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Athens, Greece,Greece

If one is interested at all in history, one can find much to do and see in Athens, Greece. The Acropolis contains many beautiful, ancient buildings, after all these years a testimony to the skill of the civilization that built them; it is a must-see if this is one's first visit, and a desired destination even if one has seen it before.

The most famous of these buildings, the one that dominates the scene, is the Parthenon. This temple has tall, carved pillars that speak of a lost elegance. It sits on the top of a rocky rise and looks down on the lands below it, showing how important it was to the ancients.

Another temple that is very much worth seeing is the Temple of Poseidon where it sits overlooking that god's home, the sea. There are not many views in all the world that are better than the one from Poseidon's Temple. Besides these two sites, if the traveler wants more to do, a visit to the museum will give all of the historical coverage one could desire. Finding a tour to take one to these places is essential for anyone visiting; no trip to Greece is complete without it.