Tours & things to do in Africa

  • Egypt: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 908

  • South Africa: Tours, Attractions & Activities
    South Africa

    Number of tours: 205

  • Morocco: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 170

  • Kenya: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 59

  • Zimbabwe: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 46

  • Tanzania: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 41

  • Ethiopia: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 33

  • Mauritius

    Number of tours: 25

  • Namibia: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 19

  • Botswana: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 19

  • Malawi: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 11

  • Tunisia: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 11

  • Ghana: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 10

  • Zambia: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 10

  • Uganda: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 8

  • Lesotho: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 5

  • Swaziland: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 4

  • Mozambique: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 2

  • Sudan

    Number of tours: 1

  • Seychelles: Tours, Attractions & Activities

    Number of tours: 1

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There is something for everyone in Africa's rich cultural landscape. Travelers can visit many different countries, the most popular being Kenya and Tunisia.

Experience the beauty of the wildlife, the markets, and the nature of Africa. Explore archaeology, take a cruise, or go on a safari through the desert and see the beauty that lives on this diverse landscape. Visitors can also go on tours and do wine tasting of some of South Africa's unique wines. In Tunisia, visitors can take tours to see amazing historical sites where archaeology is a popular endeavor. Shoppers can also go to the markets and buy local goods to take back home. These markets are rich with cultural diversity and unique gifts for family and friends.

In Kenya, travelers can go on a safari and see the exotic wildlife that Kenya has to offer. Nature tours are very popular in this area, and Kenya's natural environment is a must-see for any first-time visitors to the area. In South Africa, visitors must do wine tasting of these unique wines. Cruises are also available for those who wish to see another side of the landscape. Cruises are available anywhere along the coast of the continent for visitors to explore.