19th, 2013 There's no real reason to book in advance since you can't reserve a seat. However they accepted our tickets without any issues. Given the changing weather it was excellent that we could open and close the roof. Otherwise you'd have to hide under a deck. So this is an excellent kind of boat

  • Rating: 5 “The best city tour for when it's nice and warm out!”

    Reviewed by Rudolf from Luzern, Switzerland on May 14th, 2013 Finally, a city tour without stress and a hectic pace. And the guide, I think his name was Felix, didn't go on and on at us but rather glossed everything over with his well-grounded expertise. During the short breaks we were able to ask him specific questions about Berlin and its history, and he was always happy to provide answers. The staff were also friendly and courteous. I highly recommend the Berlin bridge ride.

  • Rating: 5 “Simply gorgeous”

    Reviewed by Karin from Herzberg, Germany on May 14th, 2013 This was a gorgeous experience, and the commentary was also very interesting. A great boat, the view from the top was especially lovely.

  • Rating: 5 “Very informative and entertaining”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Kassel, Germany on May 13th, 2013 Wonderful

  • Rating: 4 “We were very satisfied with the bridge ride.”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Willstätt, Germany on May 13th, 2013 The bridge ride was very informative, and we were very satisfied. I'd recommend this for getting an overview of Berlin's sights.

  • Rating: 4 “A lovely ride through Berlin”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Berlin, Germany on May 11th, 2013 It was fun to show our friends from Cologne another side of Berlin.

  • Rating: 5 “Everything went well. Would love to go again.”

    Reviewed by Linda from München, Germany on May 11th, 2013 Everything went wonderfully. I was very satisfied.

  • Rating: 5 “Entertaining and informative.”

    Reviewed by Heide from Grünheide, Germany on May 11th, 2013 Very professional speaker!

  • Rating: 4 “Recommend it!”

    Reviewed by Ingrid from Berlin, Germany on May 3rd, 2013 A great route, you really see a lot. The crew is quick and friendly, and the food is delicious throughout. The tour was pleasant as well as funny, and you learn 'off topic' things, e.g. why people say 'it slipped through his fingers…'. All in all-really good!

  • Rating: 5 “lovely ride, good information”

    Reviewed by Wilhelm from Viersen, Germany on October 23rd, 2012 Very good tour guide, clean boat, good service

  • Rating: 5 “simply the best”

    Reviewed by Heinz from Hausach, Germany on October 9th, 2012 very good

  • Rating: 3 “The service was ok, the boat was overcrowded, the restrooms were catastrophic”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Elxleben, Germany on October 8th, 2012 Since part of the route was closed off for a regatta, and the route was changed as a result, the tour came across as a bit boring and uninteresting. Despite the at times bad weather the staff put in a lot of effort taking care of the (very crowded) lower decks, and did a really good job. Because of the overcrowding and the weather above (wind, rain) it was very difficult to understand what the guide was saying. In my opinion there weren't enough restrooms for a boat that has over 200 seats on it, and you could (or rather, were forced to) really notice and smell that after an hour.

  • Rating: 4 “A great day- modern boat with friendly crew”

    Reviewed by Lars from angermünde, Germany on October 5th, 2012 A great day- modern boat- friendly crew- a good tour guide who explained everything from a fresh perspective- my family was satisfied- I deducted a star for the food, in particular the so-called ice cream dessert, we had ordered 3 menus for 3 people including an ice cream dessert- the ice cream dessert was a totally average ice cream cup from the freezer, all that was missing was the little wooden spoon- I think 14 Euro per menu is really expensive, the pictures of the food really lead you to expect something fancier. a little tip, during the ride you can also get currywurst -bockwurst and meatballs as well as a nice magnum ice cream, and that way you're full for less than 14 Euro- but despite that I'd still recommend this tour to everyone. sincerely lars

  • Rating: 4 “lovely informative tour”

    Reviewed by Richard from Braunschweig, Germany on October 4th, 2012 very lovely ride, however it's only nice when the weather's nice (since you can sit up top and get a good view from there when that's the case)

  • Rating: 4 “I'd recommend this tour”

    Reviewed by Sabine from Niemegk, Germany on October 4th, 2012 This was a lovely Sunday with gorgeous weather, we took the bridge tour and we'd recommend it to everyone.

  • Rating: 3 “Acceptable”

    Reviewed by Dieter from Freudenstadt, Germany on September 30th, 2012 The ride itself was quite good, but we thought that we'd see more sights. The majority of it consisted of riding past canals, and they didn't say anything about those. Then we went through 3 water gates. The guide was brilliant, he knew everything about Berlin's history and also had a few anecdotes up his sleeve. Unfortunately we had bad luck in that a corporate event was taking place there, and the people involved were pretty loud, so you couldn't even hear yourself taking. We sat in the last row so that we could understand at least a little bit. You should pay attention to that. And we'd also like to point out that it's easy for them to open up the roof (it was nice out when we went) so that you can take photos (photography is a hobby of mine).

  • Rating: 5 “Very good”

    Reviewed by Petra from Barleben, Germany on September 30th, 2012 Very nice staff, great service, moderate price, entertaining and informative city tour (you see spots that you thought only existed on TV)- and on top of that it was really nice out- what more could you ask for on a Sunday in Berlin?

  • Rating: 5 “Very informative and personalized”

    Reviewed by a GetYourGuide Customer from Wien, Austria on September 29th, 2012 We were lucky enough to have Mareike Steinig as a boat guide! She led us for almost 4 hours, brining her well-founded knowledge and lots of humor to the table- we were simply thrilled !

  • Rating: 5 “Simply the best!”

    Reviewed by Vladimir from Praha, Czech Republic on September 18th, 2012 We were really thrilled! I had initially expected just a short trip there and back in either direction from the starting point. But we actually drove through the whole of Berlin (a bit in the East, focused more on the West) over 4 hours, and were able to take great photos from the deck (it was really nice out, which helped), so we were more than satisfied. We'd like to shout out the Techno Freak ;)...he didn't just provide great commentary about all the clubs on the riverbanks, but also about all of the bridges and all of the interesting sights in each area...thanks! The only (small) downside was that the tour ended right before we got to Charlottenburg (or, that's right where the boat turned back(, so we weren't able to see everything there. But otherwise this was perfect- I'd recommend it to everybody!

  • Rating: 5 “Really recommend this Berlin Spree and canal tour”

    Reviewed by Karl-Heinz from Lebach, Germany on September 14th, 2012 In September 2012, I was lucky enough to spend these 3 and a half house on the Sanssouci ship (owned by the boat ride company Stern und Kreis GmbH) in absolutely perfect weather. I highly enjoyed the tour.

  • Rating: 5 “Great!!!!”

    Reviewed by Rita from Witten, Germany on September 14th, 2012 Seeing Berlin from the water over the course of a nearly 4-hour tour is just awesome. The tour guide's explanations were very good. From the water, you get a different view of the capitol city- I'd recommend this for everyone.

  • Rating: 5 “Worthwhile trip!”

    Reviewed by Eliza U. from Donaueschingen, Germany on September 11th, 2012 The bridge ride began almost right on the dot, and lasted for almost 3 and a half hours, with little breaks at each stop. The guide was very well-informed and provided information about Berlin in a subtle but professional and funny way. The bridge ride was a wonderful experience, that'd I'd recommend to anyone visiting Berlin, as well as locals (!) (my girlfriend was born and raised in Berlin and learned new things on this tour.) Overall: recommend it!

  • Rating: 4 “Recommend it.”

    Reviewed by Ingolf from Berlin, Germany on September 4th, 2012 A very lovely tour. Definitely recommend it.

  • Rating: 4 “Very lovely boat tour.”

    Reviewed by Anette from Berlin, Germany on September 3rd, 2012 I'd even recommend this for native Berliners. This was a very lovely boat tour, and the commentator provided very comprehensive descriptions. Very nice. The service was perfectly good.

  • Rating: 4 “Very successful”

    Reviewed by Dominik from Berlin, Germany on September 2nd, 2012 A very successful boat tour with a great sightseeing program, which was even interesting for native Berliners like me. Good service on board.

  • Rating: 5 “Very good route. Top-notch live commentator.”

    Reviewed by Steffen from Fredersdorf, Germany on August 31st, 2012 Very good route. Top-notch live commentator.

  • Rating: 5 “I extremely enjoyed it”

    Reviewed by Kerstin from Neuenhagen, Germany on August 31st, 2012 Everything was fantastic, very nice and good live commentator. Just the BEST. See you next time

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  • “Bridge ride' was extremely interesting, the tour guide was excellent.”

    “There's hardly a better opportunity to get to know the diversity of the huge city of Berlin (where millions live) within such a short period of time.”

    Josef from Siegenburg, Germany

  • “Everything went well. Would love to go again.”

    “Everything went wonderfully. I was very satisfied.”

    Linda from München, Germany

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